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Saturday, January 15, 2005

JTTF: If you support the Constitution, are you against AlQueda?

American law enforcement: At war with Americans and the Constitution.

JTTF stands for "Joint Terrorism Task Force."

A nation which embraces torture, then hides it. A nation which ignores the laws of the land, then rewrites it.

A nation that wastes time on trivialities, yet refuses to face square-on its fundamental document.

Who is for AlQueda? Those of you who embrace torture and have no denied it. Those who banter of a "constitution," all the while holding with utter contempt those who dare stand up, at home, for those principles.

It is only a principle we give lip service to. Yet, daily, JTTF goes out of its way to undermine, ignore, and create excuses to "get around."

Now, "they just know" who a bad person is. Going after them, with a fine microscope, to find the details. Yet, where is JTTF when it comes to mirrors? Do they stand before the mirror and ask, how their inaction contributes to this problem?

They act in Texas, but squander the money. They act on the roads creating excuses to stop and detain. Yet, where is the leadership within JTTF? Abysmal. Just excuses.

They lie to protect their own. AlQueda loves JTTF. Not because AlQueda admires power. But because AlQueda know JTTF's abuse drives a wedge between the government and the constitution.

Those who ignore the laws of the land, as does JTTF, support AlQueda; those who waste time and resources, as does JTTF, support AlQueda; those who refuse to hold their own accountable, support AlQueda.

Ask them why the money is going to the drug lords in Afghanistan, but not Columbia; ask them why they are keen to act for "public safety," but they are not safely conducting their affairs in a manner consistent with the constitution.

We hear excuses, not solutions. They do not deserve to be respected, but called to account. Before the courts. Notice their abuses. There are many.

You are many. They are few in number. Remember they will lie to take away your rights, your freedom, and constitution. JTTF is not your friend. They are to be despised as Hitler's SS.

They have much to fear. As the I-drive has back-ups. And those records are now kept outside their control. More Ms Gunns. More GCHQ monitoring.

The excuses are on the way.