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Monday, October 24, 2005

Bush, a failed actor

We judge those who command we assent to their foolishness.

Bush is seen for what he is.

No longer can he hide behind a curtain. This week Fitzgerald will remove the screen.

Great statesmen control their rage; also carefully manage those under their charge.

This statesman no longer commands self-discipline. He is tired, annoyed by his own reaction.

He fears accountability.

He also realizes he is more alone than he was a year ago.

Even if people were to whisper in his ear, no longer does he have the blind faith and trust of his own party.

They see him for what he is, not as he would like others to believe him to be.

With time, we will learn whethere this statesman has had to rely on other crutches.

The Congress and the people no longer have to press for accountability; this statesman is doing the greatest self-abuse in public.

You can see it in his eyes. One day he has that distant stare of disebelief, the next he focuses on specifics.

But regardless where he looks or fucuses, he cannot hide when he looks in the mirror.

Indeed, had Bush truly met the image that we had us believe, he would have gone down in history as a great leader.

But, as we have seen with the unlawful wars, abuse, and intimidation, we find that this leader of the RNC is no better than those he fights.

We find through the UK that the Downing Street Memo isn't the only piece of paper. There are other notes telling us that the President has engaged in other ruses.

He's lied about the popoular support in Iraq.

Indeed, this nation is asked to assent to unlawful wars, under the threat of retalation.

Bush is less predictable. When he stares at himself in the mirror he knows he is running out of enemies and allies to blame.

Whether the President resigns on his own, or whether he requires the state to remove him from office remains to be seen.

This is an unsettled man. He has grown accustomed to fame, glory, and respect.

Today, he has neither, but will go to great lengths to command all three.

He shall fail.

Bush is not to be rrusted. His own party is no longer confident.

From one edge of the stage, Bush pay shine a light, suggesting that his judgement is sound. But with a flick of a switch, Bush remins us that there are many other poorly placed actors.

Bush is the production designer. He alone is responsible.

The stage is set.

The lights dim.

This is Bush's show.

It shall fail or succeed on its own right. There is nothing he can do at this point to rewrite the play, or adjust the script.

The show is stuck as it is.

Bush created the mess he currently finds himself.

There is no reason to have any concern for him as a leader, a person, or a man.

He has brought this on himself.

Let him enjoy the full force of all that he has created.

May the rule of law finally grab him by the shoulders and guide him off the stage.

We need leaders, not people who are half committed to the principles of our nation.

We stand for the rule of law, not the tyranny of tyrants.