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Monday, January 03, 2005

Tsunami: India developed 1998 model showing effects if Indonesian-quake triggered a Tsunami

India analyzed earthquakes and tsunami in model 7 years ago Ref Ref

Also, there was a 1999 effort to study tidal effects:
Tidal Observations and Prediction: High Precision geodetic instruments including precision theodolites, precise levels, GPS receivers, EDMs Gravimeters, Magnetometers, Tide gauges, etc are being used by G&RB for such geodetic surveys, and proposals for procurement of VLBI, SLR etc are being pursued.
Reportedly, India's National Atlas And Thematic Mapping Organisation did some analysis 7 years ago.

"Though this was no prediction of any sort, it just showed theoretically what would happen if an earthquake of high intensity in Indonesia triggered off a Tsunami," he said.
These might be the studies referenced.

Problem: Name "Saha" isn't showing up in the site's e-mail directory. How long has "Saha" been there?

Regardless Saha, the 1999 report concluded:
an integrated approach is required to understand & monitor the earthquake activities in the country. It is essential that co-ordination at all levels must be ensured to facilitate smooth functioning of the entire system, easy data exchange, and scientific co-operation. Frequent meetings of the agencies involved in the work, and close monitoring are essential for the purpose.Ref
So the question becomes: In light of the 1999 recommendations, were the results between 1999 and 2004 consistent with what the public in the area might reasonably expect their governments to take?

Regional monitoring center mentioned

Interestingly, GIS also mentions a regional center to monitor natural disasters. It remains to be seen whether this center was established as mentioned in 1999, or what happened to it.

In other words, its all well and good to talk about "what Hawaii should or should not have said" after the 6.0-then-9.0 earthquake results were known; yet, if India in 1999 already identified the requirement [to centrally monitor natural events], it remains unclear what was done, what should have been done in light of the 1999 report.