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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Vermont: What the State Proclamation for Impeachment Effort learned

Vermonters got some valuable feedback. The DNC in Vermont refused to support a state proclamation calling for impeachment. The state proclamation calling for Congress to vote on impeachment would have forced the RNC to publicly commit – well before the 2006 election – where they stood on the rule of law. This would have told the voters – again, well before the election – where the Congress and State leadership stood.

However, rather than force the RNC in Congress to publicly commit, the DNC in Vermont threw away this valuable leverage. They opted to do more of what hasn’t worked: Ask Congress to do the right thing. The Vermont DNC leadership failed to use a novel tool to force the Federal Government to face an issue.

Now is the time to review the lessons: Click ; DTW 06 at Conyers: [ Click ]

* * *

There is a simple message for Vermont: The established leadership in both parties are unwilling to assert power to protect the Constitution. Rather, they will embrace excuses to do what does not work. That is not leadership. Nor is it change. Nor is it accountability.

Vermonters have options. The citizens of Vermont have already started with another option: A state petition calling for the Vermont state leadership to support the proclamation. Neither the RNC nor DNC can stop the citizen effort to have a state proclamation. The way forward is to review what prompted the DNC in Vermont to back away from the proclamation and apply these lessons when the citizens bring forward the proclamation.

It is time to examine what has happened. This note goes into some discussion of what we learned from the DNC’s refusal; and how these lessons can be applied not only in Vermont but across the country. They key is to remember: We’re learning this well before the 2006 election, and have the means and time to share alternatives.

* * *

This note goes into some discussion on what the RNC is doing behind the scenes. Their goal is to stifle the State level proclamations calling for impeachment. They know that the effort is likely to succeed, and that the RNC would have to publicly vote in Congress on impeachment well before the 2006 election. The RNC fears giving the voters any information that will put the RNC in s bad light. The State level impeachment effort does just that.

While you review these comments, keep in mind the following:

  • A. We can track lessons learned, as Green Mountain Daily has done here -- take careful notes, read slowly, think about: [ Click ]

  • B. We can establish criteria to monitor whether Congress and the states are or are not doing what they should: [ Click ];

  • C. We can develop plans to lawfully assert State power against a President in unlawful rebellion against the Constitution: [ Click ]

  • D. We can build off the ideas of others in what can be done to prepare leadership to assert the rule of law: [ Click ]

    In other words, the information from Vermont gives us feedback:

  • 1. How are we doing

  • 2. What can we adjust

  • 3. What needs to be reviewed

  • 4. What messages are or are not getting embraced

    In the end, the rule of law and statutes will be the guide. The issue is whether the voters are going to use the laws -- as they stand -- as a guide to their votes; or whether the voters are going to pretend someone else is going to take care of it.

    The only way to ensure this Constitution is protected is to lawfully remove from the political stage those who are in rebellion against it. Part of that solution means forcing them to publicly commit -- well before the 2006 election -- where do they stand on the Constitution. If they waffle, or are not clear, then we need to use that feedback to find better leaders who are willing to do what they promise; and then agree to be bound by that promise.

    * * *

    The RNC is putting a lot of energy into opposing this effort.

    Put that aside for the moment. Let’s consider the “central point” they’re trying to get people to accept – that the State Proclamation effort is a waste of time. If that were true – that the State proclamation effort is a waste – would that not be self evident?

    Moreover, why is the RNC trying to stop something that is – as they would have you believe – is a “waste of time”? Wouldn’t the RNC – if this was really a waste of time – say, “Hay, they’re wasting their time, this is good. We should encourage this.” But they do the opposite.

    All the more reason to do it: The RNC opposes it. The RNC has to spend time discrediting something that – if it truly had no merit – should fall apart on its own.

    Rather, the RNC has to use non-sense to oppose this. That is the point: The State level impeachment effort is designed to do one thing: Give voters information well before the 2006 election--This, as opposed to finding out after the election of what is going on.

    The key is to focus on the message and information, and use that to find better leaders, ones who are willing to lawfully use power to protect rights and the Constitution.

    * * *

    Consider the broad picture. What the RNC and White have done – engaged in war crimes, violated the law, and impeachable offenses – has already occurred. They cannot change history.

    Their only option is to “change” other things, like:

  • A. Perception

  • B. Other’s reaction; and

  • C. Determination to impose lawful accountability

    At this point, the RNC is reacting. That is to our advantage. They are off guard. They no longer control the agenda.

    The RNC also has other problems: Fitzgerald, and more revelations that the basis for war in Iraq was knowingly reckless, devoid of legal foundation, and had no credible foundation in terms of imminent threat. In short, the RNC is facing a real mess: A credible threat of a war crimes trial.

