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Saturday, April 07, 2007

We the People Discuss A New Constitution

Congress appears to have awoken to something new. The question is whether Congress has awoken, or is merely stirring in a deep sleep.

* * *

Impeachment News: Conyers Changes His Position

Ref Conyers looking for a petition

Ref: Hawaii: Please ask your friends today -- Saturday, 7 April -- to forward this link to their friends; and send letters of support to the Hawaii legislature. E-mails attached.

Please discuss on the Conyers blog:

___ Why is Congressman Conyers asking for another petition? We've already done many with the Downing Street Memo; and he's even signed the report warranting impeachment. I'm getting the impression he's throwing up another requirement to avoid making a decision. To be fair, he's done alot; however, he doesn't need us to do anything he could go to the well of the House and do this.

___ Does Conyers really want a petition? If so, what's to say that he's not going to do change his requirements?

___ How many state level proclamations does he want?

___ If Conyers wants another petition, why is the DNC trying to block the state petitions?

* * *

Impression I'm getting is the DNC is making foolish arguments, and really has no reason not to act. Impeachment isn't a distraction, it's the agenda: The Constitution. Is this Congress going to protect it or not?

If the US government officials -- who have power now -- aren't willing to protect the Constitution now, then there's no reason to believe they'll do so as President. Stop talking about what you might be able to get or do in 2008, and start showing in 2007 what you are able to do:

____ Support state level impeachment proclamations;

____ Go to the well of the House and discuss this issue;

____ Encourage citizens to discuss the impeachment issues;

____ Invite citizens to call with their ideas on impeachment

* * *

If Congress isn't willing to discuss impeachment, then let's discuss their reasons for being fearful, or not wanting to impeach. Their arguments seem more like excuses.

"We won't do what we can now, but give us more power." No, if they can't show they're going to use power now, we have no reason to trust them with more power.

* * *

Impeachment is a civics lesson. It's not about government. Its whether We the People are going to notice what this government is not doing, and find new leaders. Ref

The reasons for not investigating, not to mention an impeachment, are invalid. Ref We're not asking that the President be removed -- only that the House remain open to the idea that it investigate the President. That's the first step. If there is no evidence, fine: Drop the investigation and do not have an impeachment.

But to argue on the basis of no evidence that there is "no evidence" warranting removal is circular.

The issue comes down to: Who do Americans want to be their leaders?

___ People who dare face reality and review things?

___ People who make excuses to do nothing?

___ People who outline plans to solve problems?

___ People who gather facts to evaluate what to do?

___ People who defend the Constitution against domestic enemies?

___ People who dare to force others to be accountable?

If Americans aren't willing to investigate and review what has happened, then Americans are saying that they don't want a government of, by, or for the people. But that's not true. Americans want a government that involves them.

The problem is this US Government -- both parties -- despite claims that it is working "for" the people, is doing the opposite: Making excuses to put their party's goals before the Constitution; and saying that the 2008 Presidential goals make impeachment a secondary issues. That is absurd thinking.

We the People have set the agenda: It's the Constitution. If the national leadership don't want to talk about impeachment, investigations, US government conduct, the President's failures, or what can be done, they're not leaders.

Time for We the People to take the debate out of DC, stop pretending that the DNC and GOP are on our side; and put the issue on the table: Is this US government going to stand with or against the Constitution and We the People?

* * *

The evidence before us is the US government, DNC, and GOP has collectively chosen to put the US Constitution behind their ambitions. They are, in effect, choosing to put their partisan goals before We the People and the Constitution. Fine. Let's accept that's where they're at.

Time for We the People -- outside Congress, and outside the State legislatures -- to decide what we're going to do.

Here are the options:

A. We can approve this New Constitution which has been drafted;

B. We can work to prosecute the Members of Congress who have defied their oath;

C. We can create a New Government outside this system which does something this US government refuses to accept: There can be an oversight system above the US government which compels the US government to assent to the Constitution.

* * *

Nuremburg taught us that civilized leaders and governments will keep impeachment on the table and use the power of impeachment to enforce the law.

The US Congress cannot say it is fully asserting its oath when it says there is "no time" to impeach. What they're saying is that they would rather put the rule of law behind their personal agenda of something else.

Refusing to discuss voting on an investigation -- putting aside the issue of impeachment -- is evidence Members of Congress are reckless in not asserting their oath. Leaders have a responsibly to put all things second to the Constitution. When there is a problem, that problem needs to be examined.

