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Friday, April 06, 2007

Gonzalez and President Approved Work Flow Documents Implementing War Crimes

Gonzalez Signature Implicates Him For War Crimes [ Evidence ]

The Attorney General and President's signatures are on coordinating documents linking them to direction, orders, and approval to commit specific war crimes and Geneva violations.

Work flow documents are used to coordinate staff coordination packages, reviews, and working papers for the Department of Justice; and coordinate information between the Attorney General and President.

Brad Berenson's home address, along with the names of other DoJ and White House legal counsel implicated for alleged war crimes, has been forwarded to the German War Crimes prosecutor. Geneva permits foreign powers and war fighters to engage in lawful retaliation against the United States, US government officials, and attorneys for their failure to enforce the laws of war.

Berenson and other GOP legal counsel allegedly complicit war crimes are believed to be actively involved with preparing Attorney General for his upcoming hearings. Sidley Austin staff counsel and associates have been busily coordinating between their DC and Chicago Offices, and Berenson's name has appeared in White House memorandum. Sidley Austin is a firm of over 1500 attorneys, recently denied cert before the Supreme Court for age discrimination complaints when counsel were fired after clients complained that Sidley Austin work products were inadequate.

Nuremberg clearly establishes that staff counsel and officers of the court, lawfully convicted of failing to enforce the Geneva Conventions, may be adjudicated with the death penalty. Once executed for international war crimes, the issue of Presidential pardons is irrelevant. There is not statute of limitations for war crimes.

* * *

DoJ and White House counsel in their e-mails on the illegal US Attorney firings, used work flows to implement illegal activity, unconstitutional violations, and war crimes including prisoner abuse, kidnapping, and violations of the laws of war.

Gonzalez name and signature are on documents prepared to implement plans for prisoner abuse, illegal warrants, FISA violations, and Grave Breaches of Geneva. DoJ Staff counsel and White House counsel are also listed on the work flows which are contained in the DOJ Files.

Goodling’s name also on the work flows, and she has been implicated in the alleged war crimes which are directly tied to documents with the President's signature and Attorney Generals coordination.

- -

Ref Gonzalez is reported to have said that he didn't recall attending planning meetings. This is irrelevant.

The issue isn't whether he remembers attending the meetings, but whether his initial assertions that he was not involved are credible given his many meetings that he did attend.

The focus is not whether Gonzalez remembers, but whether his assertions are credible.

* * *

Gonzalez' problem is the overall DoJ-White House coordination. When staff counsel discuss issues, they know well enough to involve, political, legal, and the communications areas.

Also, the e-mails fully show that the interaction between DoJ Staff counsel and the White House was orderly, and not unusual. A plain reading of the e-mails doesn't show shock or surprise that the DOJ Staff have involved the White House. Rather, White House counsel reminded the DOJ Staff that once they started, they needed to maintain pressure and follow through with the firing plan.

* * *

The issue is not whether Gonzalez was or was not involved with the US Attorney firings -- he was -- but whether he was involved with the larger illegal activity to circumvent the Constitution.

Again, a plain reading of the e-mails shows Staff counsel wanted to preserve the AG appointment process; and the AG in 2007 continued to act on the plan supporting this unconditional effort to circumvent the Senate.

IT doesn't matter whether the Attorney General does or doesn't remember the meetings. The issue is whether the Attorney general, despite his many actions to implement this unconstitutional plan, can credibly justify confidence he was not involved with war crimes.

The same planning, coordination, and oversight required to put into effect this US Attorney firings was used to implement rendition, prisoner abuse, warrant violations, circumvention of the FISA court, and other Geneva violations.

It doesn't matter whet hr Gonzalez does or doesn't remember anything. The work flows within the DOJ AG Secretariat office also show Gonzalez was fully engaged with the memorandum, notes, and other legal reviews. His signature is on documents confirming his understanding of the legal issues. Gonzalez name is on documents which the work flows confirm he signed; and were required to put into effect these war cries, illegal activities, and unconstitutional Acts.