    Not only is this bad news, but its coming out before the election. And to make matters worse, the effort to change the subject “back to national security” hasn’t worked. The White House attempted to sacrifice itself over the UAE port deal – in the hopes of rallying the RNC base and the DNC congress for the RNC agenda item – “national security” – but that’s run its course. So much for launching a cow over the castle wall – it merely hit the inside and didn’t have the desired effect.

    * * *

    Going forward, we can analyze the results from Vermont and develop better options. There is one clear lesson: The RNC hasn’t changed.

    The RNC can only win with non-sense. That is the point of the State level impeachment effort: To force the RNC in the open, show their cards, and make them commit – up or down – on the rule of law.

    More broadly, we can learn several things from Vermont:

  • What the RNC is doing, have to react to

  • What the RNC strategy is, what the public needs to plan for in other states

  • What can be done to assert the rule of law

  • Whether the 603 effort is working as a litmus test on the issue of Accountability vs. Rebellion against the Constitution.

    * * *

    Also, remember there is the Vermont State Petition. This is a local effort that has swept the state. Even though the DNC and RNC leadership has essentially undermined the state proclamation effort, the State Petition is still out there as a viable movement. This remains a threat.

    In short, everything done to stifle the State Proclamation in Vermont is a lesson learned for the State Petition effort: What needs to be done in advance to ensure the path is cleared.

    The RNC and DNC leadership showed us with they’re willing to do: Use and rely on non-sense to not assert the rule of law.

    * * *

    The lessons of Vermont are simple. The public can:

  • Keep track of the excuses given to do nothing and overcome these arguments;

  • Create a single place for information to share with decision makers;

  • Create a folder of ideas of what the leaders can do to overcome these obstacles;

  • Develop a line of arguments for the full range of expected roadblocks to better explain to the leadership what is going on, and why the arguments for inaction are not valid; and

  • Use the roadblocks and excuses as a catalyst to find solutions.

    * * *

    Some have already gathered an excellent list of excuses. On Green Mountain Daily they’ve got a fine track records of keeping a list of what the latest excuses are. These are valuable lessons learned for other states.

    But they also form an important milestone: It shows that the range of excuses being used is not only frivolous, but is the basis to show the leadership that the excuses are not valid.

    In other words, its time to share the lessons and feedback with others – make a consolidated list of the excuses for inaction – and refine the arguments to show that these excuses have no merit. The key will be to then provide that information to the leadership well in advance of the debate on the Vermont State petition. What’s needed is a central place people can go to get this information. Ideally, they should have this in a single binder, which is easily accessible, and something they fully understand. This means planning in advance, meeting with them, and showing them the range of excuses to avoid taking action.

    As they debate the language of the resolution, the key is to get them to focus on the outcome and embrace the revisions needed to get support. This leadership in Vermont showed they are willing to quit, not persist; and throw up their hands, not focus on what could be done to achieve the desired result: A way to lawfully compel the leadership in DC to vote on an issue they do not want to publicly commit on. The very excuse they offer – that they do not want to commit – is all the more reason to make them commit: it is not what they want. So remind them that they have no choice: Force them to publicly commit -- well before the 2006 election -- where do they stand on the rule of law.

    The key is going to be to use the resistance as a catalyst to better focus and refine your arguments.

    Some may not listen. But those who do not listen or engage – will have shown well before the 2006 election, where they stand and whether the voters still want to interact with these kinds of leaders.

    The way forward is to make some informed decisions based on what the leadership really is or isn’t doing; and then offer a viable alterative:

  • One that does assert the rule of law

  • One that does call the RNC onto the carpet and forces them to commit

  • One that does throw the issue back onto the RNC

  • One that will willing to call the RNC what they are: The problem

    * * *

    The lesson from Vermont is fairly simple: The RNC will spew forth all sorts of non-sense to get non-legal experts to do nothing, avoid changes,.

    * * *

    The public and leadership will need to know why the pre-2006 information is important. The state proclamation will force the leadership to commit – one way or the other – well in advance of the 2006 election. Then the voters will have time to digest this information.

    A pre-2006-election-vote on a State Level proclamation will force the US Congress to face the issue.

    We can also watch how the state level leadership does or does not address the issue: Are they willing to focus on solutions; or are they easily distracted by phony issues to avoid holding the RNC to account.

    * * *

    One thing we learned from Vermont is that the RNC will attempt to frame the issue in terms of a very narrow set of success criteria.

    Rather than look at the overall threat of the state proclamation, what the RNC did was break the State Proclamation into the key assumptions which everyone was relying on. Then they destroyed confidence in these assumptions.

    The trap the DNC fell into was to argue over whether or not the RNC characterization was or was not true; but they missed the larger issue: The solution.

    Rather than figure out a way to modify the language, the DNC simply threw their hands up in the air and said, “We can’t afford to commit.” That’s important information for the Vermont voters – and the national voters – to know: Why is the DNC afraid of forcing the RNC to commit; and how did this problem in the RNC – that of no accountability – get embraced by the DNC as something the DNC feels like it has to explain.

