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Monday, January 03, 2005

Bush plans for his next job as UN Secretary General

Only 7 days since the Tsunami and Bush is now leading the world in the war on ... hunger.

What happened to defending America? Throw that out the window.

What happened to terrorists in Iraq? Well, we helped create them, so forget that.

And 9-11? That's ancient history!

Bush is now going around the country asking homeless people in America to pony up cash to help out homeless people in Asia.

Why the pressure on the poor in America to do for Asia what those in DC refuse to do at home?

You'll have to ask them.

But Bush is getting ready for his post-Presidential life in 2009. What better way to spend public money hitting the media circuit.

Think of it as kind of a "getting your toe wet" kind of thing. But in this case, it's "get your whole nation wet" with the debt-load. Under a Tsunami.

And that one last week may only be the first. They just had another earthquake of India. It was a 6.0. But you know how those "first reports are." We might actually have another Tsunami show up.

Oh, and they're also talking about killer whales "not showing up" off the coast of Hawaii. Strange, weren't the "lack of animals" in Asia a "sign of impending doom?" Nevermind, it's only "over there." It could never happen in America.

Who is actually going to pay for this? Not Bush's friends. They've got tax breaks. The burden of this Asian bailout is going to fall squarely on those who can least afford it.

And if there's a problem in Asia? Well, they could always move people out of the State Department's Iraq unit and land them in a cushy mudhole in Sri Lanka. There's a career move for you.