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Monday, January 10, 2005

JTTF: How much money do they give IT in exchange for non-criminal information?

Those databases have things that shouldn't be in there. Texas had an audit. They found people were not adequately managing the DHS grants.

Also, there have been reports of personally-identified information appearing in non-criminal databases.

  • Are corporations and institutions so strapped for cash that they would give up private information to JTTF in exchange for grants?

  • How many domestic institutions are targeting their bots to collect “internet information for marketing,” when the information is actually being channeled back to JTTF for purposes of crafting media messages?

    This wouldn’t be the first time the government lied. What is strange is to the extent that agencies would go to say “We protect this information,” all the while that information keeps showing up in government databases.

    DoJ and the FBI like to blame the FBI I-drive. Actually the problem is much wider. Institutions hare sending out their web bots to target specific information which the US law enforcement and intelligence collecting is not legally allowed to do domestically.

    But in the “new era where even photographing images of the American country-side from a plan is banned,” why expect the law enforcement community and domestic intelligence to follow the law.

    We’ve had Ms Gunn banter about the strange GCHQ surveillance in the US; spying at the UN; and those inconvenient wiretaps which “nobody can explain.”

    Alot of money flowing. Constitution be damned.