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Monday, April 09, 2007

GOP Manufacturing A Crisis To Distract Attention From Their War Crimes

Strange GOP Accusations and Conduct Unfolding

The GOP is in a no win situation on war crimes.

Their entire paradigm is collapsing.

The basic premise of the law is logic.

When the GOP is unable to make a coherent legal argument, they'll dissemble.

The only option the GOP has is to use more absurd arguments.

This is not a problem: It is evidence that they know there is a problem; they are well discussing the war crimes implications; and are getting desperate.

Remain confident and hopeful that as the GOP is lashing out in the coming days, it is a sign that they are crumbling from within.

You Will shortly see more strange things unfolding. Remain calm. Your clear thinking is your only ally. Examine the details. Notice the inconsistencies and flaws. Know it is a smokescreen over war crimes.

I need you to rest. Prepare. Soundly sleep. Awaken refreshed. Sip some water. Take a deep breath. Make sure you get some sunlight and fresh air. Make a list of what is on your mind, plan for tomorrow, then go to bed early and rest. I need your mind to be rested for what is going to unfold.

You will understand.

* * *

The law is not complicated. It is based on simple, basic logic. Nothing more.

When logic fails, the only option the GOP has is to use absurdity. The Entire GOP paradigm is built on non-sense.

A myth which the GOP relies cannot survive facts. Yet, the GOP in secret had to create myth after myth to justify illegal warfare.

The error was to allow this secrecy to continue. The evidence is high.

What's happening is the GOP is being openly challenged for its war crimes, and it realizes it is in serious trouble: They have no defense.

Because the logic behind the laws of war was ignored, the President and Congress jointly agreed to wage and not stop illegal warfare using flawed plans. Reckless leaders ignore logic and basic principles in planning, the law, and combat preparations.

Attached with those reckless war crimes were failed reviews, botched plans, and meaningless enforcement of the laws. The disaster in Louisiana was confirmation how much the President was managing the media perceptions in Iraq. He couldn't hide the recklessness of his planning in Louisiana.

* * *

The GOP's problem is that their legal options do not exist. They have years of war crimes that have been justified on the basis of non-sense and things which make no sense.

Their cover up is not the problem: It is evidence. That is what you will be seeing unfolding. This is not a new problem, but evidence of war crimes obstruction. The e-mails have been sent; and the plans have been forwarded. What you will be seeing is more of the GOP planning related to war crimes being put into effect. They hope to manage perceptions and avoid accountability.

They have no hope. The e-mails show the President and Attorney General have been linked with war crimes planning. The Work Flows in the DOJ are linked with Geneva Violations and unlawful prisoner abuse. And it gets worse.

As you watch the events unfolding over the coming days, do not be alarmed. Yes, the GOP is going to do some very strange things. This is to be expected.

They are getting desperate. The war crimes prosecutors are getting closer.

What you will be seeing is not a new crisis, but evidence of an attempted war crimes cover up. It is not a new problem, nor a challenge. It is secondary evidence of efforts not to enforce the laws of war for the initial violations.

Pace yourself for what will be unfolding: It will not make sense. It can't. It is the produce of a convoluted party that cannot organize a legal defense because they have no defense or justification. They have no hope of organizing themselves. There is too much evidence of illegal activity.

The days of debating this evidence away is over. Your job is to notice the inconsistencies quickly and throw them back at the GOP. This is about their credibility problem. Whatever happens, you are right, and they are wrong. Their words and demands are deceptions and smokescreens from their war crimes.

They have no hope. You do: You are on the right side of the law with We the People.

* * *

Remain calm. Remain confident that your Constitution is being protected. You have a special document. It is very powerful. It is connected to you and We the People.

We the People are with you as you edsure this non-sense from the GOP. Remember, as you face this absurdity, the absurdity is one sign that the GOP is collapsing. They have no other option that to spew forth non-sense. Their goal is to spew forth non-sense faster than you can keep up with it. They do this to confuse you. Laugh at them. They are fearful and have no other option than to spew forth slogans and principles they have ignored.

