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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Members of Congress Get Back to Basics

Ref Time to make Congress a self-sustaining entity: Force them to work for a living, raise their own money, and earn an honest living.

Oh, did I say that?

* * *

Nothing like making lazy Members of Congress who refuse to assert their oath in charge of their own recovery.

Despite failing to enforce ethics standards, Congress says it can self-regulate.

To keep Members of Congress "connected" to We the People, they need to have part time jobs, at minimum wage, to purchase office supplies.

What happens to a Member of Congress if the don't do their work? Why, they get to become a Congressional Page -- the kind Mark Foley likes, and they can't complain.

Anything a page has had to put up with, Members of Congress have to endure the same.

Prisoners can be polite. No reason for American politicians to be any less civil.

Do America's political leaders have a chance? If their parents are career politicians, they may not have hope.

Their only option may be to lead a life of crime inside the FBI and Department of Justice.

How many Members of Congress are addicted to illegal warfare, and refuse to give up because they enjoy the social interaction?

* * *

We used to let them wander the streets of DC listening to lobbyists. No longer.

Members of Congress who can't make a profit are assigned to the Congressional Member of Congress dorms until they are rehabilitated and learn the new skills required to succeed and assert their oath.

Members of Congress would remain in a dorm-like environment while they learn the skills necessary to be a successful Member of Congress.

Should we be so lucky if the US Congress was no cost to We the People, and run as a profit center.

Spread the word. This is a model for law schools and the legal community: IF they don't get their act together, they're going back to supervised, remedial legal training.

Gone are the days when lawyers can be mistaken as leaders.

Transforming Members of Congress into law abiding leaders. There's hope.