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Friday, February 11, 2005

9-11 Exclusive: FAA failed to heed 50 warnings, yet DoD personnel assigned to both FAA and DoJ

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50 Warnings to FAA: Solution -- combine FBI and CIA -- huh?

It makes no sense to pinpoint the problem on the FAA, and then solve the problem by reorganizing the wrong agencies.

Point: Inappropirate to blame 9-11 on a communication problem on the FAA, when FBI and CIA
  • [a] were conversing on the matters; and
  • [b] had the means to exchange information at the White House DSP.


    It remains unclear why the “solution” to the FAA communication problem was to combine the FBI and CIA domestic intelligence agencies.

    Department of Defense acquisition community personnel assigned to FAA failed to manage software upgrades within FAA. Contractors assigned to both FAA, DoD, and DoJ accounts gained considerable financial benefits.

    It remains to be explained why Gonzalez was not held to account for the notes in Secretary O’Neill’s meeting minutes.


    Congratulations America! You were foolish enough to ignore the warnings. Yet, what is most surprising: The solution implemented. It had nothing to do with fixing the FAA communication problem. Rather, the solution was to solve the wrong problem.

    The lessons of Watergate were clear. The abuses real. So what prompted the nation to rush to knocking down the wall? We heard many convoluted arguments before the 9-11 Commission. How there was a failure of imagination. A failure of communication.

    Yet, this rubber-stamping Congress blindly embraced the absurdity: To do what least addressed the problem, and most undermined the constitution.

    SES Failure

    To the civil servants and duly sworn public officials and “professional” military officers: Where do you stand in re your oath of office? You have a duty to preserve and protect the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    The problem was within the FAA. There was no communication. So why have those who have taken an oath to protect this document fallen down on the job?

    If you are a private investigator, all you have to do is release the photographs of the personnel when the go traveling on temporary duty. Show the spouses back home who they are spending their time with.

    It remains to be explained why this nation chose to embrace the absurdity.

    The problem was an internal communication problem within the FAA .Fifty warnings. 50. Nothing done. Yet, the American Congress embraced the “solution” of combining the FBI and CIA under one roof.

    Unlawful solutions to illusory problems

    The discussion about the “wall getting in the way” was a sham argument. It was an illusion. There was no problem “with the wall between the FBI and CIA” interfering with the FAA’s ability to act on the problem.

  • Why is an FAA communication “solved” by knocking down a wall between two different agencies?

  • What basis was there to “knock down the wall between the FBI and CIA” when the actual communication problem was in the FAA?

  • Why is the United States credibly arguing it is for the ‘rule of law’ when it’s duly appointed officers are engaging in misleading statements before the Congress to justify actions which will undermine the Bill of Rights?

  • What connection is there between “knocking down the wall between the FBI and CIA” and the real communication problem that exists in the FAA?

  • Now that we know there were 50 warnings to the FAA, and the “wall between the FAA and CIA” was irrelevant, what plan is there to re-establish the wall?

  • How can anyone argue that “the situation is improved” or that “we’re better off” by removing the very mechanisms which prevented the abusive intrusion by a combined FBI-CIA domestic intelligence service?

    Yet, the toady President says to the world forum, “Principles are loud” and “freedom is a powerful force.”

    Indeed, the principle of freedom was so loud and powerful, that despite being isolated 90 miles off the coast of Florida, the United States citizenry was able to learn of the abuses in Guantanamo.

    The word got out

    So much for DoD’s internal security protocols. A remote island. Far away from the United States. Yet, even the most stupid and ignorant of Americans in DoJ were able to both learn of the abuses and engage in misleading conduct to avoid consequences for their involvement.

  • When will the public demand a trip report from the New Hampshire Senator’s office who visited Guantanamo in November 2002?

  • When will there be a full accounting of the facts behind this trip?

  • Why is a US Solicitor able to credibly go before the US Supreme Court, lie about torture, and explain away evidence?

    The American people should be proud of their fine choice they made in November 2004. You voted for more non-sense excuses.

    But the world is naïve to believe the citizenry will hold itself accountable for the ridiculous ostrich-like approach to communication problem.

    There’s nothing wrong with the wall between the FBI and CIA. There is a problem within the American government. And there continues to be an ever present danger to the constitution from within.

    Don’t count on those who have taken an oath to protect that document to stand up and look into the matter. They’re too busy making new excuses and creating more diversions.

    Talk to the RNC Chairman.

  • Why is the media silent in response to these abusive letters demanding silence over substantive issues of public importance?