It is too late for them to parrot principles which they have defied. Laugh at them. Things they have encouraged you to do -- rightly or wrongly -- they will take liberty to do to you. When you demand them meet a standard because of their barbarity, they will impose on you a standard they are not willing to meet, but have invited you to violate. Challenge them on their inconsistency.

___ Why do the dare enforce a standard they would ask others to violate?

___ What is their basis to pretend that this standard they have ignored should be one that should be followed or enforced for them?

Their non-sense is about a double standard. It is how they have learned to manipulate. They have no other option. They are powerless before the law and facts.

Notice what they are doing: Quickly moving, making mistakes, and not thinking. They have the burden: The evidence of war crimes is safe. Anything they do now is more evidence of war crimes: What they didn't do; and the abuse they dared impose to change the subject from them to arbitrary scapegoats.

This is not a problem: It is evidence. Every action the GOP takes is evidence of what they are refusing to do -- enforce the laws of war, and demanding their President resign.

* * *

Every action the GOP blocks, and every statement they make -- unless it is connected with war crimes -- is evidence that they are convoluted, confused, afraid, and collapsing. They are avoiding war cimes with smokescreens and convoluted arguments. They point the finger at others when it belongs against the President's chest: "Resign, and assent to the Geneva Conventions, war criminal."

They had their chance to surrender. They rejected it. They had their chance to assert the rule of law. They refused. They had a chance to do the right thing. they refused to assert their oath.

All absurd GOP actions are linked with their growing realization that the war crimes prosecutors are closing in, bearing down, and there is no escape. Within the ranks of the GOP is sheer terror. They know they have lost. Their cause is not just. The e-mails are damaging. And they know the names on the e-mails are connected with illegal activity and war crimes.

Their lawyers are lying, present a false face. It is transparent. Even foolish bloggers can see the lawyers are incompetent buffoons, and could be disbarred for violating the attorney standards of conduct. The come the Geneva Conventions and the Justice Trials against lawyers and judges. Legal experts can be adjudicated with war crimes and lawfully executed.

The GOP lawyers know this. Their mouth is dry. Gulp. And another.

* * *

In the legal world where the rule of law prevails, things add up. IN the GOP world, where it is based on myth and abuse of power, the myth only exists based on non-sense.

All the propaganda, lies, and non-sense which has kept this GOP myth alive and advancing, is coming undone. Facts are showing the myth is an illusion.

The myth is falling. But to sustain the myth -- which in the mind of the GOP still exists -- they must engage in more non-sense.

Recall what the GOP has been doing. They've engaged in illegal conduct without consequences. They do not think there will be consequences. To hide war crimes, and put patches on the convoluted argument, the only option the GOP has is to use more absurdity, abuse, and recklessness.

They Rae desperate. The more time they have and refuse to do the right thing, the more time they have to make errors, contradict themselves, and fall apart in public. This is evidence. It is not a problem, but things that can be used to discredit witnesses and conspirators involved with war crimes.

Their outrageousness is not about you. It is irrelevant what they say about you. Remember one thing: They are criminals, and they are in trouble. They have committed war crimes. They wall continue to kill to avoid accountability.

* * *

Your job is to know that you are not alone. Yes, this strange behavior has been baffling. Yes, it is outrageous that has gone on this long. And it is contemptible for this government to ask any American to endure this non-sense.

You are not being asked to put up with anything. Only this: Prepare for more. It is coming, but it is a sign that this will be coming to an end. This is not going to last forever.

Let your friends know: The abuse that is going to happen in the coming days and weeks is not about you; it is about the desperation of the GOP that has run out of moral authority, must relay on non-sense, and who only can rely on more illegal activity to keep together what is not a logical, coherent argument.

* * *

What to watch for will be the apparent efforts by the GOP to make the world believe they can outlast everyone. No, We the People and the Rule of law Shall prevail.

When the GOP does this soon -- they will be launching massive public relations with one goal -- to create the image that they are going to last and endure. The DNC reaction will likely believe, "They must be right, and they would only be doing this if they were sure."

