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Saturday, December 10, 2005

CIFA: How DoD and DoJ target informants

Matt has an interesting take of CIFA: But remember, these people are connected to those who have abused others in detention.

And they also go after informants who "figure out" there's a problem.

Don't take the bait. Steer clear of Americans.

Matt writes, "raw information reported by concerned citizens and military members regarding suspicious incidents" -- mistakes are made, and people end up getting taken to Eastern Europe.

Wondering why you've got some strange people hanging around, asking questions?

They're funneling information through DoJ/Law Enforcement.

Chances are, they're annoying you because they're:

  • Trying to provoke you

  • Hoping to gather information

  • Intimidate you

  • Get you to talk to them

    * * *

    Remember, American law enforcmeent, informants, and personnel who work for the government will lie to you.

    They are not reliable.

    Their one goal is to make themselves look good, even if they have to do harm to others.

    Their view on this "war on terror" is . . . anyone who is not as stupid as they are, must be a threat.

    * * *

    They have many delusions of grandeur.

    Beware: They will lie, avoid taking action, and blame the public for their inaction.

    Steer clear!