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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Torture: Eastern European detention center apparently reopened in Morocco

American CIA agents fabricated claims about Padilla's associates. When this information came to light, the government changed their case, but denied Padilla the right to an appeal.

They are suppressing the truth about the torture in Morocco to keep people quiet about the unlawful detentions in America, and the bothed cases like Padilla -- totally based on false information gleaned through torture. In many cases the CIA just made up the information.

It is not clear how many Americans have been moved from Eastern Europe and tortured in Africa; nor how many have been killed on the basis of fabricated information.

This report suggests one of the countries where the CIA can freely torture people, after moving people from Eastern Europe, is Morocco.

* * *

Judith Miller is reported to have witnessed torture in Israel -- attorneys are seeking additional information, claiming the evidence should have been suppressed.

* * *

After the Washington Post identified Eastern Europe as permitting the US CIA to engage in secret detentions, Human Rights Watch reported the most likely locations were in Romania and Poland. The ICRC has been unlawfully denied access because the Americans want to hide the evidence -- the same reason the Nazis used to burn Jews.

Subsequent to those disclosures, the CIA moved people and the detention centers were allegedly closed.

The EU has begun investigations. However, the US Secretary of State has made unsupportable assertions [read = lied to protect her friends in the CIA] with many legal loopholes, suggesting the US CIA was still committing torture despite the denials.

What has remained a mystery is the location of the detainees once they were moved out of Eastern Europe. CIA personnel who have spoken to the media were reluctant to identify the specific country.

It appears as though Morocco is one of the countries where the CIA has moved people.

Shockingly, the abuses appear to be no different than that committed by the Nazis on the Jews; and also during the Spanish inquisition.

People have had metal objects probed through their body, and they've been left to hang for days by metal objects, dangling in the air.

According to the Guardian, the real reason the charges against Padilla have been dropped was Padilla was found to have no link to the individual who has been tortured.

In other words, the basis for Padilla’s detention, as was the invasion of Iraq, was based on information gleaned from torture -- information that was false, and information which the abusers-war criminals-tortures should reasonably have known was false, but provided to Congress as if it were true!

At this juncture, it is clear the CIA personnel have more problems on their hands. Not only could they be indicted, but these revelations show they are engaging in systemic war crimes. The penalty for war crimes is death.

How many of the CIA operatives have daughters who might have problems now that the public knows about the CIA activities in Eastern Europe?

They are going to be going to university soon, away from the protection of their parents. Will the AlQueda seek revenge on the war criminals; or will the American justice system end this?

It remains to be seen.

* * *

It also appears as though the Americans promise to do things, but they do not act. If there is a slight error, the Americans will assure you, "Oh, don’t' worry about that."

But guess who gets stuck with the problem? That's right -- you. You could be detained, and tortured if the American inspectors feel like doing it. And you might disappear based on false evidence.

How many people who are stupid, living in America, will provide false information to the CIFA, so that they can get revenge on those who know they are stupid?

America has many stupid people. How many business managers face the threat of getting their name placed in CIFA databases because they dared impose needed discipline on incompetent employees?

They Americans are even detaining people who do not know how to speak Arabic. This could be anyone in America.

All the information the Americans are keeping in the CIFA databases is used to make up a story. They will accuse you of things you have not done. They will make you confess to something you have not done.

The Americans will abuse you more if you refuse to cooperate with their torture and lies.

The Americans will take razor blades and make you bleed. Then they will lie about it and say, "You were not tortured." Then the Secretary of State will rely on that lie and go to Congress saying, "The people who have told me this are highly decorated CIA analysts, and they would never lie to me."

Americans are all liars. Beware, you have been warned.

Hopefully you will read this before you are hurt.

Stay away from America! They are killing people.