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Saturday, January 15, 2005

WH Goal: Discredit those who followed orders

Convoluted arguments from a convoluted mind. The Texas courts martial found him guilty of war crimes.

Curiously, they found Charles Graner guilty based on evidence that his insubordination was a well known problem, pattern.

Huh? If it was "well known" that Graner had a "discipline problem," why was he left on his own, "out of control?"

No answer on that one. Why?

Because the White House chooses to label Graner a rogue that was "out of control," yet not so out so "out of control that his supervisors knew about it, and failed to act."

Nope. The White House can't have it both ways. Either Graner was out of control and supervisors knew it and let him continue; or Graner was not out of Control and his supervisors knew it.

Yet, to believe the White House and courts martial, we have to believe "despite all those thousands of photographs, 'nobody knew."

Curious. The Solicitor General and Ridge "know enough" to deny torture despite the practice occurring daily in US prisons. Who's going to believe a "disgruntled inmate?"

Even with pictures, there's no accountability in the US military. The same reserves who patrol the hallways of the courts and prisons.

The White House and Rumsfeld have yet to fully explain why "their troops" were left in charge, despite a "well known" discipline problem.

The White House wants it both ways. Who is going to let them? America!

The reason there's so much focus on the "prior discipline problem" of Graner has nothing to do with him, but a ruse to shift attention from the leadership problem and lack of accountability both within the White House and Secretary of Defense's office.

For his silence, Gonzalez is being rewarded with DoJ. How fitting. The man who crafted the memo now gets to implement it, then hide the skeletons.

Texans know how to hide them. Ask Enron. Ask Andersen. Ask Gonzalez.