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Friday, April 06, 2007

Democracy Too Annoying; America Shutting Down

Ref Due to lack of interest, Democracy is over.

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Get off your rear ends!

I'm so tired of hearing this bullshit of, "We don't think impeachment is convenient."

If you're not willing to stand up for the Constitution, then get out of the way so others who are marginally interested in doing their job can lead the way.

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Naming Names

TaylorMattD you're stupid. "We" don't have the votes because jackasses like you are making excuses not to let a vote happen.

___ How many GOP Senators, as with Nixon, will realize that if they vote against conviction, they'll lose their 2008 Senate position?

___ What evidence do you have that "not impeaching" is consistent with any Nuremburg precedent?


Get off your ass, jackass.

* * *

Kagro X: OK, so the votes aren't there to protect the Constitution.

___ When was the 5 USC 3331 oath of office a "voting" Option? It isn't. It's the law.

___ Where is the action by the State Attorney Generals to prosecute Members of Congress for refusing to keep in impeachment on the table?

___ What effort is there to use the Nuremburg Precedents to show that the Congress, in not impeaching, is complicit with war crimes; and subject to prosecution as was done at the Nuremburg Justice Trials?

Quit making excuses. Many options need to be put into effect. Stop wasting time pretending the Federal Government is competent. We can create a New Constitution and prevent this abuse of power from continuing.

* * *

JML9999: Shit for brains -- your logic is flawed.

Impeachment in the House, even if it doesn’t convict anyone in the Senate, means that the President cannot pardon those people who are subject to impeachment proceedings.

___ Why do you make excuses for the President to keep pardon on the table; but are not willing to use all options to deny the President the pardon power?

You're lazy. Get off your ass and read the Constitution, you're lazy.

* * *

Srkp23 What kind of non-sense is this?

___ If you don't believe anything can be done to protect the Constitution, why are you bothering to comment?

___ Have you considered that State Attorney General may prosecute a sitting President and Members of Congress?

___ What is your plan to have DOJ and White House counsel disbarred?

___ If you had the option, what would your solution be?

Apparently, you've given up. Fine, then you get no input to the New Constitution. It's been written, and you're offering excuses to roll over. Go back to 1214 before the Magna Charta and be a peasant, you're lazy. Other people who dare to solve problems have risen to the occasion and continue to work on plans.

You on the other hand have given up without considering the possibility that there might be a solution to this. You might as well be a troll for the GOP with drivel like this.

___ Do you really want to listen to leadership that might offer you a solution; or are you going to continue to be pathetic and give up?

Get off your rear end and talk to someone who has solutions.

* * *

Doingaheckofanutjob, I do not care what might happen in the future: We have a present problem today.

You’re arguing for inaction today against certain illegal activity in exchange for the blind, naive hope that doing nothing will avoid bad things.

Hay, shit for brains; The bad things are here. Pretending that "doing nothing will avoid things" is stupid-talk, like you.

Get off your ass and think about a solution today. I do not want to hear this bullshit about what "might" happen. That problem is here. Let's here some solutions, not excuses and your drivel to be stupid.

* * *

JML999, wrong again: Maladministration is a basis to impeach. Go read the Nixon Grand Jury report which cites the original Constitutional Convention debates.

Go look it up yourself.

You’re lazy for not reading them. Maladministration is a basis to impeach. You offer more drivel. Get a life. Quit being a GOP troll and start protecting the Constitution from domestic morons like you who make stupid assertions.

* * *

ek hornbeck What is your plan to work with non-Federal entities to protect the Constitution?

You have no plan because you are naive in believing that a US Government decision to do nothing is final. Wrong. State officials have the same duty.

___ When are you going to call your State Attorney General asking them to prosecute a sitting President?

Stop wasting time with the US Government. It is lazy. Work with your state officials who might listen.

* * *

Gaxter stop parroting what Senators say about impeachment. They have no input. Only the House decides whether to impeach or not.

I could care less whether a Senator thinks the House is or isn't doing the right thing. The sooner we get impeachment articles before the Senate the sooner they'll have to be quiet and listen during the trial.

SOcioSam time to force the GOP to confront the issue: Are they going to put their President before their party; and are they credible leaders; or should be replaced with new leaders? Stop making excuses for inaction, and force the GOP to answer these questions during the Senate vote-trial-conviction phase. All excuses to avoid forcing the Senators to on the record are only serving the GOP interests. Let history record who refused to assert their oath to protect the Constitution; who was blind to pervasive war crimes; and who ignored the precedents of Nuremburg. If they refuse to act, they may be later prosecuted for failing to enforce the Geneva Conventions. The President can be impeached multiple times.

* * *

Blaarg, beyond war crimes and Genocide -- which this President has committed -- what more do you want: Would nuclear holocaust in Iran be enough?

BLaarg you have no evidence to back up your claim. You've failed to review the evidence, and the charges which have been drafted. Your position is absurd. You're making excuses to do nothing.

