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Monday, January 10, 2005

JTTF: Using more standards to justify stopping the innocent

They made up stories to justify their jobs. Now they're writing fiction to take away your rights.First it was the "drug courier profile." They stop people for "Driving to safe." Now it's the "everyone else profile." They stop people for doing things to look out for yourself.

First, on the street: You don't make eye contact. That provokes people. Second, you look around, and scan the area. Stay out of traffic.

So, what is the use of this criteria to question people: This is not probable cause:
The officers are targeting people who avoid eye contact, loiter or appear to be looking around transit stations more than other passengers, officials said. Anyone identified as suspicious will be stopped and questioned about what they are doing and where they are going."
What is going on?

You avoid eye contact to so that you don't provoke others. Who knows where the idiot you're standing next to is an under-cover DEA agent. You don't want to provoke them. Look at what they do to people in Guantanamo.

Now the assholes in JTTF are saying, "If you do anything that indicates you have a brain....look out..."

This country!

And "loitering." What? Trains getting missed? There are neat signs up on the board.

If you don't want people "loitering" why don't you guys get rid of all the decorations, take down all the signs, and make it a barren railway station. Boring. Cold. Like an underground Siberian railway station.

What am I doing here? None of your business. Actually, the real question is, "Why are you stopping and asking people questions when you have no probable cause of criminal activity.

The criminal are the ones in JTTF. Creating more excuses to kills, beat, and maim people at Guantanamo. Hang them up by their wrists. On those metal poles.

JTTF: You wonder why people in South Asia "might" not support America -- it's because of assholes like you.

Where were you prior to 9-11? Oh, more excuses.

Where are you going, JTTF? Got the constitution in your sights, or are you going to target more innocent people going about their business?

And what, on earth, justifies this "heightened alert" other than your idiot supervisors like Keric who have problems with the mob.

Oh, that's right. DHS can't get their own act together; rebuffs complaints; refuses to act on conditions prior to 9-11 when things were small; and then turns in tack on the civilian population.

Again, "where's the probable cause"? Or, do we need to tell everyone in America that the Bill of Rights is out the window and we're no different than Nazi Germany?

Which is it, JTTF or are you to busy scanning your ass as you have fun with your boyfriends in Guantanamo? I heard they have high school girls there. Are you still dating your commander's daughter in Guantanamo?

You have no credibility. Talk to the morons in Nebraska. Outside Northe Platte. What a cess pool of morons you people are: How to further alienate a civilian population.

Keep it up!