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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Constitutional Hardball

Constitutional Hardball is a notion raised after 2003. The author presumed it would stop once the GOP controlled all branches of government.

No, it continued. The DNC has been complicit.

The evidence: The gaps in the Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports which the DNC and GOP jointly were reckless in not investigating.

These are issues of war crimes which attach to the GOP and DNC leadership.

THe laws of war may be enforced through court, legislative action, and enforcement. The DNC and GOP have jointly agreed to defy the Nuremberg precedent and remove impeachment form the table. This is an impermissible assent to Geneva violations. It is illegal not to enforce through impeachment the Genevra Conventions.

If the government process are not used, foreign fighters are permitted to engage in like abuses against US Government officials. Constitutional hardball by We the People means compelling the leadership to assent to their oath and enforce the laws of war against the President; prosecuting Members of Congress for war crimes; and reminding them that until they enforce the laws of war, foreign fighters have been delegated power by We the People to engage in reciprocal attacks against US government officials for their failure to enforce the laws of war.

Constitutional hardball by We the People is simple: Where the President and Members of Congress have illegally assented to summary execution without trial, We the People may delate the power to others to engage in like retaliation against Members of Congress, the DOJ Staff, and White House counsel.

Time for We the People to stop playing victim and let the Members of Congress and President be reminded of the Constitution: The laws of war shall be enforced. Whetgher they are enforced through government process or open combat is irrelevant. There is no statue of limitations for war crimes. Until the laws of war are enforced, the US government officials may be lawfully hunted by foreign fighters until the assent to the laws of war and are lawfully executed.

Constitutional hardball is We the People letting the President and Members of Congress suffer the full consequences of their recklessness in failing to enforce the laws of war: Adjudication for war cimes and summary executions using the same standards of evidence used against prisoners of war at Guantanamo.

* * *

Ref KagroX, one of the leaders in the effort to save the American way of life and holding the President accountable, wrote another thought provoking piece, "Reading and Discussion: Constitutional Hardball"

Ref Kagro Summarizes the Article.

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Article Review

Definition of Constitutional Hardball
It consists of political claims and practices – legislative and executive initiatives – that are without much question within the bounds of existing constitutional doctrine and practice but that are nonetheless in some tension with existing pre-constitutional understandings.

Note the solutions aren't promising:

Naive: First, we could simply hope that, once the systemic phenomenon of constitutional hardball is identified and named, political actors will decide not to play the game. They will give up the aspiration to achieve total victory over their opponents. Why give up what works?

Didn't work: Second, we could hope that political actors will in fact be sufficiently mature to adopt the obvious solutions. Despite obvious war crimes, the DNC refuses to impeach.

Blind faith: Third, we might hope that political actors will realize that the worm will turn someday. Speculative.

Possible, but naive: Are there any ways that politics might produce politicians who refuse to play constitutional hardball? Kind of like term limits: Standing on principle while one hand tied behind your back.


I suspect that we are going to experience constitutional hardball until the Republican party establishes its dominance in all branches, or until its leaders realize that they are not likely to do so in the foreseeable future.

No, once the GOP controls all three branches -- as they have done -- they will continue hardball. The error is to believe that a "hardball" approach will only be used until the goals are achieved. The problem: When the goal is to play hardball, and abuse power.

* * *

Summary Comments

My concern with the analysis with the RNC stems from the assumption that the DNC must engage or deal with the RNC as if it were a legitimate party. I'm simplifying here, but it is a faulty premise to assert that the American public is stuck with the RNC abuse.

The issue isn't whether the American public has options -- it does -- but whether the American public will compel the leadership to do its job: Defend the Constitution from domestic enemies.

My concern stems from the implicit argument that the RNC, because it is abusive, leaves the American public with no options. The response isn't to respond with abuse, or in terms of what is or isn't something that will counteract the Republicans on the political stage or Constitutional-level, but with what they refuse to accept: The accountability under the law.

