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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

War Crimes Discovery: Classified White House, CIA, DoD Rendition Evidence

White House Memo on Rendition Illegally Suppressed

Note: This is war crimes related evidence for Wolfgang Kaleck, and Generalbundesanwaeltin Monika Harms [General Federal Attorney] involved with the War Crimes investigation against Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Addington, Yoo, Gonzalez, Bybee, Haynes, and others.

If, after reviewing this information, you have additional information related to war crimes evidence, please contact:

Monika Harms
Federal Prosecutor of Germany
Postfach 2720
76014 Karlsruhe

* * *

ORCON rules make it illegal to classify something that is publicly known to be related to illegal activity. The reasons provided to the ACLU for not providing the document in full are not lawful.

By disclosing the existence of the White House memoranda, the Republicans have made a fateful error: Disclosing something that affirmatively can be linked with CIA, NSC, and DoD documents.

The information below shows you how to request the specific classified information from the CIA, DoD, State Department, and White House that has been illegally classified because of its relationship with unlawful activity.

* * *

Ref Allegedly, the US Attorney and Deputy Attorney General involved have violated Title 28 and Title 50 in failing to report the activity was unlawful; and that they were not going to enforce the statute.

Once the AG's office declines to comply with the law, there are memoranda filed to the Congress indicating the non-compliance, as required under Title 28.

* * *

By acknowledging the existence of the White House memo but not releasing it, the DoJ has made two errors:

1. Illegally suppressed information related to illegal activity that cannot lawfully remain classified; and

2. Acknowledged that the Rendition orders from the White House, despite their illegality, were documented.

Once the White House documents the direction on a CIA activity, all the Joint Staff classified websites are subject to discovery. Further, the data files linked with the planning are also attached to this memo; and can be affirmatively recreated using non-classified methods.

This will show you where to look to reconstruct the classified CIA files used to support the illegal activity; and which DOD components are most likely on the access lists for the various reviews CIA provided to OMB on the funding needed to support the illegal activity.

* * *

Despite an operation being classified, DCI has to rely on signatures, and cannot rely on only an electronic authorization. This will link you to the specific documents, even if the original electronic files have been destroyed.

There are specific files, data architectures, memoranda, directive, report and policy formats. The CIA contract tracking systems can be pinpointed if you know which specific signatures would have had to approve the operation; and you can get a complete list of the number of contracts approved within a range of the original White House memoranda.

Once the project is approved, CIA relies on country teams to coordinate the activity. Commercial databases related to hotels, cell phones, and airline frequent fliers will cross index to the point of origin; associated travelers; and the similar times of other activities which support the illegal activity.

These activities are supported, and documented in the Embassy Fiber Optic systems, in something associated with a contingency contracting system.

To find the common budget codes, there is the ACES system which relies on a joint training system, crossing DoD, CIA, and the State Department.

Once the budget codes are obtained, you will be able to access the correct CIA information systems indexes, the presentations used to justify budgets, and the various telecommunications records interfacing DoD and CIA.

The Policy Memo Formats can be back-engineered to find the other memoranda the White House and National Security Council issued, and coordinated on related, supporting operations.

- -

Rendition should be looked at as a DoD Joint Information operation, not isolated to the CIA. DoD and CIA are on common messages, orders, plans, and contingency files.

There are specific guides for DoD and the CIA personnel, analysts, and support entities to properly implement and operation, organize the supporting elements, and analyze information gleaned for the illegal abuse.

The original message traffic, located on the classified websites will not have all been destroyed. Working from outside DoD, it is possible to gather the information on the JCS messages from the classified systems at the less-secure contractor locations. Because the activity is illegal, as is the case with the NSA-FISA violations, DoJ Counsel would already have been coordinating on the activity. Again, the problem will be to explain the Title 28 -- failures to report to Congress.

You can start with the Contingency Contracting Section in the State Department; this will be associated with the Embassies, and link into the various data in Milan and Rome.

From there, you will find the DCI file formats which match the various Joint Staff file formats DoD used to support the Rendition effort.

CIA and the Republican party will have to explain why, despite being associated with the Government Reform briefings, there was no public discussion on the illegal activity which the GOP Senators knew, or should have known was occurring; otherwise Gonzal4ez has anther problem under Title 28: Failing to comply with the reporting requirement to the Government Reform Committee, despite the Committee being on the list associated with the classified CIA briefings.

* * *

Addington and Haynes would have been linked with the open media reports, and their read files would have included a specific notification that the illegal activity was known. Addington is reported to have been aware of the problems, but chose not to change the directions because he viewed the change to be an admission that the original conduct was illegal.

The DoD has a clipping service which would provide a date-certain when Haynes knew, or should have known about the open media reports; and these would have been subsequently reported by the CIA Open Source Intelligence Center [OSIC].

* * *

Ref Look for these IP numbers.

Sample Classified File Formats

These are some of the sample files you will want to request and look for in your FOIAs. There will be errors, and not all the codes have been blacked out when provided for public release. Use the errors to request additional information.

Ref: Types of documents the file formats below include.


CIA instructions, Joint Staff-CIA overlap format: [ ]

CIA Message Format: [ RUEAIIA/CIA ]

CIA Policy Format: [ ]

DoD, CIA E-mail Designation for Classified Communications, SIPRNet: [ ClassNet ]

DCI Directive Format: [ DCI Directive 6/3 ]

DSCA, Defense Security Cooperation Agency Format [ ]

DoD NGIC (National Ground Intelligence Center) Report Format [ ]

Intel Link format [ http://intelink. ]

Joint Staff Master File Format [ ]

Joint Staff Classified Measures associated with CIA/State Dept Country Teams: [ ]

Sample Presentation to OMB on CIA-related Budget issues: [ 031217_OMB_ICMWG_DIF.ppt ]

State Department Contingency Files: [ ]

State Department Interagency Operations Format: [ S/CRS Inter-Agency ]