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Monday, January 03, 2005

Gonzalez confirmation hearings -- planned whitewash

The Democrats plan to "really grill him." And there are rumors they're going to pull out some nasty photos. Even dare to take the hearings this week into the "wee hours."

Oh, please! The Democrats are still the minority party.

What's going to happen at 3:30pm? They'll take a vote and adjourn. Is anyone going to go back in time and say, "Hay, you democrats promised...."


The whitewash

The Democrats actually like Gonzalez because he's liberal on things that Democrats are known for: Open borders. I have no confidence the hearings will run late; or that the Democrats are going to pull out some X-rated videos to embarrass anyone.

If the Republicans are stupid enough to assent to the minority party, then we're in real trouble. Despite controlling all three branches of government, the Republicans at this critical confirmation for DoJ surely are not going to run to the left.

But that's what the pundits want us to believe. Don't be fooled. These are just more scraps to make the Democrats think they actually have a role to play. The confirmation hearings stand every chance of being an illusion. It remains to be seen how the new Judiciary Chairman handles the situation.

The Senate has the constitutional duty to advise the President. Whether they actually choose to provide informed feedback is outside their charter and their constitutional requirement.

The rule for governing officials: Never pass up the opportunity to create the illusion of oversight when none is needed, required...especially when there are no effective sanctions for delivering on the failed promises and unfounded expectations.

There are no consequences for rubber stamping the confirmation. Thus, let us witness another whitewash with accolades all around for the illusion of oversight. The only raking that's going to occur this week in DC are the few scant leaves on the ground where terrorists might be hiding.

Yet, for all practical purposes there are no terrorists except for the crimmiinals in DoJ and DoD who have been, and should be, indicted for war crimes committed in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

But there are plenty of leaves. Yet, Congress continues to show it remains ineffectual in cleaning up a simple mess under the wavering tree of constitutional democracy.