The US Congress cannot argue that its agenda -- whatever that means -- is first; or that the issues of investigation are second. Rather, when they take an oath to defend the Constitution, it means defending this Constitution based on facts, and a plan to find facts. Not an agreement to hide, avoid, or not examine facts. Any agreement to block investigations is illegal. Just as there was illegal pressure to pressure US Attorneys, so too has there been illegal pressure to block State Legislatures from doing what they should. To argue "there is no time" while spending time making that argument is absurd. We would not need to spend any time if the DNC and GOP refused to waste time, and agree to spend time on what they agreed: The Constitution. The decision to ignore, not review, or avoid facts means they're avoiding their oath and the Constitution.

* * *

We the People must accept that the US government has chosen freely not to do its job. This is not a partisan decision or conclusions, but one of active criminal intent: To not fully assert their oath.

Whether the decision is linked with confusion, other goals, or excuses is meaningless. We can only look at the results: Whether the Members of Congress have or have not fully asserted their oath.

The evidence before us is clear: We've spent one year working through the states, and our efforts have been blocked.

Time for asking is over. Time for pleading is ended. Time for resolutions is passed. Time for Congress to account for what they are recklessly not doing.

Encourage your friends to Contact Members of Congress and remind the Congress of their oath; and outline your desire to see them vote to review the President. If they refuse or give you excuses, write down what they say, and share it on the internet.

They way forward is to the best of our ability give the US government a fair chance to do what it promised to do; and then use the information to prosecute the US Government.

* * *

Over the past year we have learned who is really for the Constitution; and who is for themselves. We've seen excuses to do nothing; and excuses to delay.

The Constitution and We the People haven't gone away. When has left is the leadership. They abandoned the Constitution. Yet, they would like for us to have hope and faith in something which they will not protect.

They point to ideas, but aren't willing to take the first step to defend that idea. That is not the problem of We the People -- it is not a problem for the Constitution. IT is a problem of credibility.

Leaders need to lead. They need to stop making excuses and stop creating more requirements.

Over the last year, We the People have done our job. We've marshaled our resources; have well discussed the issues at the State Legislatures. This US government has thwarted our efforts to protect the document.

We the People haven't gone away. All efforts to block state impeachment proclamations is evidence of this US Government's active effort to thwart the US Constitution, defy their oath, and continue their illegal rebellion.

It doesn't matter why they did it. It matters that We the People know, well before the 2008 election, who has really done their job; and who have chosen to defy their oath.

* * *

We have about 18 months until the 2008 election. The way forward is to remind the American leadership that they have defied their oath; and when given the chance to vote and investigate, did more than refuse -- they actively opposed and thwarted calls to consider the issue. This is not leadership, but rebellion against the Rule of Law. They would not act. They did not vote to review. Yet, they arrogantly asked us to believe that we should trust them with our vote. That defies logic.

Leaders are those who solve problems, not create barriers. Leaders will knock down walls, not create another mountain out of nothing.

Martin Luther King dared to speak about a vision he knew was possible. Sadly, America’s leaders have betrayed that vision. Where once there were some that were denied their rights, today all Americans have been denied their right to an accountable government.

Where once there were a large potion of our population not well served by society, today all of America is not well served by a government.

Ages ago on the battlefields of Sparta, warriors battled to advance their agenda. Today, the battles are different. They are of the mind. Yet, the conviction remains the same.

The error of the US Government is to lazily believe it could do nothing and win; while We the People chose to do little to test whether this Government could be nudged to do what was right.

* * *

Over the last year, this US government has refused to respond to hints of problems; nor heeded its oath of office. IT should not take this long, especially after the DNC has won the election, for We the People to remind this government what they need to do.

Our task has not changed: We the People, not the US Government or the States are the last defenders of this Constitution. We shall complete our work. The job has not started.

* * *

We the People and the constitution are aligned as one. The leadership must decide if they are with us; or against US.

The agenda is the Constitution. We the People are the last and only credible defenders of this document. Some in the US government are willing to assist if the weather is favorable. But its been the individual efforts of We the People, not the US government that has steadfastly endured the shifting political winds. IT was We the People who dared to force this US Government to show whether they were for or against the US Constitution.

This US government has failed. It let the document spiral into disrepair; and it has not responded to the Constitution. We the People have given this government fair notice, but the US Government does not respond.