    * * *

    The essential problem facing the country is two fold:

  • 1. The RNC has committed war crimes and doesn’t want to accept responsibility nor does it have a legal defense; and

  • 2. The only option the RNC has is to change the subject from their criminal activity to non-sense, and then get the world to embrace that non-sense. Rather than focus the issue on RNC accountability, the RNC hopes to divert the issue to why accountability is a bad thing.

    The problem is that the DNC has embraced this non-sense. In other words, rather than rise above the non-sense, the DNC is actively embracing the non-sense – as the issue – and diverting the energy from the RNC criminal activity. This is exactly what the RNC wants.

    * * *

    What’s most surprising about the Vermont effort is the obvious: the national DNC leadership is Mr. Dean, former governor of Vermont.

    What we’ve learned from the Vermont effort is that when there’s a no-lost option on the table, the DNC will get convinced to do the opposite; while at the same time the national DNC leadership – most able to provide leadership – is not there.

  • Where was Dean?

  • Given the problem the Vermont resolution would have for the RNC – in forcing them to commit well before the 2006 election on the law with a vote in the Congress – why is the DNC leadership not mobilizing to take advantage of the situation in Vermont: Control of the legislature, an ability to influence the DNC leadership, and the obvious link between the DNC leadership and the state DNC.

    * * *

    Some have argued that there is an issue of “tax exempt status”. That’s non-sense: The tax-exempt status does not prevent people discussing issues, nor does it preclude people form engaging in free speech.

    Rather, what’s happened is people have said, “The way to lead is through disorganization.” Who really thinks that that is something that deserves consideration?

    The other thing the RNC does it to use the “public concern” as the basis to open up the discussion; then use their access to undermine the public interest.

    Think about the Cheney Energy Commission. It was closed.

    The RNC approach in Vermont was the opposite: To demand that the DNC open up the debate. What did the RNC do? It used its access to that forum to then assert why the issue was something else: That inaction, lack of accountability, and “other things” were more important.

    If that was true – would it not have been obvious – due to the “self evident lack of interest” that there were more important issues?

    The issue is: This is the issue. And the way forward is to realize how much energy the RNC has to put into this.

    So if anyone has an issue with “tax exempt status” and the state proclamation – you might want to ask the RNC how much organized effort they’re putting into combating something – using an organized effort – to combat those who they want to be disorganized/

    Put another way: If the RNC has convinced people to be disorganized – on the premise that their tax exempt status is at risk of they are organized on the state proclamation effort – the way forward is to shine the spotlight on the RNC and ask: Why are you organizing against a non-organized effort; and using your non-profits to do the exact opposite of what you expect of others?

    This needs to be looked into: To what extent the RNC is violating the tax exempt status of various organizations by mobilizing them to combat the state level impeachment effort.

    * * *

    There are some broad areas to examine. Recall the previous studies.

  • plan to assert State Power against the Executive

  • voters see: A measure of whether or not the congress is or is not doing its mob

  • the original guide on how to impeach without the House Judiciary

    Each of these plans remains valid.

  • 1. The success of the 603 effort is that it gives us information about how effectively the efforts are working, and supports the goals in the Phase I

  • 2. The feedback from the Congress and states shows us to what extent the Congress is or is not willing to face the issue.

    We’re getting a better sense of whether the Congress is serious about overseeing the NSA issue; or whether they are simply doing it for show.

    We know that the RNC is not willing to face what are more compelling issues. This disconnect will grow more obvious: that despite the mounting evidence of impeachable offenses, the Congress is or is not willing to take action, as are the states. The issue isn’t that there’s in action; rather, the issue is that the evidence is rising at the very time the RNC has to create more absurd reasons for inaction. The issue is that the problem is mounting in April 2006, and the RNC has to show its cards and rely on greater absurdity before the election. The voters will see there is a greater disconnect between what a reasonable leaders in the RNC should do vs. what they are actually doing.

  • 3. The original impeachment plan outlined several options and suggestions

    Now we’re getting feedback:

  • A. Were those suggestions incorporated

  • B. Which ideas and options need to be used

  • C. Which planning material needs to be included in the folders for the state level officials.

    * * *

    The way forward is to create a single set of issues and responses. This means noticing carefully what the issues are that the RNC is undermining; and then getting the word out to what is expected, and why these excuses are invalid.

    But in general, what’s needed is an attitude of: We may not have it perfect, but we can adjust. This was not what we saw in Vermont. We need to take time to understand why the Vermont DNC leadership effectively threw their hands up, relied on a statement that is meaningless, and failed to compel the RNC to publicly commit.

