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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

OJ Miller

After OJ raced through LA, then go caught, he promised the world he'd find the real culprit.

Judith Miller appears to have taken the same approach: Find the answer "out there" with the X-WMD files, aka in "The MillerZone".

* * *

The real answer is in her mirror.

* * *

Matt has a good one. Judith Miller, the with the apparent memory/note-taking problem, is making the rounds.

Miller argues, in support of reporters having the right to obstruct investigations with claims of memory problems:
"Ultimately we protect sources so people will come forth - so people will know . . . "

We don't need to protect those who violate the law.

We do need to protect America from falsehoods used to launch illegal invasions.

* * *

Rather than spend so much time getting access to information she is not cleared, why aren't the reporters investigating the fundamental issues:

  • Why should the media have "special access to information" but then not reveal the truth? The public should know why the media knows things but is not reporting it.

  • Why are reporters, and not the American public, entitled to have access to the truth? The public should know why the media safeguards its access more than its right to information and dialog. The media would rather have access to unreliable information, than contribute to lawful, prudent policy.

  • Why does the media have a superior right than the public to access, but then no accountability for war propaganda? There should be sanctions for misleading the public propaganda, but the statutes are not enforced.

  • Why do sources only feel free talk to reporters, and not their boss? American managers are defective and hopelessly incompetent. As we saw in Ohio, America would rather hire an actor to lead a riot, than effectively advocate for solutions.

  • If there are fatal flaws with American governance despite the Congress, GAO and IG processes, how will American "management responsiveness" be remedied? They should be rewarded for applying their mind, not their mindlessness.

  • Why does a nation, despite a system of checks and balances, launch a war based on fiction, but silences dissent using facts; and what are solutions, not illusions? The sanctions are ineffectual.

    * * *

    The issue isn't "the people not knowing," but that "Miller didn't know how to do her job."

    Let's pretend this is the problem. Miller had access to the information, and now claims "she doesn't know."

    Where does the public find itself? We were left in the dark despite her access.

    * * *

    Miller's public pleas are a red herring.

    The problem of what Miller describes as the "people not knowing" doesn't have to do with a shield law, but the reporters self-admitted memory-note-taking problem.

    This, that complex task called, "Doing your job."

    * * *

    She doesn't know how to remember, take notes, or fact check.

    Then wants the world to run around and respond.

    She had no credibility after Iraq, why now?

    * * *

    Miller wants Congress to create a solution.

    Yet, it's far easier to require reporters to carefully fact check, take careful notes, and remember what they are told.

    Not in the OJ Miller world of Bushco.

    * * *

    We don't need new laws.

    We need to send the reporters in the field to practice their craft. Get away from the DC propaganda, and focus on facts-finding not fact-suppression.

    Preferably, Miller should go pound sand while practicing her craft in Iraq, where she drummed the beats of war, despite no legal foundation or facts.

    OJ Miller should wander the streets of Baghdad, preferably at a safe speed, looking for the big clue bird.

    * * *

    OJ Miller appears to have taken her cues from BushCo.

    Bush and Cheney did the same after 9-11: "Hay, we need to set up a commission to find out what everyone else did wrong."

    Judith Miller doesn't need a professional shield law.

    She wants a shield to personal accountability.

    She might find solace as a Hollywood screenwriter or producer.

    They have a propensity to hype great fiction, and forget what's in the scripts they read.

    * * *

    America will not forever gobble the cookie cutter approach to hype, especially when the content is devoid of soul.

    And truth.

    The audience quickly spots bad actors.

    They may politely smile, but seek more comfortable chairs at other theaters.