Consequences in the legal forum stretches from the legal and legislative forum; all the way into the lawful consequences for war crimes. The error, in my judgment, is to accept the RNC abuse as something that cannot be checked; or that excessive RNC abuse cannot be challenged.

The way forward isn't to attempt to confront the RNC on issues they don't care about -- that of making a reasonable argument based on logic or facts -- but whether the RNC will be confronted for the misconduct both in court and the battlefield. This does not advocate violence, only the recognition that the RNC, when it engages in war crimes -- and refuses to assent to the laws of war or legal consequences -- has communicated to he world that it will accept retaliation on the battlefield through retaliatory and reciprocal attacks in violation of the laws of war. This is a consequence the GOP -- not the American public -- organized; but one the American public is expected to silently endure.

The error is to presume that the GOP abuse of power can only be credibly challenged through political measures; or in motivating the voters to awaken to something they refuse to accept: The GOP abuse of power springs from their abuse of logic, reason, minds, and good order. No civilized party can credibly argue that convoluted thinking -- for whatever reason -- is the basis for a friendly relationship between civilized people or societies.

The GOP problem is to presume that their abuse of power -- in the form of convoluted arguments and war crimes -- is something that the world cannot question and they cannot be challenged.

The GOP approach to life is to abuse others, then blame the target of that abuse for not understanding, or being confused. The inherent flaw with the GOP spring from their legacy of abuse which they will not be held to account; then claiming they are "bored" with a discussion about their abuse of power. The issue isn't boredom, but the GOP recklessness and desperation in only being able to prevail if they expand their abuse, and induce others to assent to their non-sense.

Stop attempting to deal with the GOP as rational people. The DNC error is to believe -- as you might with your peers in the DNC who you disagree -- that if you engage with the RNC through dialog, they will "come around" and "see your way." That's not how GOP think or operates.

The GOP is based on power. They do not care about facts, logic, discourse, civility, or friendship. Their foundation is based on flawed thinking, propaganda, and the appeal they have in convincing others that they have a vision. Gone from the analysis is how that vision will be obtained; or how they plan to adjust to achieve that vision. Upon any examination of the GOP, it is quickly obvious they are delusional people, springing forth from convoluted arguments, and inducing themselves to remain silent about breaches of the Geneva Conventions.

The GOP's view of the world is centered on expanding, creating, and abusing power. Their goal is to win, regardless whether others partially win, or are destroyed. The GOP has no interest in negotiation, compromise, or solving problems. They have an interest in doing what they have to expand their power base -- and if they have to solve a problem -- not for the sake of building something to gather, but to expand power for the sake of power.

The GOP will do what they view they can get away with -- even commit war crimes -- not because they view themselves as desperate, but their view that they are destined to win, are right, and anything in their way or not with them is irrelevant.

The GOP's problem is when it faces credible challenges to its power in the form of questions, demands for accountability, and a simple challenge to their convoluted logic. The GOP's approach to power and opposition is to find fault regardless reality; their goal is to incorporate the best of their opponent then use it to exploit power.

The GOP's arguments are not based no reality or facts, but on incorporating new information to appeal to the masses. When they've lost an argument, they'll change the focus form their flawed argument to something else -- the other person, shifting the subject from the absurdity of their position, to whether someone else has or hasn't got an understanding of that absurdity.

The GOP has been able to amass power because of their abuse, and warning people down. Their error is to be unable to endure what they impose on others: Exhaustive reviews. To keep up with the GOP requires alot of work: Their convoluted arguments require alot of work to wade through, especially when the masses are cheering. The GOP likes to shift the attention form their convoluted position to the time that other are spending attempting to wade through their non-sense.

The GOP will assert any idea regardless the facts or inconsistencies which raise doubts about their credibility. The GOP's power is not based on reality, but the illusion that power is going to lead them to something else. You'll note the GOP loves to take discussion points off the table, change rules, impose double standards, then blame those who dare call them on their non-sense as having the problem.

