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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

US Government Behind Covert Hostile Acts Against US Forces

DoD is permitted to associate itself with hostile entities as cover for gathering intelligence.

However, DoD has lost control of these entities. Disturbingly, the US continues to provide indirect support to these hostile entities with the pretext of gathering intelligence. US toops have been killed by weapons the US government has provided to entities known to be hostile to the US ground commander.

SecDef needs to explain the problem and outline his plan to end the US government shipments to these entities hostile to ground troops in Iraq. SecDef should be prepared to explain what assistance he needs from Congress to shut down funding for any and all US government agencies which refuse to cooperate.

Reed: In re Kos about a Mortar Attack, apparently linked to US Arms shipments. October 2006 attack. [ Photo ( h/ t ) ]

* * *

Reed, check item 95: Which DoD entities are known to be providing funds to openly hostile insurgents as a means to expand illegal warfare?

Dod and the intelligence communities have established in Iraq various arms shipment pipelines that they've lost control.

The DOD IG needs to explain the status of the audits into these entities.

Of concern are the DoD-affiliated entities which were covertly established to hide their connection to the United States.

Sadly, DoD and the intelligence community have lost control. Units indirectly associated with DoD are reported to have received, as part of their "cover story" shipments of US weapons which they have provided to Iraqi insurgents.

Congress is encouraged to consult with international trade counsel for assistance on how DoD is physically acquiring shipping documents to support these illegal shipments. Contractor data, memorandum, and legal messages related to these shipments need to be reviewed by DoD Staff Counsel.

___ Which commercial entities, by name, are using American legal counsel to ship goods, services, and other weapons to forces that are hostile to the US forces?

___ When did the attorneys on the international shipping boards learn that the entities associated with DoD were no longer under control of DoD?

___ How did counsel document its concerns with the legal issues as they related to DoD association with forces hostile to the United States?

___ When did counsel learn that US government-supplied equipment was being sent to forces hostile to US government forces?

___ What is the plan of counsel to explain to the court their compliance program: To ensure their firms' assets, documents, and personnel are not used to support illegal activity?

___ Which secret executive orders have been used to support the weapon shipments into Iraq?

___ What is the plan of the White House counsel to outline the details of these weapon shipments to entities that are known to be hostile to US government forces?

___ What intelligence gathering arrangements are linked with the exchange of these weapon shipments to forces hostile to the US forces in Iraq?

* * *

US commanders need information on the real source of the funds; and the means by which these formerly-DoD-associated entities can be tracked, monitored.

In your response please outline the original records, plans, and other operating arraignments for establishing these cover entities in Iraq and neighboring countries.

Please discuss the last known person in the US who had direct contact with these entities; the basis for the loss of control; and the approximate time these entities have been independelty shipping weapons to the Iraqi insurgents.

____ How long does DoD plan to remain silent about these entities which DoD knows, or should know, are hostile threat to US troops in Iraq?

____ Was there, when the entities were originally created, a method or mechanism to shut down, target, or end the hostile acts which have openly attacked US forces?

____ What rules, regulations, or procedures are in place to give all such entities a formal notice that they are to end their covert status, and end their openly hostile activity to the US?

____ What is the plan of the SecDef to discuss the scope of the hostile entities operating in Iraq who are in direct or indirect receipt of arms shipments from US official government sources?