  • When will we see more threatening letters from his office about those who wish to discuss the facts about Social Security?

  • Will Congress look into the threats from the RNC Office?

  • Why is someone in the RNC allowed to accuse others of making misleading statements about Social Security, yet it is the RNC that doesn’t want the truth about the assumptions known?

  • Why are the findings of the Social Security office being squashed and squandered?

    It was PNAC that lied about WMD. It was PNAC that is making up more non-sense to avoid accountability.

    Excuses to ignore the constitution

    Today, we learn that there were 50 warnings to the FAA. The proposed solutions to this “problem” were to undo the very protections which preserve this nation’s bill of rights.

    The document is to be protected. The individual is to be protected. Yet, this nation’s White House Counsel would have us believe they are doing much to protect the rights.

    No they are not. They are there to abuse those rights. To abuse, threaten, and accuse anyone who dares stand up to this fascism.

    That is what it is. A whittling away of the public mind. To command greater acceptance of that which needs to be most opposed.

    Why is this nation embracing sham solutions? Because there is nothing else to rely upon.

    A system which relies solely on lies as its foundation cannot stand for long. It may win the hearts through abuse and inspire the nation with victories on the battlefield. But such lies will not tame the flame of passion which most despises tyranny.

    A young man who dares speak out in a school in Colorado faces such scorn. Yet, it is the world that must rise up against the nation which seeks to silence an educator. The American principles are grand, if only they were implemented.

    Those principles are accountability. And the rule of law. And a system of checks and balances on abuses of power.

    The American President relies on sham and illusions to maintain his support. There were 50 warnings.

  • Where was he?

  • Why did he quickly embrace the solution to knock down the wall?

  • How can the President credibly argue he is a leader, when he knows nothing of leadership, only abuse and manipulation?

  • How much more will the American people take?

    The reason he cuts the funding for domestic security is that he knows that no funding is needed. The problem is not with domestic security.

    Accountability problem

    The problem lies within the FAA. And the current plan is to simply milk the 9-11 hysteria to throw money where it is least needed, but there stands the greatest chance of avoiding accountability:

  • To reward those who might otherwise stand up against this abuse

  • To carry favor with the very intelligence system which knows where the databases are located off shore.

    Those databases outline in great detail what was said, what was known. Yet, today we are being asked to believe the fiction that Mr Gonzalez didn’t know or wasn’t there.

    All that needs to be done is look at the compact disk file which Secretary O’Neill had downloaded for him. IN that disk you’ll find the exact meetings, notes, and details of conversations where Mr Gonzalez was present.

    There needs to be a full accounting. Why are the documents in Secretary O’Neill’s CD showing that Mr Gonzalez has an all to convenient selective memory problem?

    How can someone credibly lead DoJ when they are unable to recall simple things that Secretary O’Neill has on his CD?

    Why is Secretary O’Neill able to recall conversations where the National Security Council was present, yet both Rice and Gonzalez have a twisted sense of reality?

    Indeed, today’s story shows that Gonzalez and Rice are unreliable. There was no reason to even consider the translation problem in DoJ or worry about what Sibel Edmonds was saying.

    Despite this fumblings within DoJ, the problem was squarely within the FAA’s control.

    So I ask again,

  • Why has this nation embraced the “solution” as being one that will most put the constitution at risk?

  • Why has the United States citizenry embraced the wrong solution to the wrong problem?

  • Why were 50 warnings to the FAA ignored, yet the nation now deems it appropriate at “the solution” to knock down the needed wall between the CIA and the FBI?

  • Why is the domestic intelligence and “security” service being afforded greater leeway to commit abuses, all the while ignoring the clearly promulgated standards prohibiting violations of the Bill of Rights?

    Private e-mail systems are discoverable

    It should come as no surprise why there are no answers. Because despite the “great power of great ideas,” it was only when troops within DoD sent e-mails to their loved ones that the truth about the abuses surfaced.

    The media, when warned, scoffed at the reports saying, “They have no credulity.” Indeed, the media when it cannot find a story on their own face, will ignore those who tell them of the obvious.

    We should not be surprised why the Republicans are so nervous. You can hear it in their voices. They are defensive.

    Yet, why not rejoice? They have their victory.

    The Republicans are afraid. They know the evidence is out there. The discussions. The information on O’Neill’s CD. And also those inconvenient files in the offshore accounts.

    It’s all in Echelon. Talk to the nations which have access to those systems. Talk to those in Russia who have been given greater access to the files. All in the name of “fighting terrorism.”

    If America will not stand up for principles, perhaps there are those in other lands who dare to believe in something called truth and accountability.

