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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Prince Harry's costume

An error. Or a wardrobe malfunction?If people would be as outraged at US foreign policy abuses as they have over a wardrobe selection, they might have credibility.

But they have been silent.

Who is most upset about the choice? Those who continue to commit abuses on the West Bank in the name of "protecting" them from similar abuses of WWII.

How long will the "excuse of the Holocaust" be used as the excuse not to hold Israel to the same standard that the Nazis were held?

Forced detentions, withholding resources, resettlement, driving people from their homes.

"Oh, that's OK..." just as long as Israel invokes the Holocaust.

Indeed, the Holocaust was awful. Yet, put your energy into remind those who "invoke the Holocaust as an excuse to justify abuses" before you lecture someone about their Holiday Costume.

Indeed, in 2005 a "symbol" invokes great passion. Despite the abuses occurring during WWII and the rage a symbol evokes, somehow the world fails to see the same abuses when they occur on the West Bank.

Save your lectures for Prince Harry. He's only rubbed your nose into something you don't want to be reminded. Symbols remain important symbols, especially to those who want to divert attention from the real issue: Your lack of applying the "lesson of history" to Israel, when they took, and continues to take advantage of their self-created-immunity to accountability to their own lessons.

Some things are within your power. Accountability on Israel is not one of them. Lecturing a prince, who might be king, is your "best" alternative? I'm not impressed.