    Their public statements make no sense. What’s needed is some review of the information they got, what outside sources they were relying on, and the real scope of information and entities that are hoping to stifle the impeachment of the President. It appears as though the DNC leadership was given some non-sense by those in the RNC on the basis of “hay, are you sure you really want to do that.”

    What’s more absurd is that the DNC bought into the non-sense, and moved away from asserting this power. What’s needed is some understanding of why they are fearful of asserting their power; and what is needed to get them to be more comfortable doing what they can lawfully do: Force the RNC to account.

    Fast forward to 2007. Suppose the DNC is in charge. Yet, consider what they’re doing now: Not assert the rule of law over the RNC. What’s going to happen in 2007 – is the DNC, despite the victory going to cave in to the RNC non-sense? If that’s the case, then the fact that the DNC is or is not in power is not the issue. Rather, the issue is that regardless what the DNC does or does not get at the ballot box, it continues to cave in.

    Rewind to today. If the DNC would have us believe that they really are going to do something “when they get in charge” – the question is: Why are they reluctant to do something when they are in charge, as they are in Vermont. The story isn’t adding up. What’s needed is some understanding of what the DNC is really using as an excuse to do nothing; and why we should believe this will change when they are in charge.

    What reasons they give need to be understood, challenged; and the core reasons for inaction – whatever those are – need to be fleshed out, and resolved well before the election. It appears there’s something driving the DNC not to assert power even when they have all the cards and odds stacked in their favor. That needs to be understood.

    * * *

    The way forward is to find out what is really at the heart of the resistance to holding the President and RNC to account. That resistance is going to remain until it is understood and effectively addressed.

    What’s needed is better support for the Green Mountain Daily effort. They continue to gather ideas on what was or was not successful. Those are valuable lessons learned. The RNC will likely tailor these approaches to your local areas.

    Know there is one core issue: The RNC has violated the law; and they can only rely on non-sense to avoid accountability. Nothing they say has merit. Rather, all they offer are excuses to delay, and not hold the RNC to account.

    The way forward is to do the opposite: Accelerate the timeline, force the RNC to publicly commit, and give the voters plenty of time to digest what is going on well before the 2006 election.

    There’s the absurd attitude of “we can trust the voters” to get it right. Well, America has learned that the leadership doesn’t really follow that principle. The leadership incorrectly asserts that they know better, all the while saying the opposite. The bottom line is that the leadership in the DNC in Vermont do not understand the power that they have; and they threw away a valuable option: To force the spotlight onto the RNC. Why is that so scary?

    What’s more absurd is that the RNC effort – of distracting attention from their war crimes – is one to shift the effort to those who attempt to hold them accountable. That’s absurd. This is like letting the inmates run the courts. This is essentially what the problem America has when the President ignores the courts, and tells the courts he’s going to violate the law, and nothing is done.

    * * *

    The major problem with impeachment in America is that it is simply a political act. Even though there is clear evidence of crimes, the public and the RNC would have the world believe – “Oh, it’s just a political issue.” On the contrary, these are matters of criminal law.

    What we’re finding out in Vermont is that power – even when it is an option – is not getting used to protect the Constitution. Rather, people are compromising.

    Why are people doing that? The RNC hasn’t been nice. Nor has the RNC been all that respectful of American citizens or the law. So why is there this desire to “get along” with the RNC; and “not make them upset.”

    There’s no reason to have any real respect for the RNC. They are criminals. They violate the law. And then they turn the issue onto everyone else, calling everyone else crazy.

    Well, it’s time to do to the RNC what was done on Iraq: Put our boots on, and deal with these snakes.

    Think about the arguments the RNC leadership gave about invading Iraq: “We have to put our boots on, walk into the rocks, and deal with the snakes that are there.” The issue for America is: Why are we willing to mobilize to do that based on deceptions; but when there’s real evidence of a real problem in the White House, there’s no similar interest in taking lawful action to hold them to account as we supposedly did with Hussein.

    Again, this is a problem for the RNC to handle. The RNC membership knows that they can’t rely on the DNC leadership to save the country. Rather, what the RNC membership realizes is that the only way to protect the country, defend the constitution, and really put into practice the principles they value – is if they’re willing to hold Bush to the same standard the RNC supposedly held to Hussein:

  • When will you comply with the law

  • When will you stop disrespecting your obligations

  • When will you do what you should do

    * * *

    The issue for America is that the RNC and DNC leadership are not willing to assert the rule of law, or force the issue. This needs to be understood.

    But they cannot claim they are doing anything admirable when they talk about accountability, but – when given the chance and clear support – they refuse to do just that.

    The citizens in the states need to discuss this in your local communities. How bad does this have to get; and why is there at each opportunity to act a mass assent and acquiescence to non-sense? We can only speculate.

    It doesn’t really matter why. The issue is that this needs to end, and there needs to be accountability for the war crimes and violations of the laws. It’s clear that the political leadership is not doing their jobs.