    Do not dare look to the halls of Congress or the basements of the District of Columbia. It remains, as always, the cess pool of non-accountability. The land where the Senior Executive Service continues to point to illusions in order to avoid accountability.

    Why has the United States spent the last 3 years squandering its good name and principles?

    The answer is that the system remains incapable of implementing and executing policy in a manner that is consistent with the rule of law because it is rewarded for doing otherwise.

    The rewards need to end. The accountability must return. Where the nation’s Congress refuses to act, and the US attorney and special prosecutors find it in their interests to play stupid [they’re not playing, they really are stupid], then other forces need to be brought to bear on the nation.

    The rule of law. From without.

    A full accounting for the wiretapping in the UN. There was no reason to say, “Some might undermine the policy” or “you can’t trust them”. Rather, the only reason this wiretapping exists is that there are no consequences for violating the laws.

  • Why does the United States have to wiretap those who dare stand up to those who make up stories about WMD?

    Indeed, where there are rules there are greater excuses to avoid accountability. Ask the US Attorney. Ask Gonzalez. Gonzalez knows full well the standards of evidence. The jury instructions. He is well schooled on the loopholes.

    When will Interpol be brought in to clean up the DC cess pool?

    Yet, why must the nation have what is self-event slapped across its face: That the US Attorney continues to play stupid about facts, circumstances, documents, and conversations he was intimately involved.

    Why is the world to believe that a favorable vote by the Senate somehow makes the problem go away?

    O’Neill’s CD needs to be compared to Gonzalez’ recollections

    There are real issues before the world stage. What basis is there to believe this US Attorney General? He knows the loopholes in the laws well enough to feign ignorance about those events which Secretary O’Neill documents.

    Must we have additional information that the “solution to 9-11” [knocking down the wall] was unrelated to the real problem?

    It is a crime for a public official to appear before the Congress and repeatedly assert “he did not know,” when he, in fact, does know and the reasonable person would know.

    Check your jury instructions on perjury; then compare Gonzalez’ recollections with the other documents from the NSC. He needs to explain why he should continue as DoJ Attorney General despite his inability to remember so much that so many know about.

    War Crimes problem

    To the citizens of the United States, I commend you for remaining calm in this unfolding mess. The White House has a problem. It has lied to the public. It knows it has lied. It has created a solution and implemented a strategy of deception, distractions, and threats to avoid being held accountable for war crimes.

    Yet, how can any nation credibly stand before the world community and talk about the “the power of freedom,” when its own RNC Chairman apparently denies that freedom of expression and public discourse to the very media this President admits he manipulates?

    Let us not for one moment wonder what may happen. It is self-evident the next crisis of the day will be the convenient distraction.

    Fearful media have already groveled

    Yet, why do the media fear asking pointed questions? You look to the White House as some sacred soil, from which you may be banned for standing up. But who cares whether you continue to have access to that which is unreliable, abusive?

    There is no reason to cow-tow to the White House. There is no reason to continue to have a Press Corps there.

    Simply set up your microphones and let the President speak, as does the Wizard of Oz. The Press "corps" has proven itself irrelevant.

    Freedom not exercised affirms tyranny

    We hear no pointed questions. Why is the nation’s media worried about “continued access” to people and institutions that are unreliable sources and offer nothing of value?

    It remains a shame that in the United States, the “only people” who are available for interviews are those most abusive, least reliable, and have the greatest threat to the US constitution.

    Where are those who dare stand up to this tyrant? When will there be a full accounting for what happened during 9-11?

    There were 50 warnings to the FAA. Yet, the Congress didn’t even read the bill and passed legislation that would “knock down the wall” in the very agencies that still continue to offer nothing of value. They offer excuses.

    Will we have any investigation by the DoJ Office of Professional Responsibility? Surely not, as those who are now special agents in charge are similarly unreliable, unresponsive, and require ever greater catalysts to move and react.

    Failure of checks and balances

    Don’t look to the US Attorney to step in. For it is the US Attorney that says, “If we were to hold government officials accountable, it would be like suing ourselves.”

    There is a long list we could turn to. A very long list of “people and institutions that will do nothing.”

    Fine. Then those so abused must resort to the only alternative: The courts. And there needs to be close examination: To what extent the courts then say, “If the Congress had wanted there to be consequences, there would be rules against this.”

    Where are the laws?

    Today, it is self-evident:

  • There are no rules prohibiting passing legislation that solves the wrong problem. Indeed, the Congress is protected under legislative immunity from their absurd acts and consequences.