The error for the DNC is to pretend that the GOP can be rationally interacted with. No, they are convoluted people who have used their non-sense to justify war crimes. They are not Constitutional opponents, they are criminals.

The error is for the DNC to pretend that criminals can be rationalized with. No, they need to be prosecuted.

The error is for the DNC leadership to attempt to negotiate with, discuss issues with the GOP, or come to an agreement. No, criminals are not compromised with, they are prosecuted then put in jail.

The DNC error is to engage the myth that impeachment is not an option; or that the Clinton impeachment made impeachment irrelevant. I reject this. Once the GOP does get control of the House they will use impeachment regardless what they induced the DNC to do or not do. Remember what the GOP said about filibuster when they were in the majority; then recall what the GOP started doing as the minority in the senate: Exactly what they complained about in the DNC.

The point is that the GOP doesn’t' care about consistency or a rational argument. They care about making the DNC lose. The DNC's error is to pretend that playing nice with the DNC is going to be a path to victory. No, it means the GOP, despite losing is going to make the DNC lose more.

Stop dealing with the GOP as if it were on propagation, or that one day it is going to "get around" to seeing the light. The GOP looks at this setback as a chance to rewrite history, justify its flawed policies, and regain momentum to continue with what the DNC refuses to stop: Abuse of power, war crimes, and destruction of the Constitution.

The GOP has ignored the Constitution as a majority; there's no reason to listen to their view. Their view on the Constitution is that it is negotiated, or that if enough people are abused, they'll give up their rights, and make the Constitution irrelevant. The DNC has played well into the GOP agenda.

This abuse is not magic: It is based on convoluted arguments, nothing more. The GOP and DNC need to be outed for its convoluted arguments. Yet, in practice, this is not getting done: Convoluted arguments, as measured by flawed polices, should reveal the abuses and recklessness in Louisiana and Iraq.

The key is going to be to focus on the rage of Americans: They know the GOP has abused power. The GOP and DNC have recklessly blocked citizens efforts to discuss this issue: What is to be done about impeaching the President; or discussing an investigation.

IT is naive for the DNC to pretend that taking impeachment off the table is going to get them points; or that the GOP will play nice in return. No, the GOP is laughing at the DNC thinking they've delayed impeachment. They're taking this day by day, with the goal of returning to power and maintaining their majority. The issue isn't reality, facts, or prudence: But raw power. The GOP's approach to power is unlike the DNC.

The Goal of the GOP is not to be civilized, or respectable: It is to control the mind of all, manage perceptions, and get Americans to celebrate their abuse of power. Power is both the means and the end. The GOP does not look at power as the DNC does: Power is not something that is benevolent or used to help; it is used to assert one's will. Whether the net result of that power is good or bad is secondary. The GOP has one goal: To make others lose. The GOP doesn't matter if it destroys what is worthy, admirable, or what is worth fighting for -- The Constitution.

When America gets it through its head about the GOP -- that it is based on fiction, convoluted arguments -- and will use the world's reaction and response to that abuse of power to claim victim hood, the world will understand what is going on with the GOP: IT is abuse manipulating others to assent to abuse, convoluted arguments, and get them to celebrate that abuse without question. The GOP will start with convoluted stories to impress; but when it realizes that it's stuck or has a flawed point, it will blame the world for daring to point out what is obvious: The GOP is convoluted.

The GOP cares only about its power. It will betray, destroy its own, abuse the law, and make any decision of others to resist that abuse of power as a basis to attack. Facts are not a starting point for solving problems, but a means to assert an accusation. The goal of the GOP is not to explore to understand, but to probe to exploit and dominate. Their goal, when confronted by the strong, is to find fault with the irrelevant.

The GOP's approach is to stay committed to flawed convoluted thinking and myths because they have convinced so many people of what is untrue. To change their approach is to admit that their original story was wrong. They would rather be consistent with a myth that admit that they were wrong. Listening to the GOP means interrupting and imposing one's will on others. They have double standards, but ask others do things -- not to be their friend, but to use that invitation as an excuse to do what is not acceptable.