Blaara you keep talking about "when" the evidence is revealed as if it "Might" happen; how about what has been disclosed already? How much more evidence do you want?

You're arguing the GOP's position. How long have you been on the GOP Payroll? we have enough evidence to impeach now. We could start the trial today. Stop making excuses to delay.

Using your convoluted logic -- (paraphrasing) "we have no evidence" -- you have no basis to say that the Public will or will not buy anything. In your universe, they haven't seen the evidence, neither have you. Your assertion that the public will or will not do anything is not based on a comparison between [a] real evidence; or [b] what the public would do once they did examine that evidence.

Your reasoning is defective.

Blaarg you're making excuses to do nothing.

You have no basis for asserting anything. By your own account, there is "more" evidence that has not been reviewed.

To punish a President, one has to assert power. If the President will not cooperate, then that is additional evidence.

These questions are not relevant:

___ Missing the issue of Congressional power: "How would articles of impeachment for Bush or Cheney strengthen our hand? It's not your hand to strengthen, but the requirement to protect the Constitution. Impeachment is not a DNC power play, but an issue of power by Congress against the President.

___ Speculative problem, premature: "How would it make them obey subpoenas? " -- We'll cross the bridge after the subpoenas have been [a] issued; and [b] not obeyed. If they are not obeyed, that is a subsequent offense.

___ Car before the horse: "How would it in any way strengthen congress' ability to investigate?" -- Impeachment is not a tool to get information; it is raw power to punish the punishment regardless whether he does or does not support investigations.

Blaarg then you reverse yourself and pretend the President is hiding something. Fine, we don't need to spend time finding what he's hiding: There's enough to prosecute him based on what he is not hiding.

___ Why do you want to worry that if the President' does or does not cooperate that's relevant? It's not.

If the President blocks an investigation -- as he already has done -- that's not necessarily new evidence; just more of an excuse to conclude he's defying his oath. We don't need evidence; we need a decision to charge him with a crime.

The GOP has a mess to clean up. No need to give them time to sort through their dirty laundry. They can do it later after their mess gets exposed. Whether the mess is or isn’t' understood is meaningless. There is no more evidence required. You're making excuses to do nothing. Stop your driven. Focus on pressing for state action to prosecute a sitting president.

Blaarg, then you reverse yourself again. after your drivel above why the DNC leadership is or isn’t' doing something, or claim that it's up to the people.

___ Where is it in the Constitution that the People have the power to impeach?

___ What is your plan to get Grand Juries to prosecute Members of Congress?

___ Why are you switching back and forth between whether the DNC leadership will or will not do something; but pretending that the task is up to the people?

___ What do you propose the public actually do, other than work with their state officials to prosecute the President?

* * *

Blaarg how is your decision to do nothing other than whine going to motivate the messages?

___ Do you have a plan to motive anyone?

___ How do you reconcile your excuses to do nothing -- clear lack of motivation on your part -- with this nebulous magic requirement that the "masses" must do something? You’re not motivated; why would anyone else be? When you can motivate yourself, maybe you can talk about what the masses should or should not be motivated about. Right now, you’re lazy.

___ Is there anything in your tiny mind -- other than excuses to do nothing -- that offers a solution to this problem?

No, you offer nothing but excuses and drivel. Go away; you're wasting your credibility.

* * *

Blaarg whit your non-sense about "impeachment" meaning nothing.

___ Why do you ignore the impact impeachment -- regardless the conviction decision in the Senate -- will have no prohibiting the President from exercising pardon?

___ If impeachment is "nothing" to be concerned with, why is the GOP spending so much time convincing apparent idiots like you to oppose it?

___ If impeachment "causes" a backlash against the DNC, why isn't the GOP pushing for the very thing that will "cause" the GOP to win?

The GOP isn't against impeachment, not for it, and actively working against it because it means the pardon power is null. Let the GOP explain why they're against something that would supposedly be a "slam dunk" against the DNC>

___ Why is the GOP to be believed when it is "concerned" that the DNC is going to suffer a setback?

___ Who will credibly believe the GOP "concern" about something that might cause a "problem" for the DNC?

___ When is the GOP leadership suddenly concerned about "bad things" that will happen to their opponent?

___ Why isn't the GOP working to silently exploit these DNC "weak spots" rather than point them out?

The only reasonable answer: The GOP opposes impeachment, and the GOP cannot exploit this because it's not going to backlash against the DNC> GOP track record of blocking impeachment is at odds with their inaction which does not support their stated position.

* * *


The available comments before us suggest the DNC excuses to do nothing are based on drivel, non-sense, and illusory fears.

If the GOP believes that impeachment will backfire, why isn't the GOP pushing for this "slam dunk"? No answer.

The DNC needs to quit making the GOP arguments; and stop trying to make excuses. Let the GOP make the excuse for not doing what they should.

Force the GOP Senators to confront this issue: Impeach. Get it in the Senate. When the GOP Senators, despite the evidence, votes to do nothing, let them deal with their vote to do nothing.

