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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rumsfeld Upset About Secrecy

You know the Chinese space program is a real threat when it prompts the American Secretary of Defense to complain about secrecy.

Indeed, DoD has been at the heart of the secret WMD ruses and subsequent Iraqi war-crimes coverup.

* * *

The real question is whether China will feel emboldened to return the favor.

For example, will anyone in China speak out for reason and disclosure if torture is used on American civilians who engaged in war crimes?

* * *

Drudge got this one right: Why is the Rummy upset at the Chinese secrecy?

BushCo has prided itself on secrecy, going so far as to celebrate Tiananmen-like crackdowns on protestors in the US.

We had a war in Iraq because of too much secrecy.

So why is Rummy still talking out of both sides of his mouth?

For starters, nobody is stopping him.

Fitzgerald enjoys examining old, gift-horses like Rummy.

Old IronSideways loves the holidays, wrapping more Grand Jury gift boxes for friends on Pennsylvania Avenue.

* * *

NewsFlash: Secrecy Fuels suspicion.

BushCo says it's only acceptable to talk about the "evils of secrecy" if you're not talking about the "evils of torture" or the "evils of suppressing evidence about torture."

All this "suppressing of evils" is designed to distract attention from the American war crimes in Iraq.

Fitzgerald will find the evil-"suppressing the evil"-secrecy-whiners, even if Rummy hides in China.

* * *

Rummy should be so lucky to hide in a Chinese space capsule.

He'd have a great view, excellent accommodations, and a door that swings open without a key.

* * *

There's not much credibility when Rummy complains that other countries are doing things but denying it.

Why expect less when the US regularly talks about freedom, democracy, and the Constitution but does something else at home.

The denials aren't isolated to the JTTF torture in Guantanamo.

Congressmen like to engage in campaign finance charades, then muzzle talk about the money from Azerbaijan.

* * *

A simple analysis of the American government suggests they're going beyond the "trash the Constitution scenario".

The "trash the talk about secrecy"-strategy is simple: Point the finger at those who do the same.

* * *

Next time Rummy complains about "not getting access" to something, remind him of the FOIA requests about Able Danger that he won't provide.

Indeed, the failure to provide disclose raises reasonable suspicions. The burden of proof is on Rummy.

Not that he wants to get reminded of that, or anything.

Facts, terrible facts!

* * *

It's been 50 years since the war against the Nazis ended, but the fascists in NSA, DOD and the White House appear to have embraced Adolf's practices.

State sponsored terrorism worldwide, just don't talk about it, or we might get serious about paying attention to something.

That is, if the weather cooperates.