Never trust the environment of the GOP. They offer gifts conditionally. They claim they are admirable people, but they have expectations: TO force you to assent to their abuse, while they deny they are lying to your face.

The GOP has no credibility. It will not reason. It will not openly explore new ideas. It will feign fatigue when the attention is not on their myth; and pretend that anyone who challenges their myth is a threat. Indeed, those who dare challenge the abuse of the GOP are a threat to the GOP -- they have refused to assent to the GOP non-sense. It takes alot of work to keep up with the GOP by design. Their goal is to exhaust you with non-sense, then force you to assent to their myth.

The only thing you need to focus on is the prudence of the Constitution. It is based on logic. Stop treating the GOP as if they were your equals. They are criminals. They will pretend that they want to be your friend; or that you and they are going to have a respectful relationship. But behind your back they will betray you. Never trust them. Force them to commit to a reality, then compel them to stick with that. That's why it’s important to get them to commit to facts under oath, in public. Until the story is public and established, the GOP will continue to change their story to adjust to the moment. Reality for the GOP is not the same as the DNC: Reality isn't about solving problems, but about asserting what they must to maintain confidence in their myth.

The GOP likes to feign wounds and hurt for things only the GOP has a choice: Their reaction to being held accountable. They are delusional. They should not be treated as rational people, but as your political opponents who are war criminals. They are in denial and willing to abuse power because they have not been forced to be held accountable. Until they are defeated in the courtroom, the GOP will remain a threat to the Constitution.

Stop trying to debate with them. They are using their convoluted tactics to abuse power, not solve problems. Upon close examination the GOP's plans, arguments, and leadership will fall down. They are not hiding things to protect America or do a favor for the DNC: It is to give them discretion to abuse more power behind your back, then to your face. They are not reliable. They will betray you. And they will get you to promise to something that is contrary to your interests, then abuse you when you trust them. They are abusive people. The error is for the DNC to believe that they are on the political stage or cannot be removed. No, they can be prosecuted.

I. Article Summary

* * *

II. Reaction to Article

"Waiting out" the GOP is a fools game. Until challenged with prosecutions, they're not going away. Even as a minority party, they control the DNC.

The flaw with the notion of hardball is the incorrect assertion that the GOP will confine its engagement to only lawful options. This is not tension between existing things, but the imposition of power through new and illegal things which the GOP reserves the right to create without warning and employ relentlessly without regard to the law.

This is not a game. This is power. The rules do not apply. The GOP does not, contrary to the assertions in the article, view the stakes as high: They are not relevant. The GOP views their success as inevitable. In the given moment, they will abuse anyone to win or make others lose. It is not true that a GOP view of defeat is a permanent setback; they view any setback, even a defeat, positively: It is a sign that they will recover. Until they are held to account, recovery is always, in their view, inevitable.

- -

To the GOP there are not "ordinary" transitions or "other" conflicts: They are the same: An engagement to affect others minds, make them lose, and prevail, even if that victory is at considerable cost. Ordinary politics and transitions are not things the GOP distinguish as relevant: The GOP looks at the two as gobble goop. The only relevant issue is the GOP power. Ordinary politics, to the GOP, is the transition of power and control to the GOP. It is naive to embrace a view of the GOP that is based on the DNC view, not based on the reality of your opponent: It is not based on phases, cycles, or anything: It is based on power.

- -

The GOP view of institutions are for convenience sake. They can be embraced or rejected if their power is served. They do not have real loyalty other than to power and they myth. Institutions for the GOP are things that can be destroyed, ignored, and left to disrepair as long as they are not held accountable.

Constitutional order is meaningless to the GOP. DO not be fooled by the dichotomy of ordinary politics and transitions: The GOP looks at the two as part of the same, not something the DNC needs to shift back and forth between.

Transformation is not something the GOP will embrace unless that transformation expands power, solidifies the myth, or serves their agenda. It is a problem for the DNC to embrace the idea of "transformation" as a sound-nice approach; your opponent will use that to their advantage not yours.

