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Monday, February 19, 2007

Recognizing Inherent Speaker Powers To Oversee Executive

Speaker Polosi As Leader of Free World

It's appropriate to treat the Speaker as if she were more powerful and important that the President. The House is the new upper chamber.

As a solution to the issues of power, from this day forth, please confer more privileges, deference, and respect to the Speaker than we might show to the President. The Speaker, not the President, is the real leader in the fight for the rule of law and American values.

It is appropriate to adjust the approach to the uncooperative President: Work with leaders who lead. Rather than only arguing with the President over his illegal activity, an alternative approach is to put more attention on the real leadership in the House who has multiple powers not delegated to the President: The Speaker.

* * *

The reality of the American government, especially at this stage, is the House is the leading organization of freedom. The GOP, President, and Senate have been forced into the back seat:

A. Ref The Speaker and DNC has been delegated the power and authority to oversee the President and GOP.

B. Ref The Speaker has a closer tie to the Founders than the President.

C. Ref Media fails to understand power shift to the House.

D. Ref The Speaker, not the President, is the more important office in protecting the Constitution.

The President shall be treated as a clerk; and the Speaker shall be treated as the Leader of the United States' fight to reassert the rule of law over this President.

The leader of the Legislative Chamber has been delegated more powers than the sole power this President has: Executive. Article I is first, and many powers are delegated; Article II is second, and the delegation of power is singular.

The leader of the House, the Speaker, with multiple powers is more important than the clerk who has but one power: Executive.

* * *

When the President illegally usurps power making himself a King, We the People may delegate new powers and establish new precedents establishing an opposing, superior Queen in the Upper Chamber of the Congress: The House.

The Speaker has the inherent power and authority to oversee, supervise, and closely manage the Executive. There is nothing the President can do to have it any other way. The President is powerless to make the House to anything.

The President shall be treated as the inferior officer he is. Article II comes after Article I.

The Speaker is before the President. Begin the custom and establish the precedent from this day forth.

* * *

Our Primary Loyalty lies with the Constitution, not the President. From this day forth, We the People transfer our primary loyalties from the President to the Speaker.

We the People have the power to ignore the President; the President cannot ignore We the People.

Power is not the same is recognized leadership. The President may have one power -- Executive -- but that does not make him the leader; and he has no power to compel We the People to ignore the real leader: The Speaker.

Someone may have temporarily, and illegally usurped power, but he cannot usurp leadership, nor change the order of the Constitution. Article I comes before Article II. We the People are the source of all power, and may legally delegate to the Speaker through new tradition, precedent, and practice the oversight authority to monitor the President.

The President is powerless to prevent this. Remind him he is powerless to have it any other way.

* * *

Just as the President has claimed a right to be treated like a leader, the way forward is to treat the Speaker with more respect than we might show the President.

Anything this President demands should be first provided to the Speaker: Honors, power, and respect.

Where the President has a motorcade, the Speaker should have more fanfare.

The Speaker, not the President is the leader of We the People.

* * *

If the President believe he may issue signing statements, then the Speaker shall have the option and right to do the same, formally asserting her rightful power as Leader of the American People against the American Tyrant in the White House.

Where there is a claim of Exeucive Power, there shall be a claim of like, opposing Legislative Power.

Where the President claims he is above review; the Speaker shall be recognized as the leader of the review against the President.

Where there is a signing statement pretending the President has many powers, We shall recognize all powers belong to the Speaker as leader of the House.

* * *

Just as the President claims -- illegally -- the right to be above review on issues of war; the Leader of the House shall have the recognized power to be above Presidential review.


The President cannot make the Speaker do anything;

The President cannot force the Speaker to include or exclude any money;

The President is powerless to force the Speaker to respond.

What is the President going to do if the House refuses to respond to the President? The President has no power to wage war against the House; rather, we the People may delegate to foreign fighters through the Geneva Conventinons the power to wage war against the tyrant.

* * *

The President has no power to claim privilege to hide evidence of illegal activity; and there is no precedent which recognizes any President's usurpation of legislative or judicial power.

The President cannot make us grovel to illusory power, especially when We the People choose to recognize the Speaker, not the President, as the real leader of We the People.

The President may claim to be a leader of tyranny, but we are not required to recognize him as our leader. He cannot claim what we refuse to recognize, especially when we have a lawful leader who the President has no power to compel assent.

The House and Speaker, because they have the power to ignore the President -- but the President may not ignore the House -- are in the superior position, warranting more respect and deference.

We the People are not bound to continue a custom which has exhausted its usefulness, especially when that custom has incorrectly communicated we assent to the abuse of power. The way forward is to remind the President we no longer will treat him with the respect we may have shown; but we will treat someone else with more respect because she, not the President, is more powerful and closer to the Constitution and We the People.

* * *

Perhaps if the President agrees to, and does surrender, ending his illegal rebellion, we might consider changing this new Policy.

No one can point to anything which might make the above impossible. Rather, We the People may choose to confer respect and deference to the Speaker, especially when the President has refused to show the same respect to We the People and Our Constitution.

Let your friends know: The Speaker is the new Leader of We the People, and there is nothing the President can do to make us recognize any other leader.

It is so ordered.