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Monday, November 01, 2004

Voters on "do not call list" mislead with bogus information, voice impersonations

[Correction in Title above: "mislead" should read, "misled"]

As the election winds down, it must be exciting to receive a personalized message from the candidate or a celebrity. Don't get caught off-guard.

Voters in various states are reporting bogus phone calls, providing materially misleading voting-related information. Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, New Jersey to name just a few. Ref NJ

General Schwarzkopf's voice was reportedly impersonated in Michigan. Ref
Several of our pro-choice supporters alerted us that they received pre-recorded telephone calls, purportedly from NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, urging them to vote for George W. Bush because of his anti-reproductive health policies. NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin did not make these calls. Ref
One site is collecting information about bogus phone calls, requesting of targeted-voters, "If you received a call like this, please save the message, document as much as possible, and contact us immediately at 608.213.4502 or".

Exceptions to the rule

Because of exceptions for political campaigns, some states like Georgia do not prohibit calls, even if you are on the "do not call list"
The Georgia No Call List does not limit calls from businesses with which you have had a previous or current relationship; recognized charitable or religious organizations; or political pollsters or candidates for public office.Ref
Other states prohibit calls, but there are errors. New Hampshire has a history of bogus calls, and the rules to voters described as a "gray area." Ref Ref And despite notoriety in January, the practice continues. Ref
[NH] Assistant Attorney General Bud Fitch said the Legislature passed a 2003 law that prevents candidates from making pre-recorded calls to those who are on the [list]Ref
Other scams included bogus calls requesting personal information, which election officials do not do, according to Missouri's Webster County Clerk Stan Whitehurst. Ref

If you've received a similar message or feel you are being intimidated, feel free to call 1.866.OUR.VOTE.