What "proponents" advocate is meaningless to the GOP. Proponents are those the GOP will target. Novel ideas are to be discredited not because of a careful examination, but merely because they take away the myth that the GOP is the source of all power, wisdom, and solutions. Put aside the issue that the GOP has reckless solutions devoid of facts and their wisdom is convoluted: The convoluted logic serves their mythology not society. They only serve the idea of society, but their real loyalty is to power.

- -

The GOP does not buy into the notion that society has to be reformed: The GOP is the same as society, and there is nothing wrong with the GOP. It is a fools game for the DNC to pretend that it needs to adjust, while it refuses to confront. DNC change, for the GOP, means the DNC is in transition and not stable. This is what the GOP will exploit.

Reform is a slogan to the GOP to win votes. They are not serious about solutions, but in getting support for their power.

* * *

KagroX: .How might we illustrate the concept of constitutional hardball today?

Hardball today means GOP, even as a minority, convincing the DNC not to assert power; avoiding prosecutions; and preparing for the GOP rebound.

KagroX: Would we conclude that the Bush "administration's" assertion of broad, unconstrained executive power -- including the power to abrogate federal law (like FISA) -- constitutes an example?

Power is asserted. Whether it is abused or unconstrained is meaningless: That is what power is -- unconstrained and can be abused to assert the GOP agenda. The laws are not relevant: Abrogating federal law is a means to amass power.

KagroX: How about this "administration's" understanding and use of signing statements, no longer used merely as markers denoting the President's position on matters of constitutional law, but rather as policy directives to the entirety of the executive branch as to how to interpret and execute the law?

The laws are not relevant to the GOP: They are distractions from power. Signing statements are the means by which the President asserts legislative and judicial power. The GOP starts from the premise that the President, not the People, is the source of all power and wisdom. Anything in the way of the President is not allowed.

They are not interested in exploring the idea of separation of power; checks and balances; or Constitutional government. This is about one thing: Power.

The novel concept, driven by Tom DeLay (with Jack Abramoff's money), that Republican-controlled states could and should redraw their Congressional districts in between the accepted ten year intervals, purely for partisan advantage?

The application of political litmus testing to the appointment of U.S. Attorneys?

This notion of a "litmus test" is a GOP ruse. They were making decisions without any test. DO not be fooled by what they are saying: There was no rhyme or reason. they were recklessly removing people to make room for others. Recall, they had an idea of a number of people they wanted -- not names -- but a number that they could get away with removing. They were hoping to create a wedge so that, in the future, the GOP President could take form this US Attorney pool, and expand GOP power into the Judiciary. Look at the US Attorney hiring-firing as a bank of power that the GOP hoped to keep in reserve and nurture for later.

The White House's assertion that its senior officials are not subject to the subpoena power of the Congress?

That the White House had to "waste time" asserting this was, in the mind of the GOP, evidence the DNC had a problem. Again, look at this from the GOP perspective: The DNC is an extension of their power, not an independent party, but one that can be manipulated to service the GOP.

Congress is not relevant to the GOP: It is the means by which Power is asserted unquestionably.

- -

There are no principles for the GOP. It is just power. The envelope of power -- the edge of what is permissible -- is meaningless to the GOP: Anything is fair game, even war crimes. The DNC's problem is believing that it must constrain itself to what is in the envelope, by keeping impeachment off the table.

Do not think as statues as constitutional or not constitutional -- they are means by which power is asserted by the President: Something which is contrary to the intent of legislation -- to be a tool of the Congress. There is no notion of defense in the GOP mind: Defense is a ruse to induce your enemy to change their position.

Proposals are not related to a coalition -- they are the means by which power is asserted to impose discipline on the coalition. There is no notion of "constitutional" order to the GOP.

- -

the GOP does not look at hardball as a confrontation that may produce anything; it will produce GOP victory. Confrontation is not constrained by any rule. Institutions are not relevant unless they serve the GOP power.