This is a problem for the GOP.

Kos readers and commencers needs to stop wasting your time with excuses. If the Federal government will not cooperate, work with your state officials to prosecute Members of congress for refusing to ensure the American government is civilized.

Stop making excuses for what the "people" will or will not want: You have openly admitted that the evidence has not been seen, so there is no basis for you to say with any certainty what the US public will or will not support.

However, you insult your credibility further when, despite no evidence, you claim that Members of Congress should assent to do nothing. This is absurd and reckless reasoning on your part.

* * *


___ Force the GOP to confront this issue in the Senate

___ Stop wasting time with non-sense comments

___ Stop using convoluted arguments to do nothing

___ Look to the State Attorney Generals to explain why they are not willing to prosecute, disbar, and bring charges against DOJ and White House counsel

___ Stop saying that we need more evidence; but contradict yourself and assert -- without the evidence you claim you need -- that something will or will not happen; or the public will or will not support the issue

___ Quit making your decision on impeachment on the basis of what the GOP may or may not do

___ Force the GOP to confront their problem by launching this impeaching into the Senate, and letting the 17 Senators decide whether they will or will not raise to the occasion

___ Leave open the possibility that the Constitution can be rewritten, and we can implement a new oversight system to prosecute Members of Congress for having permitting this level of war crimes to go unpunished

* * *

I appreciate the fact that people are losing hope. However, the DNC victory does not mean that we were going to be given anything.

As you have seen with the Fox appointment, despite the President getting his illegal activity disclosed in re US Attorney firing and unconstitutional conduct, he still will do illegal things.

There are options. State officials may prosecute a sitting president; they may asset state power to enforce the Constitution; and they may take legal action against state license counsel who have engaged in rebellion against the rule of law.

Please encourage your state officials to identify by name DOJ and White house staff counsel assigned to your state; and encourage state officials to start investigations into all DOJ and White House counsel for purposes of disbarring them for their alleged complicity with war crimes.

Congress is not required to support funding for these staff positions.

* * *

Earlier in the last century, the President did not have a very big staff, perhaps just a handful.

Today, the Congress can be given a choice: Compel the Unitary Executive to stand alone. Only his salary is protected.

This President has no power to "veto" a refusal of the Congress to not fund something. Blocking something doesn’t make it happen; when the President vetoes legislation, he gets no money. Fine, let him threaten to veto and let this President get stuck with nothing. If the House and Speaker choose not to put any money for this President' staff, this President cannot make her put money there.

The Senate, GOP, and President have no power to make the House or Speaker do anything. Zero. Get that through your head. The President is powerless unless the House and Speaker choose to give him money to use his sole power: Executive. The President has one power – Executive Power. Read Article II: It is singular, unlike the multiple powers listed in Article I for the Congress.

The Speaker is the most powerful US government official, but she doesn’t realize it. She has effective veto power over anything the GOP or Senate wants; she is not required to stop discussions; and she may direct the House to go on extended debate regardless what the President or Senate GOP wants.

If you want your Constitution, you're going to have to let it be defended by people whoa re willing to do what needs to be done.

I have seen nothing but stupidity and recklessness on the Kos board on this subject. The US doesn’t need the GOP stupidity when it has stupid people like Kos readers making inane comments, and using circular logic to justify doing nothing.

You are contemptible, lazy, and arrogant to believe you're important; but you have no solutions. You are a waste.

America’s Constitution is only going to be protected if people are willing to accept that there might a way to solve this problem. Your problem is that you've already made the decisions to give up, not have faith in your fellow Americans, and are being stupid.
You cannot be reasoned with: Evidence you are not fit for leadership, but part of the problem which enables this President.

If I continue to read this drivel on the Kos board, I will have to conclude that Kos and the community of readers are part of the problem, not the solution. Your job is to outline your plan to fully assert your oaths; and get on board with the Constitution, If you’re going to give excuse, please go join the GOP and lets get you idiots in one group where the world can easily see you. Stop pretending to be democrats when you are complicit with the GOP in this illegal rebellion.

These are not issues of partisan politics, but of international criminal law. You don’t’ get vote on whether the laws of war apply or not, the do. Refusing to enforce them does not mean that the illegal activity is ratified. Unless the Kos community awakens to this problem – that you, because of your laziness has contributed to – then the only option if for foreign fighters to expand combat operations against those who refuse to assert their oath.

There are two options to resolve disputes under the Rule of law: One is through civil society, the courts, and legislation; the second and less preferable is through open combat.

Kos community has well demonstrated they have no leaders for the first; and have no accountability or competence in the second.

That is the same irrelevance this President has with respect to his oath of office: He puts himself above all things, claming nothing can be done; yet continues doing what should not be done.

Kos has well learned form this President how to be pathetic. Rethink your stupidity; and choose whether you want to be on the side of We the People or the President. You do not speak for America. We the People have spoken through the Constitution which you have contemptibly refused to find a solution to defend. You are part of the problem, Kos.