* * *

On the Table

The US Constitution is on the table, with We the People, and the lawful option to prosecute the US Members of Congress. War crimes indictments, a New Constitution, and State level prosecutions are on the table.

Before us is the grand vision of the Constitution. The founder's legacy remains with We the People. The US government has chosen, for now, to remain in rebellion, not assert its oath, and defy the Supreme Law.

We the People are doomed to succeed because we dared to stand up, and defend this Constitution: Preserving it from the Congress and President who refuse to preserve it; ensuring it lasts; and protecting it from those who put it second to other things.

* * *

Also on the able are the less civil options. When we speak of the rule of law we like to think that there is good order, discipline, civility.

Yet, in the US Constitution are the treaty obligations. One of them is the Geneva Conventions. Preserving the Constitution means enforcing Geneva. Geneva is a very special power We the People created.

TO enforce the laws of war, We the People inserted a very special clause in the Geneva Conventions which, until now, was not important. Normally, Americans could be trusted to do the right thing. Normally, the US government was on the right side of history.

Times have changed. Geneva delegates to foreign powers the lawful authority to use deadly force in response to illegal acts of the US Government. This is the principle of reciprocity and retaliation.

We the People through the Constitution created the principle of reciprocity so that other nations would have an incentives to comply with the laws of war. Today, We the People are the beneficiaries of this principle: This US government has refused to investigate the President. War crimes continue. Foreign powers have been delegated through the Geneva Conventions the power to engage in like abuses against US government officials.

We the People intended for foreign powers to use deadly force to enforce Geneva; and ensure Our Will was protected. It is preferable for these issues to be resolved in court, yet this US government says that it shall not assent to any court, not reinvestigate this President. Rather than assent to the laws of war, or admit that retaliation is on the table, this US Government pretends that We the People can do nothing. They miscalculated.

Through the Geneva Conventions, We the People have delegated the power and authority to other nations to use deadly force to enforce the Geneva Conventions and check this government. Congress refused to voluntarily investigate. The issue is whether the Congress, in the wake of the expanded combat operations, will connect the dots.

Because this Congress chooses not to investigate this President, and will not keep impeachment on the table, Congress is the table:

___ Will Congress be transformed to something that it does not recognize

___ How will a New Constitution transform the nature of government

___ What will a modernized Congress look like to compel what it views as discretionary

___ How will deadly force be legalized to compel Members of Congress to assent to the rule of law, assert their oath, and do what they should to protect the Constitution

* * *

Congress and the President have jointly thwarted the Constitution. The Members of Congress remain in rebellion. They have jointly agreed to block the efforts of We the People to provide reminders.

It is meaningless that the Members of Congress have thwarted State Proclamations. This is evidence that they do the opposite of what is expected in their oath of office. This is evidence they have violated Nuremburg precedents and the laws of war.

These are issues of war crimes.

* * *

Back on the Table

IT doesn't matter if Congress agrees with or opposes We the People. They have no choice.

IT doesn’t' matter if Congress believes that impeachment or investigations are a waste of time. They are requirements of civilized nations.

It doesn’t matter if the Congress blocks efforts to remind them of their oath. They voluntarily took an oath but have defied it.

On the table remains We the People, the Constitution, and the Geneva conventions.

Remind your Member of Congress that they have a job to do; have an oath; the Constitution is clear; and the agenda is We the People and the Rule of law.

Also remind them of the Geneva Conventions we the People crafted to delegate to any power to enforce the laws of war through tribunals and deadly combat.

Members of Congress may not put their 2008 White House ambitions before We the People or the rule of law or the Constitution.

Rather, We the People through the Geneva Conventions may delegate to foreign fighters the authority to use deadly force against Members of Congress to enforce the Geneva Conventions. Peace and non-violence are preferred; but deadly force by foreign powers is authorized and permitted under the laws of war.

On the table is the question of whether this Congress would prefer to do its job freely; or whether it shall be required through the use of deadly force on the battlefield to assent to the Geneva Conventions and fully assert its oath.

Whether the Members of Congress choose to assert their oath voluntarily, or at the tip of a spear is irrelevant. The Rule of Law shall prevail. Deadly force is not something that is advocated, desired, or requested: It is on the able, permitted, and Members of Congress cannot stop this.

