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Monday, April 09, 2007

DNC Joins GOP In Supporting Illegal Warfare, Geneva Violations

Ref Nothing like a DNC victory in November 2006: "We'll show them."

Instead of GOP rubber stamping, we have DNC rubber stamping.

Still war crimes.

"You want those funds in small or large bills, Mr. President?"

- -

Constitutional Harball: We the People Delegating Battlefield Justice To Foreign Fighters

Time to let Members of Congress and President suffer the full consequences of Constitutional Harball. May they suffer at the hands of foreign fighters the full consequences for failing to enforce the laws of war -- lawful retalation on the battlefield, suffering the same violations of the laws of war they have illegally permitted: Battlefiled Justice by foreign fighters.

Anything Members of Congerss have permitted and not enforced -- summary executions without trial; no access to secret evidence -- may be imposed on Members of Congress by foreign fighters. Pardons and legislative immunity are irrelevant when you've sufferend battlefield justice for Geneva violations.

They wished this.

* * *

The President isn't giving America lawful leadership. Why is Congress giving the President any money?

"As soon as we get this budget passed, we'll hold the President to account." Get real.

Once the DNC gives the President what he wants -- blank checks by a rubber stamping Congress -- Congress gives up leverage on the President. No reason the President will respond to pressure that can't, won't or hasn't been applied.

* * *

This is retarded: America has a system of checks and balances; Congress has powers to raise and support an army; and can shut down funding.

Rather than hold the President accountable for war crimes, we have the DNC and GOP making excuse to continue with illegal warfare.

This is stupid. It defies reason. This US government is reckless and illegitimate.

Supposedly things were going to change after the election. So much for "the power."

How you liking that GOP Rubber stamp, DNC leadership? If you get tired of using it, give it back to the GOP.

* * *

When the GOP took control of the winning-DNC party, it doesn't matter if the Republicans lose any election.

Please ask your DNC Member of Congress how they enjoy being GOP Members.

* * *

Truth in advertising:

"Hi, MY name is John Conyers. Please vote for me as your Democratic Party Candidate. I'm a card carrying Member of the Republican Party. How's that for bipartisanship?"

Background: Printing Press puming put dollars, going into open bucket with Bush's face on it.

Zoom into Bush's image on bucket: Constitution on fire.

"Vote for me. I'll serve the interests of all AMericans -- GOP or DNC -- doesn't matter. This is America. We're in this together. Paid for by the Republicans for Conyers Committee. And the loser-Democrats who joined the GOP."

* * *

A dictatorship is when one party controlls all branches of government.

Tyranny is when one party controls all the parties.

* * *

America has one-party-controlled-government that ignores the Constitution and Geneva Conventions.

Time to create a new government that is forced to assent to oversight, regardless who controls the Government.

* * *

It's a sad day when you realize the DNC -- which you helped get into office to go after your party which defies the Constitution -- is acting like the party you just helped defeat.

The DNC whined, "We don't have the power. Vote for us. When we get subpoena power, things will change."

They got the vote. We gave them the power. They have subpoenas. Things haven't changed: Still have a rubber stamping Congress keeping evidence of war crimes secret and not doing anyting about holding the President to account.

Now they want to go through the same thing against with the 2008 election: "Vote for me. . ." Are they stupid? What a load of baloney.

They won't use power that's been rammed down their throat. Despite the President and GOP abusing power and violating the Constitution, the DNC is acting as if the Clinton impeachment was the "last time" impeachment could be used.

Get real. First chance the GOP has to impeach, they'll use it.

The DNC won't use the power we've delegated them. NO reason to delegate them more power.

The DNC and GOP are not the only political parties to vote into office. They can be prosecuted.

* * *

With votes like this, it doesn't matter if the GOP loses. They're the permanent mind-control of the DNC. "We'll show the President. We'll rubber stamp faster."

Bush is shaking. [/snark]

* * *

Good thing we had elections. Might confuse ourselves thinking we were voting for accountability.

It doesn't matter if you have subpoena power if you're acting like criminals losers.

"How much more money do you want, Mr. President to implement war crimes?"

Time to stop messing around with the DNC, and prosecute them for war crimes. Then the GOP.

How many calls have the DNC and GOP made to US Attorneys to dissuade them from enforcing the Geneva Conventions against the President and Members of Congress.

Fortunately, America has German War Crimes prosecutors doing something.