    What’s more absurd is when the leadership in the country has to plead with the media – outside the government and not elected, the very people who helped spew forth this non-sense over Iraq WMD – to get them to take action, bring attention, and get the country mobilized.

    Talk about turning the insane asylum over to the inmates.

    Another anecdote is the fact that the 9-11 commission doesn’t really face serious questions until Charlie Sheen raises the question; or the Constitution doesn’t get real attention until people like George Clooney and Barbra Streisand raise their voice.

    This may be reality, but it really says a lot about America: the evidence isn’t new; nor has anyone really done anything to find out. Rather, it’s an issue of when the country is going to decide to take notice.

    The problem is this RNC has trashed the Constitution; and the systems re in place; and the real debate never happened. Five years after Sept 2001, suddenly people – because non-politicians are pointing things out – is now asking.

    The point is that there needs to be a system in place to make this happen: A system of checks and reviews, and not take this long nor require outsiders.

    The way to do that is to compel the oath to mean something; and for there to be felonies on Members of Congress when they fail to do what’s should be done: Protect the Constitution. Yet this RNC Congress doesn’t want accountability; and what’s worse is neither does the DNC want to assert that accountability at the State level with a proclamation.

    IT doesn’t matter why this is happening> The real issue is this needs to be addressed, and the states need to realize that the RNC isn’t planning on cooperating with their war crimes tribunal. The same non-sense we saw over the Iraqi WMD issue – that of spewing forth non-sense – is going on with the state level impeachment efforts: Non0sense.

    Hasn’t anyone learned: The RNC is full of non-sense. The excuses for inaction are just that – excuses. The time is to force the RNC to account – and compel them to vote up or down on the rule of law. Then as the evidence continues to mount the public will see that the RNC clearly got it wrong.

    At this point, there’s already sufficient information to justify removal. The problem is that the DNC is looking at the full picture – not in terms of whether it is the right thing to do, but whether it is going to address the issue all at once.

    That is misguided. The purpose of the State Proclamation isn’t to simply to lawfully remove the President. Rather, it’s to force the RNC --- as they refuse to do in Congress – to vote. That’s it. Whether they agree or disagree isn’t the issue. The simple fact is that this is a simple step of the states forcing the federal government to face something.

    The very RNC assertion that this is “radical” – is absurd: This is merely what government is about: Being responsive. Rather, the real issue should be ask the RNC:

  • If you really wanted to export democracy to Iraq, why are you not willing to let that democracy occur at home?

  • If we went to Iraq to bring Democracy – why are forces of democracy in America considered “radical”?

  • Why is it “radical” to have the government respond to the will of the people?

  • If this nation is truly “radical,” then why is the US surprised by what is happening in Iraq: Resistance to people exercising their views and forcing the government to be accountable?

    * * *

    The lessons from Vermont need to be looked at in terms of what the RNC is or is not able to do.

    The RNC is unable to

  • Make the issue go away

  • Prevent people from discussing the issue

    The RNC is able to

  • Spread confusion

  • Dissuade action

    Whatever the RNC is doing to achieve these outcomes needs to be understood, studied, and planned for in the other states; and also applied in the strategy in brining forth the state petition to the State legislature.

    * * *

    Here’s what’s needed:

  • Find out how the RNC communicated and muddled with the process

  • What agreements and arguments they relied on to get inaction

  • How are they actually stifling accountability

  • How similar are the arguments and messages to “do nothing” matching the non-sense before the Iraq war

  • If there was an argument to take action in Iraq – on the basis of accountability, rule of law, and obligations – how does the RNC get away with not having that standard applied to the President?

  • How can the RNC credibly argue that their arguments – for inaction on the state percolation – square with what they used as a basis for action in Iraq

  • Why is the RNC willing to use military force to compel others to comply with the law, but they are not willing to use lawful, peaceful means to ensure the President does the same?

    The goal should be to prepare the nation for the next cycle of proclamations in other states; and to better support the state petition drive.

    * * *

    Let’s consider what the RNC is doing. They like to get their foot in the door. They like to appeal to the “public right to know” – but they fail to show that that is a principle they follow in their own illegal conduct when it comes to war crimes in Iraq that they actively planned for.

    What’s the RNC plan to provide full access to this war crimes related information?

    The RNC has one goal: To assert a “nice sounding principle” – that they do not follow – and then use that principle as a basis to then undermine the principle. They want access to ensure that there is no accountability; they want to assert a principle of “public participation” to ensure the public is denied the right to hold this President to account.

    All the principles the RNC are asserting is for one goal: To undermine that principle, and protect the President and RNC senior leadership from a war crimes trial. They are criminals. You don’t negotiate with criminals. You put them on trial, and you let the court of law decide. They don’t get a vote. They are told.

