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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Congressional Oversight Fails To Deter Administration Unconstitutional Activity

Europe Discussing Rejecting Bush Ambassador Credentials: Additional Evidence for War Crimes Prosecutors in re US Government Defiance of Rule of Law

Ref GAO being asked to investigate Fox Appointment in re 31 U.S.C. ยง 1342

Ref Ref The problem is not isolated but pervasive. Despite the high visibility Congressional inquiry into the illegal US Attorney firings and unconstitutional direct appointments, DoJ and White House counsel continue violating their oath of office.

Goodling's letters are disingenuous. The "humiliation" of being held to account for illegal conduct with Congressional hearings is insufficient to inspire in the hearts of the DOJ or White House counsel a desire to mend their ways.

Ref Related, Special COunsel investigating President's illegal retaliation against US military personnel.

Ref Illegal activity in re sham trials, secret evidence not isolated to the US.

* * *

I need you to raise the issue with the EU, Belgium, and Strasburg.

___ When will the EU and Belgium reject Bush's Ambassador's credentials?

Despite ongoing oversight of illegal activity, the President continues to thumb his nose at the Constitution. There is no reason to show any respect for this President or his continued defiance of his oath of office.

The President, DOJ Staff and White House counsel continue their illegal insurrection against the Rule of Law.

* * *

Reject Ambassador Fox's Credentials

The credentials are not valid:

___ The President's Fox appointment is illegal

___ Senate was not in recess the required number of days, as required under the Constitution

___ Fox's nomination was not pending, as required for a direct appointment

___ Fox's voluntary provision of services is not lawful in re ambassadorships/this position, the credentials are invalid

___ The President unlawfully circumvented the Senate as with the US Attorney direct appointments, the appointment is not lawful

___ The President has illegally amended the Constitution without the required Amendment process, the actions are unconstitutional

___ DoJ Staff and White House counsel are complicit with this illegal appointment

___ Staff counsel linked with the State Department know, or should know, this appointment is not lawful

* * *

The White House and DOJ Staff counsel involvement with this illegal activity, despite the "shock" of Congressional oversight into the US Attorney firings proves the Congressional investigation is not having any meaningful impact on Staff counsel or their interest in fully asserting their oath.

Despite reasonable notice that the Attorney general and Staff counsel have been implicated with illegal activity, the intended effect of the Congressional inquiry -- to act as a deterrent and adjust staff counsel behavior -- is not working.

Congress is reasonable in continuing the hearings into the US Attorney Firings. Congress is appropriately concerned that high visibility hearings are not affecting DOJ Staff counsel conduct.

When reviewing whether staff counsel should be disbarred, the issue shifts from whether the conduct was a mistake; to whether despite the public discussion of the illegal conduct, staff counsel continued to support illegal Presidential activity.

This continuing support for unlawful activity despite the crocodile tears over the DC Ethics rules indicates DOJ and White House staff are reckless, and not showing any resmorese for the e-mais, plans, and others things planned to implement illegal direct appointments. The continued illegal support by DOJ and White House counsel for this President's unconstutioal activity shows they are not responsive to either the law or Congress; and it is appropriate to have an upward adjustment during the Sentencting during disbarment and war crimes prosecutors.

* * *

Bush may believe he can do what he wants, and the DoJ and White House staff might go along with it.

As with the US Attorney firings and direct appointments of US Attorneys, the White House and DOJ Staff worked to circumvent the Constitution.

Same thing is gong on with Fox.

As with all laws, even if the President ignores the laws, there are limits. Under the GOP he may have assumed there wold be no oversight, but this was a problem during combat.

A President who moves combat forces without regard to the law or resource constraints, like Hitler, will face an opposing force that takes advantage of this problem.

The US President, even if he ignores Congress and the Rule of law, will have to face the world opposition. Whether that opposition comes in the form of direct combat operations in retaliation for Geneva violations; or other nations refusing to recognize this President's decisions is meaningless.

The world is not required to cooperate with this President's illegal activity. The same argument was used by FDR, Churchill, and Stalin in opposing Hitler.

The Rule of Law and US Constitution delegate to foreign powers the right to check the US President when Congress and the Courts refuse. The preferred route would have been to allow the Americans to resolve these legal issues peacefully in court. American chose combat and iosing.

No nation is required to accept illegal US government actions.

* * *

What You Can Do

___ Raise with Your State Attorney Generals the issue of continued illegal activity; and the option your State Attorney General has to prosecute a sitting president

___ Encourage the UN General Assembly to discuss outside the UN Security this illegal activity

___ Contact the EU to find out what their plan is to reject this Ambassador's credentials

___ Determine Belgium's plan to reject the credentials of this Ambassador

___ Determine who the Congress plans to appoint to prosecute the President for this illegal appointment

___ Identify the lead Congressional Staff counsel who plans to organize the hearing into this illegal appointment in violation of the Constitution

___ Raise the issue with your Member of Congress: What is their plan to support hearings into the illegal exchange of voluntary services for an ambassadorship

___ Encourage others to see the common pattern between the US Attorney Firings and this illegal recess appointment: It is an illegal effort to circumvent the Constitution, usurp non-delegated powers, and violate the Constitution

___ Remind your friends that despite the US Congress assention on illegal Presidential conduct, the oversight is not having effect on new plans

___ Remind your friends that as the Congress forces on open evidence of illegal activity, the President is crafting illegal Executive Orders to secretly continue his illegal activity outside Congressional view, as was done with the Iran-Contra affair

* * *

Victory isn't something you accept. It is something you use to do the right thing.

Please kindly remind your Member of Congress that the November 2006 DNC victory didn't mean that the DNC could ride into town and celebrate the victory. It means they need to use that victory to impose consequences on the President.

Despite his defeat, this President is not stopping. Neither should Congress.

Neither shall We the People. Keep your resolve, and keep pressing the GOP to account for the illegal activity that continues.

Encourage the DNC leadership: They are on the right path. The GOP efforts to suppress hearings and testimony is a sign that they want to hide evidence, and prevent We the People from seeing the common problem: This President's pattern of putting himself above the Constitution.

Recall the lesson of Runny Meade in 1215. Free people stood up to an abusive leader. The Magna Charta was drafted and the leader compelled to assent to the Rule of Law. Congress must decide whether it will repeat the events of 1215. If Congress refuses, We the People are prepared. It shall happen. The Rule of Law shall prevail.

Preserving the Constitution is something this President refuses to do; and what this Congress is not inclined to do. We the People are the last defenders of this document. Let's do it. Nobody else is.