It is absurd to presume the GOP relies on if-then propositions; or that it will only do things once it gets in power. It does not have to wait for what might happen when what it needs is happening: DNC compliance. These are not issues of positions, but of raw power. They are not defining the Constitution, they are making it irrelevant.

Contrary to the notion of Judges, Grand Juries -- not judges -- have the power to make law, and lawfully target Members of the Court, federal officials, and attorneys working for the GOP. The grand Juries can challenge unconstitutional acts of the President.

Even when the GOP is the minority party, it views its party as winning. Courts do not have to be controlled when the convoluted thinking of one can infect the mind of the justice system. They do not have to control government: They can control minds, even as a minority. Do not think of the GOP as plodding in steps; but in light of their agenda -- anything to advance that agenda, even a setback, is acceptable. They will do things to surprise you and make you think you're winning. The GOP continues to plot. They are criminals not socialized opponents.

Whatever is needed to consolidate power -- regardless it's legality or prudence is what the GOP will do. They do not believe they have to be prudent when they view their decision and plan and goal -- as flawed as it might be -- as inevitable.

* * *

It is fiction to believe the GOP, even if it losses, views itself as a loser or losing anything.

Any guidance or suggestion the GOP offers is out of their interests to confirm their myth, not provide objective advise to help others arrive at their own solutions.

Calls for a "middle ground" is a ruse to compromise on the Constitution and principles.

The confrontation with the GOP will not end until they are prosecuted. The illusion of an ebb and flow is to the GOP advantage: To leave the DNC weak and the GOP free to prepare.

* * *

KagroX: Shall we bide our time and rely on the courts to fix it all for us?

No, the Courts do not solve problems, the hear cases. We need to prosecute the DNC and GOP leadership in the legal community and hold them to account for war crimes, complicity with illegal warfare, and failure to assert their 5 USC 3331 oath of office.

KagroX: Will oversight and exposure of the Nixon/Bush doctrine be enough?

It hasn't worked. Need a new system to ensure oversight continues regardless who controls the government.

KagroX: Will Americans finally and miraculously simply awaken to the realities of constitutional transformation?

NO, they have been induced to call all open, serious examination of the GOP as "too exhaustive" and "boring." The solution lies with prosecuting the DNC leadership in the legal community; then awaken them to what needs to be done against the GOP leadership in the legal community.

KagroX: Did the Clinton impeachment really make us so afraid of the process itself that it should be considered unavailable to us in combating the constitutional-level game undertaken by Republicans?

The GOP will use impeachment the first change it gets. If the DNC can be induced to do nothing or not hold the President accountable, great.

KagroX: Is this really something we can actually debate our way out of?

No, you don't debate with criminals. You prosecute them.

KagroX: Can we really afford to head into 2008 under the banner of "bipartisan cooperation?"

It will do nothing about criminals.

* * *

III. Thoughts About Responses in Kos Comment Tread

Ref Right: The GOP is a criminal enterprise.

Ref Right, bipartisanship is a fools game. No compromise. Prosecute them.

Ref Curious how the Supreme Court says corporations have rights, bus prisoners of war do not.

Ref Agree, no excuse not to impeach. The "years left" is just an excuse to tolerate what is not acceptable. Not one more day.

Ref Refusing to discuss impeachment or investigations means we condone illegal activity.

Ref This is an important point: Refusing to discuss impeachment is unacceptable. Nuremburg, from another line of comments, is precedent for holding leaders to account for failing to impeach. Arguably, blocking an impeachment discussion or thwarting sate level impeachment proclamations is complicit with war crimes; Blocks enforcement of Geneva.

Ref With the DNC, it doesn't matter of the GOP loses control. If you control the DNC mind, you control the government: Impeachment off the table means the GOP is not losing. That is their victory. DNC is complicit with war crimes.

Ref The trap is to believe that "using lawful options" is "nasty" or that "filibuster" is a bad thing Sometimes, you have to refuse to cooperate, even if you are not going to win. You may be losing, but it doesn't mean that you have to cooperate with your destruction.

