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Friday, April 06, 2007

Compare Goodling's Resignation Letter to That of US Attorney Firing Plan

Damaging Information leaked from “confidential” House Committee interviews prompting Goodling to resign; DoJ and GOP Agreement With Congress Violated

Ref Goodling designed to "resign" just like the US Attorney's "resigned."

Anything which is in the US Attorney fringe plan as it relates to any "resignation" letter needs to be applied to Goodling.

Information release in violation of an agreement between Congress and the DOJ is arguably evidence of a violation of an important basis for having agreed to the interviews.

Questions for Judiciary:

___ What information, not supposed to have been revealed form the interviews, did Goodling realize-learn the Committee knew about?

___ Who leaked the information from the "confidential" interviews to Goodling or he counsel?

____ What suddenly prompted Goodling to resign; and what information from which interviewed was leaked in violation of the agreement with DoJ?

___ How did Goodling receive this information from the House Judiciary interviews?

___ What actions has the DOJ or GOP engaged to, in effect, make the House Judiciary requirement to comply with the agreement no longer enforceable?

* * *

All those checklists that the US Attorney firing "team" used should be presumed to exist in re Goodling.

Any Work Flow checklist or letter which went into the US Attorney firings should be presumed to exist in re Goodling.

Anything DoJ staff or White house counsel commented on in re the US Attorney firings, should be presumed to apply to Goodling.

* * *

___ How is this being orchestrated?

___ What involvement did the US Attorney have in this letter?

___ When did Gonzalez learn of her resignation?

___ How was the DOJ Staff counsel working with White House counsel to push Goodling out?

___ What did the White House legal, political, and communications office review, comment on, and approve before Goodling issued her "resignation" Letter?

* * *

Goodling does not have executive privilege. Anything related to her firing-resignation is subject to review and audit.

___ Work Flows within DOJ

___ E-mails

___ Meeting minutes

___ Signed policy memos

___ Gonzalez or DOJ Staff counsel meetings

___ Conversations with the White House Counsel

___ What information was known to have been revealed in the "interviews"