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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ridge denies, while Rummy hides

It takes more than a few to do nothing.

Americans pretend they live in a democracy, but refuse to discipline abusive tyrants. They didn't ask Rumsfeld about Abu Ghraib and torture. They asked Ridge.

Why, if the problems happened under DoD's control, wasn't Rumsfeld asked about this signals torture sent to the world?

Counter-Intelligence Field Activity is the DoD-DoJ intelligence gathering arm. It knows about the Bureau of Prisons abuse. And Guantanamo. Their personnel were there. Celebrating the training opportunity. And the career advancement.

Rumsfeld is quiet. He knows a denial of crimes is admissible in court. Especially in cases where other intelligence agencies have the goods. The facts. And copies of both the e-mails, video-tapes, and communication between Guantanamo and NSA.

What's it going to be NSA? Proud of the great legacy you've created? All those years to "protect America" and "never another Pearl."

What are you actually defending, and what are you defending it from?

It's clear the NSA has a twisted sense of accountability. Their analysts, around the globe "sacrifice day and night" for which constitution and whose accountability?

Not America's. Something else. Something twisted and perverted. Something they say, "We must endure" as our enemies are far worse.

There is no need to worry about a foreign enemy when the real enemy remains at home. Ever pointing "out there," while the real problem remains in the mirror.

Ridge claims the US will not condone torturing terrorists. But what about US citizens in US jails? Pretend it doesn't happen. Don't look in the DoJ BoP audit.

If the US truly didn't condone torture, Rumsfeld would put it in writing. And then let the troops who know otherwise come forward to show Rumsfeld has made a knowing, materially, false and misleading statement to Congress.

Secretaries of Defense can be impeached. That is, if Congress chooses to open its eyes. Get your white canes.