Ref No president "deserves" his nominee. The Senate gets to decide, like a jury, what the senate alone will choose to do. It's up to the Senate, not the President.

Ref "Hardball" or not, if the GOP refuses to constrain itself, the House is complicit if it keeps funding war crimes or institutions that refuse to control themselves.

Ref Good summary of Article 1 Section Powers President usurped with GWOT.

Ref The refrain "after the next election" is meaningless. The DNC has power, but refuses to act. Elections are meaningless and hoping for change with an election is an illusion. We need prosecutions.

Ref On the table: If Lieberman jumps to the GOP, the President is getting impeached.

Ref Agree, double impeachment. Cheney and Bush out. And refuse to let President appoint a new VP until impeachment for both over. A President cannot claim he has a right to appoint, and have the Senate agree with, who he wants. The Constitution does not say the President decides or consents; this power of decision and consent is only with the Senate. It is up to the Senate, not the President, to decide. The President only suggests; the Senate decides.

Ref Dreyfus clip.

Ref GOP Parents are reckless.

Ref Defense means defending the Constitution: Impeach.

Ref More facts on the table means GOP Senators have less legal maneuvering to justify their inaction on removal.

Ref Time to change from "biding our time" to some hardball by We the People: Get a discussion on a New Constitution, and gather evidence of war crimes prosecutors. This US government refuses to assent to the rule of law, permit investigations, or prosecute people. This government is, in effect, no longer legitimate nor is it functioning for purposes of sovereignty.

Ref The key sill be to focus on what will transform American politics and Constitutional law so that a return of the GOP will be meaningless for pursue of blocking investigations, or staying immune to the rule of law.

Ref Prosecutions can wake up the civil service. They need to assert their oath, turn over evidence, and wake up: This is a Constitutional republic not a dictatorship.

Ref Leaders didn't take options off the table: They use them without warning.

Ref Compromise needs to move away from legislation. The options for the President should be: Unless you resign, we will impeach you every day.

Ref "Good" committee chairmen would use their power to promote solutions and encourage citizens to rally behind the Constitution, not make excuses to do nothing. These Chairmen have no excuses for not going to the House well and, on their own, charging the President with a crime. "Leaders" who refuse to investigate should be prosecuted, as from the Nuremburg precedent in re impeachment.

Ref Within signing statements, the Congress is irrelevant. The President is a dictator.

Ref States take their oath of office seriously with the proclamations for impeachment. US Federal government puts rebellion before their oath. Blocking enforcement of Geneva is a war crime.

Ref Impeachment needs to be discussed in terms of an overall plan to reassert the rule of law, Protect the Constitution, and make this abuse of power impossible, even if the GOP controls all three branches of government.

Ref No, you don't fight the enemy on their terms, but your terms. You don’t' fight to fight, but to win. "equal terms" is meaningless: Need new rules which impose on the GOP the requirement to assent to the rule of law, not permitting them to ignore the law. Prosecutions are needed.

Ref Hay, get it through your head: The RNC impeached Clinton. There's no basis for the DNC to argue that it needs to "learn" form the RNC over the "backlash." That's non-sense: Bush has well deserved impeachment. That "Cheney" might be President isn't an excuse to not do it -- but evidence that there's a real chance the GOP could remove Bush. That's a circular argument.

Ref DNC gives oxygen to GOP propaganda.

Ref DNC believes Americans are asleep. Americans are disgusted with this abuse, and the DNC refusal to do anything about it. Impeach.

Ref Yes, GOP is about feudalism. They'll dress it up as something else, but it's based on abuse of power.

Ref I like this: Senate needs to participate in the selection process of nominees, not just rubber stamp or reject.

Ref We'll "hold the President accountable" by giving him what he wants. Good grief.

Ref We the People supported the DNC. The DNC has betrayed America and joined the GOP in war crimes.

