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Monday, October 24, 2005

No reason to trust the FBI

Some septic tanks need to be emptied, even if you don't have the right equipment.

FBI has more than a public relations problem.

It has a problem following the law.

Citizens are commanded to assent to the rule of law, but the FBI puts itself above the law. No better than war criminals in DoD who put themselves above the laws of war.

DOJ has a more than a leadership problem. The one that they call the "Attorney General" is generally putting himself and those around him above the law. They like to say it's "OK" to commit torture.

Is it "OK" to commit torture on stupid FBI agents? Ah, the double standards.

  • Why is the FBI "overseeing itself" when it comes to matters of compliance?

  • Why is the FBI doing things "without authority"?

  • Why is the FBI moving without regard to what is the warrant?

    We have secret courts, secret hearings, and an agency that likes to ignore the oversight.

    They are not only moving in the cloak of darkness, they move without regard to the laws.

    There should be no wonder why the Iraqis oppose the presence of the lawless in their land.

    The FBI claims the problems are isolated. Yet, how does the FBI know this? The FBI cannot find records in its own FBI I-drive, nor has it demonstrated it knows how to do simple searches.

    What happens if there is something complicated like leaks related to ongoing investigations? The FBI enjoys dropping names to people who have not been cleared; and they refuse information after publicly berating free citizens for "not cooperating."

    It is clear the FBI will never be happy. Why should they, they have unhappy supervisors who know the laws of politics far better than the laws of war, or rules of evidence.

    Is it not lovely that all the FBI's wrong doing is hidden behind a cloak of "privilege." Would it not be lovely if the citizens had the same privilege when it came to enjoying the constitution.

    What does the FBI stand for? It stands for preserving a system that gives the FBI unchecked power to violate the law, without accountability.

    The FBI enjoys creating a system that compels free citizens to assent to this lawlessness; all the while parading before the public this false notion that the FBI stands for anything but abuse, intrusion, and incompetence.

    Their agents are fools. They pretend to be stupid. Indeed, they are, but even their acts are unconvincing.

    What's worse that a state police that is incompetent; is one that incompetently rallies free citizens to believe they must assent to this lawlessness.

    We are more inclined to "not bother" and "not care" should the FBI face more challenges and problems.

    By all means, do what the FBI most detests: Cut their budget, then increase it faster than they can spend it; then give them more opportunity to engage in war crimes and do not hold the accountable.

    Let the FBI's discipline problem become well known, pervasive, so that the hiring standards must be lowered.

    Indeed, today the FBI now says it's "OK" if someone has a drug-related crime on their record. "You're still good enough to be an FBI agent."

    So why does America have a war on drugs when its own agents are given permission to "have that on their record"?

    When you look at the FBI agent, know that you are dealing with someone who is foolish, not all that bright, lazy, and someone who is not reliable.

    They are America's finest, indeed.

    Despite the FBI having "close oversight" and "many eyes watching" this is the best that the FBI can do.

    Yes, America we're in trouble. Thanks to the FBI.

    All this reporting, laws, accountability, and oversight. Yet, the results speak for themselves. We might as well be back in the days of Gaul, when we had to preserve our own liberty and safety.

    Today, it is no different, but we are asked to believe otherwise.

    Let's hear it for cleaning up the FBI cess pool.

    Yes, you should hold our breath.

    Tis far lovelier to have stared evil in the eye

    Unblinking, nor distracted by needed air

    Than to have inhaled its fowl stench.