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Monday, October 17, 2005

Road Map for America: You have 30 Days to develop a plan

There's been some hemming and hawing about what's going to be done to provide leadership.

At this juncture, it appears the problem is nobody has set some aggressive due dates and focused the attention. Either get involved, or accept what others decide.

These dates are firm.

Work with your local areas to gather inputs.

Your deadlines are:

21 Oct 2005 [4 days from now]
- Identify draft talking points

26 Oct 2005
- Conduct cross talks between RNC and DNC
- Identify issues

1 Nov 2005
- Selection of priorities
- Issue proposal ground rules
- Taskings for competition

7 Nov 2005
- Provide inputs, comments
- Feedback on inputs

8 Nov 2005
- Identify POCs for agency interaction
- Scrub budget proposals
- Decision on budget deficit
- Identify unfunded requirements, risks

11 Nov 2005
- Table talk with agencies
- Issue summary findings of risk areas
- Comments on other white papers

12 Nov 2005
- Decision on Budget Deficit for FY08/9
- Identify management training requirements
- Cease work orders, prime and secondary proposal selection
- Allocate reserve for potential termination liability
- Cross talks with RNC completed

15 Nov 2005
- Top 100 DNC programs
- Level one schedules with 80% probability {STD)
- Impacts of program elimination

16 Nov 2005
- Philosophy and principles
- Identify vulnerable RNC districts
- Bridge building with local community
- Tangible accountability
- Aggressive timelines, due dates

17 Nov 2005
- Issue DNC plan publicly for public debate

21 Nov 2005
- Baseline options based on feedback
- High, medium, low risk assessment assigned

22 Nov 2005
- Formally present revised plan

The key is going to be to quickly gather the ideas, get this done, and quit the excuses.

Indeed, there will be people left out. It's time to get on with the plan and chart a course for America.

Good luck.