Ref It is meaningless to talk about what the American people do or do not want: The President has started a fight; and the fight is here. That the American people "don't want" a fight is meaningless: The fight on our doorstep.

Ref Rather than talk about politics to check power, how about talking about institutional changes to make the check on power mandatory, not one that may or may not occur.

Ref I don't want to hear nonsense about "deliberation" when the DNC is blocking deliberation on investigations of the President. Deliberation is legislative; prosecution is justice. We’re way beyond talking. Time to get some war crimes indictments on the table.

Ref Gonzo nonsense on habeas.

Ref After Clinton, the US may be gun-shy about impeachment, but the GOP isn't. Watch: First chance the GOP get they'll impeach.

Ref Don't wait until 2008; let's get prosecutions of Members of Congress for complicity with war crimes.

Ref Good ideas: Need to be part of a New Constitutional debate.

Ref Interesting: Idea of "para impeachment" as an ongoing process to investigate. Kind of like the 4th Branch Idea.

Ref Paul Rosenberg's got something here. Recommend reviewing this.

Ref Creating reading of Article II: No, it's illegal.

Ref Premises with article are not valid -- agree.

Ref Here’s something interesting: US puts people who attend peace marches on no fly lists. Disloyal Bushies. Ref Watch out for a tax audit.

Ref Hear, hear: The GOP is ignorant.

Ref Hay, wait a minute: If the DNC put into the bills things that would piss off Bush, why not get him to veto the very things he needs. If Congress agrees not to go on recess, Bush can't threat to return it when they're not there. Grind him down.

Ref Yes, the GOP treats the Constitution like the tax code: Something to get around.

* * *

IV. Where Do We Go From Here

The way forward is prosecutions. The war crimes evidence is large and high. Your job will be to look at the GOP not in terms as an ally, or co-equal, but as a threat to the US Constitution. They are an enemy. Their power is linked with finding other enemies to distract attention from their illegal conduct.

Some are willing to be reasonable, but their loyalty is not to the US Constitution. It is to the Party and Power.

You will have to capture admissible evidence. Your job will be to force the GOP to accept that there is one line of evidence. They will have to be held to account for the illegal conduct.

Any compromise on the facts, or assent to their non-sense, will be their green light to continue with abuse, and rewrite facts.

This is not an issue of partisan politics, power, or the Constitution. It is something else: An assertion of Justice. This is very different than a debate or a review of perceptions. It has to do with imposing justice on criminals.

Justice relies on one thing: Logic, something the GOP refuses to embrace. The level of effort you will have to expend is a function of the piles of non-sense and myth the GOP has deluded itself to impose, accept, and defend. Justice will quickly destroy the GOP myth. The way forward for the DNC is to set aside the 2008 goals, and focus on the things the GOP has done: Does the conduct violate the.

If the DNC refuses to impeach, the GOP will not waste a moment to remind the DNC that it was foolish for not asserting power. The DNC promise play nice and not impeach is not an agreement the GOP plans to reciprocate. Any excuse to impeach, the GOP will use it. The DNC is foolish for believing that the DNC must "rise above it". No, the GOP will only respect power -- the reason why they discuss issues with the insurgency in Iraq, but openly mock the DNC majority in the House and Senate.

The DNC has chosen to be powerless. For that, they re complicit with the GOP war crimes. The error was for the DNC to pretend that they can play nice with war criminals; the problem is when the DNC has become complicit in hiding evidence of war crimes, or the plans to thwart enforcement of the Rule of Law.

The way forward is to find the easy prey in the DNC; then go after the GOP. Yes, this may seem backwards, but the DNC, until it gets a wake up call with prosecutions, is not going to change it's conduct. Until the DNC changes, there is no prospect the GOP will face justice.

The way to the Constitution is through two parties: First through the DNC and hold them accountable for their complicity; then trough the GOP to hold them accountable for their war crimes. The DNC has chosen to aligned itself with the GOP. The two, for purposes of the Constitution and its defense, are indistinguishable.