* * *

Over the last year Americans have seen their government make excuses to do nothing, yet they would have us believe that they are leaders. This is not leadership.

We've seen leaders talk about leadership, but avoid investigations. Rather than vote to assert their oath, they've voted with their feet to do nothing. That is not acceptable.

We the People and the Constitution are aligned; we remain the agenda; and the US government has a choice: Whether it will enforce the Rule of Law and vote to investigate the President; whether it will do nothing; whether it will assent to its oath; or whether it must be compelled through the us of lawful combat to assent to the Geneva Conventions.

What Congress chooses to do or not do is irrelevant. We the People and the Constitution shall endure and outlast this Congress. The US government will not be the same when this conflict is over. The question is whether the US government will transform to something that solves problems; or must be lawfully destroyed through open combat to be something that is responsive to We the People and meets the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King.

All of society's children deserve a responsive government. It is guaranteed. The issue is whether We the People and the Constitution are respected as we deserve; or whether We the People must compel the US government to respect what we deserve: The US Constitution.

The US government is not an eternal creature. The Constitution is above the US government. The US Government is transitory. We the People are the source of all power. The Constitution can be transformed into something that solves these problems, and addresses the problems.

The way forward is to examine what has gone wrong, and develop solutions that will prevent this form happening again. Leadership will vote to investigate. They will dare to examine what is wrong to create what is right. Anything else tells We the People they remain committed to do what is wrong. That is not permissible.

The options for Congress are to examine facts, continue with what is not working, block efforts to reform, pretend that their oath does not exist, or be forced to assent to the rule of law through deadly force and open combat.

We the People and the Constitution have delegated to foreign powers the authority, power, and right for them to wage lawful warfare, destroy this Congress, and bring to justice the Members of Congress and President for war crimes. Civilized nations will freely choose to impeach. This is the lesson of Nuremburg.

Nuremburg remind us that when the rule of law breaks down, the law of civilized nations is not gone, merely taking a second seat to the laws of war.

* * *

We the People and the Constitution prefer peace, order, and stability. We prefer civilized society. Yet, there are times when a government strays from civility and it must be reminded of its obligations. This government has been well reminded, going so far as to openly thwart the efforts of We the People to remind them of their oath.

The US Government has been given a fair chance to resolve these issues, investigate, and rise to the occasion. It is time for We the People to accept that the US government is unresponsive to the law, We the People, their oath, and sadly to the US Constitution.

The few remaining options are prosecutions, grand juries, and war crimes tribunals. The issue this Congress must decide: Are they willing to pretend that they can defy We the People despite our delegation of deadly force to foreign powers.

This Congress has blocked our lawful efforts to remind them of what they must do: investigate. The issue going forward is whether this Congress will awaken to prosecutions and legal action to compel them to act to protect the Constitution; or whether they require the lawful acts of foreign powers to compel them to assent to the rule of law.

On the table are state level prosecutions of Members of Congress; grand jury investigations; state disbarment of Members of Congress who are attorneys; war crimes tribunals, and a New Constitution. If Congress, as they have shown of late, chooses to pretend it is above the law, there is one final answer: You shall be lawfully destroyed through open combat until you assent to the rule of law; and you end your illegal rebellion against justice, the Rule of Law, Our Will and We the People.

This Congress has no hope of pretending it is immune. The question is whether Congress will survive as an institution; whether it will transform freely to something that is responsive; or whether foreign fighters are given broader power to lawfully destroy the District of Columbia.

Congress shall respond to We the People: The Constitution is Our Agenda.

Geneva remains on the able. The US Constitution is there as well. Along with We the People. And a New Constitution.

Congress must decide whether it wants to refuse to investigate and be forced to change through law and prosecutions; or whether its arrogance will fuel the rage behind foreign fighters’ intent on destroying the Congress through deadly force.

Those options remain on the table. The error is for the DNC to believe that it can block state level impeachments. No, this is evidence of war crimes and the refusal to enforce Geneva. We the People delegate through Geneva to foreign powers the authority to enforce the rule of law against Congress.

Congerss cannot avoid the inevitable: The Constitution, Our Agenda. Congress shall suffer painful lessons if it defies Our Will.

Awaken from your deep sleep. The Constitution is calling. The distant rumbling is the sound of foreign combat forces preparing to lay waste to the District of Columbia and show the world what must be done, and remains on the table, to bring civility to the barbarians on the Potomac.