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Monday, January 03, 2005

Tsunami: Is America's post 9-11 honeymoon over?

Yes. America, more now yawn when you mention 9-11.

Although 3,000 deaths on 9-11 remains outrageous, the prospect of 50-times that in Asia makes 9-11 seem less severe.

America has also had 3 years to get this right. And it has succeeded in squandering that good will.

So, it's now 2005 and America's 9-11 honeymoon is officially over. Time to come back to reality. The rest of humanity has problems. And America's unfortunate deaths on 9-11 now seem quite unremarkable.

What does this mean? Local law enforcement and DoJ have little credibility when they start invoking 9-11 as the excuse to harass the civilian population. The obvious retort is, "Uh, there are 150,000 dead people in Asia; and millions of homeless. Why does law enforcement get to justify abusing in 2005 Americans based on the actions of 19 people in 2001?"

No straight answer.

But what has the "overwhelming terror attack" [just 3,000] in 2001 actually brought the world? Among other things:

  • Destroyed the constitution;

  • "Justified" torture;

  • Squandered international support; and

  • Violated international law

    Perhaps the Tamil tiger's approach might give DoJ pause: When faced with a common enemy, the people and government can unite to solve problems, not abuse a convenient scapegoat or civilian victim.

    In the end, 150,000+ deaths overshadow what happened on 9-11. The world is realigning. The tragedy which hit on 9-11 somehow seems less relevant. There are higher priorities.

    America's honeymoon has ended. The lights are brighter. The dream is over. But the DoJ-inflicted-nightmare continues.