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Saturday, April 07, 2007

State Impeachment Proclamations in re War Crimes Evidence

Ref Wisconsin provides you the chance to comment on the resolution.

Feel free to share the links with your friends. The issue is not with the Constitution or the Sates, but whether Members of Congress understand their refusal to impeach can be entered as evidence of war crimes.

The State proclamation is evidence Members of Congress were given notice of what was required, but were reckless in ignoring Nuremberg, the Geneva Conventions, and their oath of office binding them to enforce the laws of war against the President.

This is a subsequent war crime by Members of Congress. Other evidence of illegal war crimes includes efforts by Members of Congress, staff counsel, and state officials for suppress publicing discussion of the laws of war, refusing to investigate these war crimes, and making frivolous excuses not to enforce the laws of war.

This is an international war crimes investigation. There is no statute of limitations. Members of Congress must assert their oath; or they may suffer lawful consequences. This is permitted under Geneva and the precedent of Nuremberg.

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What You Can Do

Visit these sites, share your views, and share the links with your friends:

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A. Learn about a boycott to shut down funding to all entities associated with the US Government war crimes.

B. Encourage your friends to consider this image.

C. Read the Wisonsin resolution calling for an impeachment investigation; and leave your comments here.

D. Meet with others and share your views here.

E. Share your reaction to the state proclamation effort here, here.

The goal is to ensure the Constitution is protected; and those who defy their oath are held to account. Either the Congress prosecutes the President through impeachment; or Members of Congress may be prosecuted for refusing to enforce the laws of war against the President.

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The state proclamation is important. It sends a message to Congress: The Geneva Conventions shall be enforced.

Nuremberg is precedent for holding civilians liable if they refuse to impeach. Civilized societies, under the Justice Trials against legal counsel, keep impeachment on the table.

The State action is evidence: It draws a line in the sand. Members of Congress have been reminded of their Geneva obligation to enforce the laws of war against the President.

All Member of Congress, GOP, or DNC Efforts to block any state or private citizens from discussing these issues of war crimes -- and the investigation and impeachment required to enforce the laws of war -- is evidence of war crimes.

The US Government's error is to pretend it can avoid discussing the laws of war, and not investigate the President's war crimes. Per Nuremberg, the decision of Congress and State legislators not to enforce the Laws of War is a subsequent war crime.

State legislators also have the power to disbar DOJ and White House Counsel; and direct State Attorney Disciplinary Boards to disbar US Attorneys and staff counsel who refuse to enforce the laws of war against the President and Members of Congress. State officials may prosecute a sitting President and Members of Congress. This legal action is consistent with their oath of office to enforce the laws of war and Protect the Constitution against the domestic enemies in the US Federal Government.

It doesn't matter if Members of Congress do or do not act on this proclamation or impeachment. Their refusal is evidence that they well know the laws of war, but refuse to enforce the Geneva Conventions against the President. Nuremberg concluded civilian leaders who refused to impeach could be punished with the death penalty.

There is no statute of limitations for war crimes. Members of Congress and state officials who thwart enforces to enforce the laws of war may be adjudicated with war crimes. All e-mails to suppress any state legislature from passing these resolutions may be entered as vidence of decisions by US Government and State officials to not enforce the laws of war, as required.