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Monday, October 24, 2005

Fitzgerald nails Cheney and President

It's fun playing poker when you can cheat.

This White House dealt themselves a losing hand.

Surprise, Fitzgerald knows alot more.

We are asked to believe that Libby got the information, and it "wasn't a problem" for Cheney and Libby to have discussed the information.

OK, "if it wasn't a problem for Cheney to discuss this with Libby," why not say so earlier?

The answer is: Cheney's in trouble. And it remains to be seen what Libby was promised, or hoped to achieve if he took the fall.

* * *

The next round of questions will be: What suddenly prompted the Vice President to have this conversation with Tenet?

Recall, the President was in trouble over this WMD stuff, even had some conversations with Tony Blair over the whole thing.

Small problem: The Downing Street Memo shows it was all a ruse.

Meaning, Cheney didn't go talk to Tenet on his own.

Meaning, the President knew about the conversation that Cheney and Tenet were having about the WMD, Wilson, and the CIA name.

This is why the data from the State Department doesn't match what's in the Vice President's files: Visit times, who they talked to, and the notes about what was discussed.

Why aren't things matching? Because there are two timelines: One to protect the President, and the second one for public consumption.

Small problem: Nobody thought the Downing Street Memos would surface. And nobody thought the "backup plan to protect the President" would be needed.

Well, we've seen in Iraq what happens when you leave it up to the President to do some "planning" -- Mission Accomplished? No sir, Mission Aborted.

Just like this White House and this Presidency.

* * *

There's a man in the Oval office who doesn't realize what Fitzgerald already knows.

Guess where we got the information. That's right: Echelon.

Thank you John Bolton, you helped out alot. Couldn't have done it without you.

The President and Vice President are in big trouble, and they've known about it for a very long time.

Many people have been lied to inside the President's party.

The RNC is about to get trashed.

From within.