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Friday, April 07, 2006

White House Spokesman all but confirms illegal Presidential Rebellion, violation of Smith-Mundt Act

Smith Act: White House finally -- in a round about way -- admits all elements to a Smith Act violation

They finally took the bait. Rather than deny it, they openly admitted it. Let's put this on the impeachment list.

Raw: McClellan attempts to justify the release of information.

Wonderful, the White House has now admitted:

"There is a difference between providing declassified information to the public when it's in the public interest and leaking classified information that involved sensitive national intelligence regarding our security," McClellan told reporters at a White House press briefing.

Did you catch that: "Public interest" -- how can it be in the "public interest" to reveal information that is false, misleading, and has one goal: To discredit those who are talking about

  • A. An illegal war;

  • B. There was no legal foundation for war;

  • C. It was known before the war that there was no legal foundation for the war; and

  • D. The President was involved in the decision to go after those who dared speak of the truth of the matters.

    * * *

    The White House spokesman statements are stunning. This is the same as saying:

    1. We did provide you with information

    2. The information was related to the decision to go to war

    3. The information was material

    4. The information was false

    5. The information was intended to be targeted at Americans

    6. Congress made a decision based on information we admit we gave

    7. The information was propaganda, misleading, and designed to mislead the American public

    8. All of the above is a violation of the Smith Act

    9. The White House also confirms that there were multiple people involved. [ Via Raw ]

    10. The White House admits -- and the Grand Jury has confirmed -- there were multiple people involved in undermining the Laws of the Untied States, and the laws of war. [ Via Raw ]

    11. The White House openly admits that there were multiple people actively engaged in ignoring the US laws, and inducting others to violate those laws.

    * * *

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is called Rebellion! The 14th Amendment imposes liabilities on those who engage in rebellion: They lose all chance to hold office.

  • Who in Congress is part of this rebellion?

  • Given the wide circle of friends involved in this retaliation against Plame-Wilson, who else is actively undermining the US laws?

  • How many other people are involved in this rebellion?

    * * *

    Smith Act is an act that makes it a crime to incite others to violate the law, engage in domestic propaganda campaigns, or mobilize others to violate the laws of the United States [ Click ]

    Rebellion or Insurrection -- 18 U.S.C. § 2383. Section 2383 of Title 18, U.S.C., makes it unlawful to incite, assist or engage in any rebellion against the authority or laws of the United States.

    Smith-Mundt Act22 USC § 1461–1a. makes it a crime to target information at Americans: "no funds authorized to be appropriated to the United States Information Agency shall be used to influence public opinion in the United States"

    By admitting -- that they did release the information to the NYT -- they admit that they were attempting to influence public opinion in the United States.

    * * *

    We also know that the White House directly coordinated with the State Department on the Iraq WMD information, and there are memos of that coordination between the White House Staff and the State Department. Guess what the Smith-Mundt Act prohibits? That's right, State Department involvement -- through the US Information Agency -- of providing propaganda to Americans.

    How do we explain this? How can "all this message traffic between the White House and State Department and Office of Special plans go on" -- but nobody has bothered to look at the Smith Mundt Act? Wilson and the White House agree that there was a communication between the White House and State Department to get Wilson to Nigeria; and then the smearing started.

    Everyone in the State Department apparently knew what was going on with the smearing; so how can anyone argue that the US information agency was "out of the loop" on something fully coordinated with the White House?


    * * *


    Draw up the papers and let's get this indictment going:

  • More information for the Grand Jury.

  • More information for Fitzgerald to look into.

  • More information to show that the White House is violating the law.

  • More fatal assertions -- failure to deny -- what a reasonable person should deny if they were not part of a Rebellion against the laws of the Untied States.