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Saturday, December 10, 2005

America: If you are accused of a crime, you have no right to a trial

It is interesting to notice the non-sense the American government uses.

Despite a constitutional right for all people to be afforded the right to a trial, the government is denying someone the right to an appeal.

The Americans know their justice system is a sham. They are afraid that someone they have accused of a crime, but is innocent, will be let free.

This is no different than Saddam.

Yes, that's what the Department of Justice is saying:

U.S. citizen Jose Padilla's legal challenge to his three-year stay in a military jail without charges should be dismissed because he now stands accused of a crimeRef

This is another way of saying, "If we charge you with a crime using false evidence, then you lose the right to appeal."

The reason they are doing this to Padilla is that they do not want the world to find out: Padilla was detained on the basis of information from torture -- and the information was untrue.

* * *

There used to be a time in America when, if you were convicted of something, you could appeal.

Today, the American government wants to deny this right.

What is America fighting for in Iraq? The right to accuse people of crimes, and not give them a chance to have a court review the decision.

* * *

Actually, what is going on:

  • Americans do not like their laws

  • The government is making up non-sense-excuses to "justify" denying people access to the courts. Is it any wonder why the Iraqis think the Saddam trials are a joke?

  • They are making false promises of "being able to appeal under the military rules." Once someone is denied the right to appeal, then the military court will say, "The civilians have denied you the right to appeal, we will do the same."

  • Americans like to make up charges, but they have no evidence to make those charges survive an appeal.

    * * *

    The American government is fearful. They do not believe their charges will survive a review.

    The only option they have is to deny people the right to appear before the court.

    The Americans cannot provide justice -- so they must deny justice.