    The trap is to believe their non-sense. Call them what they are: Hypocrites. They can’t argue this late in the game – after they’ve been caught committing, planning for, and covering up war crimes – that can appeal to principles like open debate, and reason.

    They’ve trashed those principles. There’s no reason to give them any deference on those claims.

    * * *

    Here’s what he RNC did in Vermont.

  • 1. They analyzed the steps required to get a state proclamation passed

  • 2. They looked for the most compelling reason to do this

  • 3. They focused all their energy on convincing everyone that that reason was the only issue that needed attention

  • 4. They convinced the nation that that sole issue and basis for action was doomed to succeed

  • 5. Then they trashed it

  • 6. They created and focused on confusion, uncertainty, and doubt

  • 7. They shifted attention away from the solution, goals, and alternatives

  • 8. They cast doubt about the action and hoped to shift attention from the abuses warranting the state proclamation

  • 9. They accused those who dared to assert the rule of law as being part of the RNC and what the RNC is doing: Being radical, being political, and being outrageous.

    They did this in 2004. This is how they work: They goal is to win, and they will change the subject and make it seem like “holding them accountable” will backfire.

    If that’s what is going to happen – that if we are forced to be abused if we dare stand up – then let the abuse come. There is no reason to live in fear: It has not happened.

    Rather, the way forward is to make the RNC do what they threaten: Force the RNC to rely on abuse – and force them to show themselves well before the 2006 election.

    There is no basis for their war crimes or abuse. They have only one option at this point: In order to defend themselves against war crimes, they will have to commit other crimes.

    The RNC has already violated the law. They will continue to violate the law. So do not fear that: rather, make them rely on criminal acts as the basis for their power. Then this will be more evidence, not just for the international body, but for the voters.
    The key is to force the RNC to show their full, true selves – their willingness to use illegal power and violate the law – in the full open for all to see.

    Do not be afraid. We outnumber them. Their problem is they can only rely on abuse, non-sense, and stupidity to insulate themselves.

    They have one major problem: Fitzgerald and Libby are cooperating, and their common ally is the rule of law.

    The only option the RNC has at this point is to do more of what they have been doing – being abusive. Then we must compel them to show themselves, and accelerate the timeline.

    * * *

    The RNC is about one thing: Blaming everyone for what the RNC does.

    The RNC turns every situation, idea, and result into a negative or a risk. If there’s a possibility that the RNC might be held to account, or forced to commit on the rule of law – they will try to convince others that this is a bad thing.

    The worst thing is that the DNC embraces this as if it were true.

    Absurd! Rather, it is the rule of law that distinguishes us from barbarians. The benefit of accountability is that there is an end to misconduct. Without accountability – with full knowledge of what is happening – the abuse will not simply continue, it will be accepted as inevitable.

    Here were are – seven months before the election – and people are “waiting around” until the election. Then they plan to start leading. That’s absurd. You have to start now.

    You have to hold others to account. You have to see through their non-sense. You have to realize that the RNC cannot win. Rather, you have to see that the RNC refuses to be accountable because they are allowed to not be accountable. That needs to end.

    The way to address this is to force it in the open. Make the RNC reveal itself. Force the RNC into the open. And make the RNC vote – up or down – on the rule of law.

    Look at what is going on in the House Judiciary Committee. It is April 2006, seven months before the election. The House Judiciary chairman – a republican – is now openly questioning the integrity of the President’s Chief legal advisor at the Department of Justice. Seven months before the election – and it’s only going to get worse.

    The President has more bad information out there; there are more people who are going to cooperate; and there are more lines of questions and evidence. It’s only going to get worse.

    So what is the DNC afraid of? That’s what the DNC needs to publicly discuss: Given all the momentum going against the RNC, what are you afraid of?

    The answer is that the DNC is afraid of doing what the RNC has done: Being abusive. And that’s the real issue – what is the DNC afraid of? Why are you afraid of doing what the RNC has done?

    Why are you waiting to start leading?

    What “has to happen” for you to start standing up for yourself?

    If the fear is that “someone might hurt you” then you’re not free. You’re simply lying on the gutter, hoping people don’t walk on you. The answer is to get up, and do what you have to do to get ready to lead the country.

    It’s not something you do or don’t do. It’s an attitude back up by action and a focus on that result: That inner knowing that there is a solution and we can fix this.

    That’s what’s lost in the RNC and DNC. It’s as if the country is watching a train wreck: We can see what’s happening; but despite knowing this, there’s no effort to stop the train, or change tracks. That’s nuts.

    All the odds are in the DNC’s favor; but the DNC refuses to assert power, force the issue, and get the RNC to publicly do what it keeps threatening. Fine, force it! Make it happen. Then the world will know what we’re dealing with: War criminals who are willing to abuse their fellow citizens merely to avoid accountability. The answer isn’t to avoid it.

