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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Webnymph Readers: Here are the blog entries that did not post

List of blogspots which didn't publish on Webnymph.
  • Iraq: Rewriting history and creating a justification for irrational foreign policy -- Selective arguments deserve selective support'

  • JTTF: If you support the Constitution, are you against AlQueda? -- Policy positions are not strategic alliances

  • Media Memos: Bush-CBS v Blair-BBC -- What does it say about power, the media, and propaganda? -- Contrast and comparison -- strange similarities and implications

  • Prince Harry's costume: Where's the same energy on real crimes?

  • War crimes, JTTF and CIFA: Ridge denies, while Rummy hides -- Look who's not talking about torture

  • WH Goal: Discredit those who followed orders -- Blaming the wrong people to protect the President from impeachment for war crimes