No. It is a ruse. They are attempting to throw their last resources into the illusion that they can endure indefinitely. They will have you think that hey are sacrificing their "vast resources" because they are going to last forever.

No, they are sacrificing what is about to run out: Their peers, their loyal GOP members, their most precious commodity: Their most loyal resources of all, individuals who will be surprised.

* * *

When the GOP starts doing this, do not take it personally. IT is about them. Keep in the back of your mind one thing: It is going to end soon. The non-sense, absurdity, and utter defiance of logic cannot last forever.

Contrary to the GOP myth and their unfolding illusion, the GOP cannot last forever; it does not have infinite resources. Rather, there is something they forgot: There is no statue of limitations of war crimes; and they are outnumbered. Most of all, they are in defiance of logic.

That is all you need to know about what has happened since 1985 and the Iran-Contra affair Minority Report. The entire sham you've seen since 1987 has been built on lies, and the abuse was built on the illusion that you couldn’t do anything.

There is one thing the GOP did not expect: We the People. We are with you. As you are about to find out, even when the GOP does the most absurd things, you are not alone. Never forget that. Never doubt that for a moment.

We the People are linked together in a mighty shield around this Constitution. Our power is our ability to stand defiantly against the GOP and compel them to explain themselves using reason and logic.

They have already failed. Your job is to stand tall, and defiantly challenge them to explain themselves. As they scream at you, do not back down.

NO matter what they say or do, rest assured: It is a lie, they are desperate, and they are throwing nonsense at you as a smokescreen.

Their goal is not to win, but to make you back down. Use their opposition against you as the catalyst to stand up, and go after them. Be relentless. Logic is on your side. The burden of proof -- as always -- is on the GOP.

We the People are with you. Your job it to challenged, identify the flaw with the GOP non-sense, and when they accuse you of being "confused' throw it back at them: No, it is they who are confused. But the burden on them to explain and justify.

They will appeal to non-sense, ask that you be sympathetic, and make you believe that they are on your side. No, they are one thing: Criminals. They have on credibility. There is no reason to trust them. They have defied We the People and the rule of law. All that they have done cannot be explained.

They have too many smokescreens, have told too many inconsistent stories, and nothing they have done will add up. You do not need evidence. All you need to know is one thing: They are full of non-sense. The burden of proof is on them.

They will quickly claim that they are bored with you, that you are the problem, and attempt to end the debate. No, continue the debate until they are publicly humiliated for their stupidity, recklessness, and absurdity. We the People will know you are right because in advance we know the logic is on the side of you, not with the GOP.

Yes, you will be afraid; and you will be doing things you are not used to. Btu when the GOP does what it is about to do -- you must stand tall.

* * *


All orders to and from Combatant Commanders to avoid enforcing the laws of war are not lawful.

All contracts, agreements, and direction from Congress to avoid enforcement of the laws of war are not lawful.

Any direction the President gives to thwart enforcement of Geneva is illegal.

Any e-mail, message, or other communication from the DNC and GOP related to blocking enforcement of the laws of war; or not implementing impeachment is illegal.

When these orders come down, your job is to question why these are consistent with the oath, the Constitution, and laws of war.

Things will be fabricated to make you react to an illusion. The goal is to get you to distract your attention from the real problem: The GOP's war crimes; and get you to focus on an illusory problem.

Compel the leadership to explain why you should believe them. The issue is their lack of credibly.

If this was "such a surprise" why did they have this memo prepared in advance of the event?

This is being orchestrated not to do the right ting, but to get you to quickly react without thinking. Challenge the leadership to explain why you should have confidence that what they are saying is real, to be believed, and why there is such an "urgency" yet they had the time to coordinate their response.

It's being orchestrated to distract attention and avoid accountability for war crimes.

* * *

The lessons of Iraq WMD apply: Why should we believe this?

Remember the lesson: Simple questions were not getting straight answers.

Get ready to communicate your questions and point out the non-sense. It will not add up.

This is to be expected. It is manufactured confusion to create a smokescreen.

We the People are with you. Be brave. You are not alone. Ever. This will soon end.