    It’s to do what the RNC wanted in Iraq: Time to put on our boots, walk into the rocks, and face the snakes in the White House. It was good enough for Saddam; why is America unwilling to do that at home, where the rule of law is supposed to start?

    That’s something America’s leadership – on both sides of the aisle – need to explain. Why were you willing to assert the rule of law abroad – but you weren’t willing to do that at home?

    Forget the fact that the “ rule of law” argument on Iraq may or may not be based on lies. Just use the RNC argument – that the US was there to bring order to Iraq – and throw it back on them and ask, “Why is that standard not god enough for America?”

    They have no answer. They merely call those who want accountability “radical.” If that’s true, isn’t the “charge of radical” equally applicable to those in the RNC who wanted accountability in Iraq – but they did so using illegal means? Of course. That’s the hypocrisy of this.

    Throw the mess back on the RNC: What’s their plan; when are they going to apply these principles; and why should we believe their serious: Every time they assert a principle, it is really to undermine int.

    They have no credibility. They are not to be believed. They are criminals. They are not to be trusted. They are snakes.

    * * *

    The RNC’s goal is to get others to fear asserting their power and rights. The RNC knows full well they are criminals. They also know that the valid, reasonable assertions of the law will put the RNC in a bad light.

    All the more reason to do it.

    The RNC can only do one thing: They will turn the situation around as if it puts Americans in a bad light. Non-sense.

    Throw it back. Call the RNC claims what they are: Absurd.

    * * *

    The RNC goal is simple: To get people to argue over the RNC non-sense, all the while distracting attention from the lawful mechanisms that can be used to get the RNC to commit – up or down – on where they stand on the rule of law.

    The RNC characterizes all actions of others in a negative light. Look at what the RNC does. If there are efforts to hold them accountable, those efforts are put in a negative light.

    If there are valid steps and mechanisms to hold the RNC accountable or force the RNC to show their hand, the RNC gets others to embrace the foolish notion that that is a “scary” thing. How can accountability be scary? It’s scary to one group: The RNC. Throw it back on the RNC!

    The RNC hopes to get others confused. They also hope to get people – who are clueless about accountability and the full options of the law – to take credit. But those who are pointed to as the “source of the idea” are – [. . .wait for it . . .] not there when the RNC shows up to destroy the central pillar they’ve convinced all needs to be protected.

    That is their game. To make you believe one thing is the answer – then they destroy that using non-sense.

    Their power is illusory. They cannot prevent you from thinking – they can only do that if you listen to their non-sense.

    SO embrace their non0sense as what it is: Their only option to defend themselves against war crimes. They have no other option. Then approach them as they are: Criminals, not to be trusted.

    The RNC is not there to move the process forward. Rather, they are there to create a false notion of what is or is not possible, then let that expectation collapse. They hope to keep people off balance. They hope to get people in the DNC – yes, the DNC – in position of authority who cannot lead, who are incompetent, and who cannot keep people on track to the real objective: The protection of the Constitution and assertion of rule of law.

    Then they show up with non-sense – which the public buys as valid – and gets people to talk about “everything else, but . . . the rule of law.” They use non-sense to keep you focused on non-sense.

    * * *

    What’s worse is the RNC is very good at making you believe that the inaction and lack of progress – that they want – is a good thing.

    The RNC and DNC leadership in Vermont are in violent agreement: They agree that there should be no action to assert power or assert the rule of law. They agree to wait. They agree not to force anything. That is not leadership.

    The DNC in Vermont is afraid of leading, and afraid of holding the leadership to account. So there is no reason why anyone should fail to understand why the US Congress does the same. Whatever is behind the excuse for inaction in DC is at the heart of the issue in Vermont: Fear of being free and asserting the rule of law against criminals. That’s it.

    * * *

    The RNC has manipulated the DNC to embrace the Orwellian non-sense, and get the DNC to present this absurdity as if it were its own.

    It is simple what they do:

  • A. Get the people in the RND to argue the RNC point

  • B. Associate accountability with “risky action”

  • C. Associate inaction and no commitment to the law as “a benefit”

  • D. Associate steps to assert the rule of law as “a backlash”

  • E. Associate commitment to a principle as a “limiting option”

    * * *

    Here’s what can be done:

  • Shut the door on the RNC criminal enterprise

  • Force the RNC to commit

  • Throw the non-sense of the RNC back onto the RNC

  • Remind the public that this is all about protecting the Constitution

  • Continue to prepare with leadership plans, with full expectation that those plans will be relied on – so get them ready and find solutions that work for both sides of the aisle

  • Outline where others can see solutions

  • Know there are other efforts and fact finding continue

  • Move with your other lawful options

  • Look for ways to adjust the language in the proclamations to force the Congress to act

  • Keep the goal in mind: To ensure the State takes action that lawfully forces the Federal Government to do what it refuses to do

  • Know that the RNC will have to reveal more evidence that can be used against them

  • Move with confidence that you are dealing with criminals – they are fearful, they’ve already violated the law, so you don’t have to live in fear: they’re already done what they’ve threatened to do.