  • There is no law that prevents Gonzalez from lying about “not knowing” about things that are documented on O’Neill’s tape.

  • There are no laws imposing consequences on the President when he refuses to accept resignations from his Secretaries for clear violations of international law.

  • There are no laws which prevent the Senate from approving those who failed to act when they should have act.

  • There are no laws preventing Congress from destroying the Constitution.

    Indeed, there are so many “there are no laws against…” it remains unclear how the United States can credibly argue “it is a nation of laws.”

    Absurd! The laws are ignored. Not enforced. In fact it is the “lack of enforcement of laws” that is the “foundation” to further continue to not enforce the laws.

    So with such “lack of accountability” there should be no wonder why RNC Chairmen are allowed to, and without impunity, threaten the media for delivering information from the Social Security chairman.

    We should not be surprised why Gonzalez played stupid, and why the Senior Executive Service was quick to embrace “break down the wall” as the diversion from the needed reforms within the FAA.

    DoD personnel assigned to FAA program offices

    But let’s not stop with the FAA. The FAA is not some monolithic environment. It has individuals that work in the Department of Defense.

    Individuals who work for the FAA had the requisite knowledge, talent, experience to understand DoD acquisition programs and the methods to ensure accountability.

  • Why was there no cross-flow of information from DoD personnel into the FAA?

  • Why were the “lessons learned” from DoD not injected into the FAA to ensure that the “communication problem” was addressed?

    We have no answers because the Department of Defense Acquisition Community does not want to admit that it knew, or should have known, about the failed program management efforts within the FAA to “remedy” this “well known problem.”

    Rather that stand up and say, “There’s a problem,” the same “professional” acquisition community stayed silent.

    Software development contractors work for both FAA and FBI

    Why? Because the same people working on the FAA programs [and did nothing, gained no progress] are the same contractors who stand to gain significant financial rewards should the CIA and FBI “information problem” [that is an illusion] being “solved?”

    Talk to the corporations that worked on both the FAA contracts and the FBI intelligence gathering. They are the same consultants. The same people in DC. They have conferences every year all over the country.

    Resumees solicited to assign personnel to Saudi Arabia

    These people also have contacts overseas. And their forms hire people who work in all places as Saudi Arabia.

    There’s a cold wind approaching. It is the sound of people who are awakening. To the sham inside the FAA. To the problems within the US government.

    Yet, for all that it has, these same consultants deliver shoddy products to the government. Over budget, below performance, and require extensive oversight and close monitoring.

    This is the best that America can do. It does not stand for principles. It simply stands for one thing: To outspend the enemy.

    Financial crisis

    The illusory crisis is social security. The more immediate problem is the crisis of the US dollar and American financial system. It remains to be understood how many financial institutions and investment bankers stand to gain by shifting the funds from social security to private accounts.

    I have no confidence in relying on public officials as a credible source of sound financial advicse on “why it is better to do something”. These officials can’t balance the federal budget, they surely don’t care about an individual household’s financial status.

    The United States cannot forever spend its way out of problems. The British Navy showed us that a military can bankrupt a powerful institution like the British Empire.

    The citizens of the United States can ask their elected leaders to dig into this problem. To find out why the “needed solution” of breaking down the wall between the FBI and CIA does anything to address the communication problem within the FAA.

    Evidence of those in DoD who were in a position to solve the FAA problem

    The public has the right to know which personnel, by name, moved from DoD into the FAA to execute programs and software development efforts to address complaints and management information systems.

  • Where were they?

  • Where are the meeting minutes?

  • Where are the budget documents?

  • Where are their trip reports?

  • Where are the commercial flight records of their travels?

    Columbus DFAS

    All you have to do is go to the Columbus DFAS center, and all the TDY records are located there. The same place where there are records of those who traveled from DC to Guantanamo through third-locations.

    Don’t forget to get the pictures of the government personnel when they go TDY. Their spouses surely would want to know “what really goes on” on those TDY visits.

    New Hampshire

    The same place to find out when and where the New Hampshire Senator’s staffer found out about Guantanamo in November 2002.


    And if the records are “not available,” there are copies overseas. In the other accounts. Ask Ms Gunn in GCHQ about those. There are back-up files. All part of the “continuing government operations” programs.

    The evidence is there. It remains a question whether anyone really wants to know what’s’ being done to destroy the constitution.

    Strange how the miracle of freedom can truly release information when you really want to know.

    There’s no reason the United States should lecture the world about “freedom” when it does so much to abuse those who dare stand up for those principles.

    As the President already said, “Bring it on.”