    * * *

    Realize who you are dealing with: Criminals. They are not willing to be civilized. They expect all others to meet a standard, but they refuse to assent to that standard.

    The way forward is to accelerate the timeline. Force the RNC to open itself to the world so that all can see that they are abusive and remain a threat to the rule of law.

    As the RNC and White House get backed into a corner, they are more likely to lash out. This is not to be feared. It is known. It is anticipated. It is not a surprise. It can be planned for. It is to be expected. It is a sign that they know they have no other option. Be brave. That means getting up after they knock you down, and making them knock you down in front of others.

    The world sees they are bullies, and that they are war criminals.

    The states may lawful confront the Executive. This RNC cannot rely on the law – it has abused that law. This Executive openly uses combat support forces – the NSA -- against American civilians. He wages illegal war in using the NSA against innocents. These are war crimes.

    The RNC and White House are in the same corner. This is the time to impose more pressure on them, and fully expect them to lash out. They will show themselves. Other states will see what is going on. There are 49 others. There are 300 million Americans.

    America will gradually wake up and realize that the RNC and White House abuse has one goal: To avoid accountability.

    The RNC is not leading. They are reacting.

    They are not leaders. They are tyrants.

    The more they do, the more evidence they will provide. The longer this goes on, the more this will contrast with the RNC refusal to act.

    The goal with the state level impeachment is simple: To force the Federal Government to do what it should do – compel a tyrant to assent to the rule of law.

    Whether this works or does not work is not the issue. We will have more information than we had before; we will find out what it or is not working. In the end, we will know something about what has to lawfully be done to protect our rights and prevent the abuse of power.

    There is a solution. The issue is whether Americans are ready to embrace that solution now; or whether they require more abuse. In the end, the rule of law will prevail, rights will be protected, and power will not be abused.

    But we will have to witness more abuse and more RNC non-sense. The way forward is to let the leadership in the DNC know: They need to start acting like leaders, and not reacting to the RNC non-sense. It’s possible to set the agenda, and force the debate. The issue for Americans to decide is why the DNC is unwilling to lead when it has all the odds in its favor.

    We’ve seen the same before. At the Alito Filibuster, some in the DNC didn’t understand the power of that filibuster. They failed to see it as an opportunity to set the agenda. Rather, they cowered saying, “I don’t see what this will get us.” The mere fact that you decide to stand up is a great gain. But we should not be surprised why the stupid, weak, and ignorant are confused when it comes to issues of power. This I not a court room; the issue of People and the Power is to ensure the government is always reminded that we have the power. What “it will get us” is the time to set the agenda.

    The DNC leadership have failed America. They continue to wait. They do not assert power. And when given tools to mobilize the nation and assert the rule of law – they refuse.

    This Vice President has a problem. His Chief of Staff has turned on him. The issues are before a Grand Jury. The time to increase the pressure on the RNC is now. To make them deal with things they do not want to face: Accountability, facts, and evidence.

    The time to do this is at hand. They are exhausted. The time to force this is now. They are not able to focus. They are going to miscalculate.

    Now is the time to increase pressure.

    The problem is the DNC wants to play nice. Get real! After all the RNC has done – from the illegal wars, deceptions, war crimes, and abuse against Americans – you want to be nice to these people? Get real! They are criminals. Now is not the time to back off.

    Rather, the states should simply move to continue the state level impeachments. And force the RNC to deal with multiple states all doing the same thing: Asserting state power against the criminals in the RNC and White House.

    When you face a bully, you may be individually weak. But in numbers, you can lawfully destroy that bully. That is what this is all about. All 50 states need to simply go on the lawful offensive, and assert the rule of law. The numbers alone will overwhelm the RNC.

    * * *

    The RNC can only rely on non-sense. The way forward is for the citizens of America to share ideas and have a single place that your state officials can go to get ideas and responses to the RNC non-sense.

    There is one place: It is the United States code. Throw the book at the RNC. They are criminals.

    Watch out for State level people hijacking your efforts. They may show up claming credit, but then fall down. Your goal is to find those who are going to work this process and show the leadership why this is needed.

    The results from Vermont are good news. We know more. We know what the RNC is doing. This is important information to get before the 2006 election.

    This feedback will help us. It tell us our status. We know how to adjust.

    We also know there are other options. Vermont is a state petition. The lessons of this setback can be applied elsewhere.

    The DNC and RNC cannot stop private citizens asserting the rule of law.

    This information will help the nation find better leaders: Those who are willing to stand up for the Constitution, and hold the leadership to account.