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Friday, October 29, 2004

Officer retribution after civil complaint filed

Update: 27 Mar 2006

Here are other blogs discussing this outrageous attack on American civilians: [ Click ]

This is a link to the other McCloud case, $10M damages for outrageously forcing an American citizen to publicly strip, while the officers make unprofessional comments, making their behavior no different than the abusive American troops in 2006 or the British Monarchy who tormented the Colonists in 1775 [ Arnetta McCloud Click ] .

Shame on arrogant American law enforcement. The clear laws are insufficient to guide you to civil behavior. You are barbarians. May your comrades fighting an illegal war in Iraq suffer more hardship and discomfort because of you disrespect you show to your fellow Americans in the Continental United States. You are dogs.

There is no reason to treat American civilians in a manner that you treat those who you abuse at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. You mock those you supposedly are fighting for and protecting. May you lawfully have the laws that you ignore -- be ignored and may you lawfully suffer the at the hands of the court that should show you no compassion or respect.

You know better, but you continue to ignore your State Peace Officer Training. Did you Field Training Officers teach you to do this? Why should anyone believe you when you make a claim before any court? You have no credibility. You ignore the standards. You bring discredit upon your profession.

Your oath to your profession obviously means nothing; why should we believe your oath to the Constitution means anything? Your state police officer standards and training should review your records. You should be disbanded; and forever barred from being a police officer anywhere in the world. Interpol should get your name and watch you closely as does the NSA.

How many others have been tormented by you? You discredit yourselves. You waste the valuable time of attorneys. You should reconsider you commitment to your oath. America now knows you are dirt bags. We have your names. You shall forever be on the list of trash we throw into the waste heap of history: Go away.

Stop tormenting Americans with your silly games you learned at Guantanamo. Do you wish to have this abuse inflicted upon you when you are a prisoner at a camp where we send the officers who are bad people and decide to ignore laws?

Perhaps with our New Constitution we should make special camps to send bad officers who ignore the laws of our nation; and have them lawfully tormented in a manner that is degrading as that abuse they impose on others.

How dare you expect the "civil courts" to protect your from the abuse you inflict on others. You claim a defense of "the Constitution" to avoid unusual treatment and punishment; but you openly ignore that standard when it comes to mocking your fellow citizens. You have a double standard on when the rules related to civil society should or should not apply. You are scumbags. It is not wonder Americans are openly mocked: You are hypocrites. Do not speak of the "grand society" you bring to Iraq -- your notion of a "grand society" is to create a playground to abuse your American peers. They are well above you in their love of civil society, yet you treat them as you should be treated: Like a dog and mocked. You are utterly contemptible creatures.

You ignore the laws of civil society. There is not reason we should honor your authority; and no reason that any law you "enforce" should be taken seriously. You cannot command others to assent to your barbarity, then compel them to recognize your power. You have no lawful power. You have no lawful authority. Rather, you abuse your power and you authority with an attitude of "nobody will do anything" -- you show contempt for what is possible.

America now knows. And no the world knows. You are American swine, and you peers are the ones who conduct themselves in a similar manner in Iraq, destroying lives, and acting in an undisciplined manner.

But for a private attorney, there was no prospect you buffoonish "leaders" in Florida were going to do anything -- all the more reason why you did what you did: You have an open reputation for discrediting your profession, and there exist no meaningful sanctions. You leaders are useless. You work in a dishonorable profession.

Most of all: You are contemptible members of the JTTF who abuse power, and defy the law. The laws you ignore no longer need to be recognized by those who you defy and abuse -- namely, we need not recognize the delegation of power through the Constitution -- you ignore the Constitution.

The way forward is to write a new Constitution that prohibits this conduct explicitly; and makes it a crime -- not simply a civil matter. Obviously you have no regard for the Bill of Rights -- that document to which you took an oath. There is no reason anyone should care should you suffer harm. May your family suffer sleepless nights of dread, wondering if you are going to return home; may you be sent to Iraq and tormented by those who have no respect for American dogs such as yourself.

You are not better than the British Red Coats. That would be a complement. Rather, you are simple what you are: Americans – the lowest of all creatures on the totem pole of civilized society, sitting in the cess pool of morality, the fine liquid soup you know well – towhich you toast and pay homage.

Dare to look at the Constitution – that document to which you defy. It is your master. And you show no respect for your highest authority. Why should we show you any respect?

We only do it because we respect ourselves and the law far more than you are capable of comprehending. May you suffer long nights of grief contemplating what you have done; and know that the world can see how the American dogs continue to treat their American peers as if they were in Guantanamo. How dare you!

Cess pool American dogs!

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The information below is a different case, but the arrogance is just as awful.

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Original blog

Case #04-80984, in re Ref: Beware the K9 and DEA.

Mr. McCloud and his attorney Guy Rubin filed an action to release public records regarding the illegal search. The Jefferson County Sheriff refused. "The day after we requested a court hearing on the records' release, deputies were sent to Mr. McCloud's home in Delray Beach," said Rubin. "This was total retribution and good ole boy intimidation." Mr. McCloud was cuffed in the middle of the night, and then whisked to North Florida without any notice. Prosecutors and Sheriff's attorneys then attempted to coerce a release of all civil liability for civil rights violations in exchange for dropping the criminal charges. Mr. McCloud would not take the deal, but prosecutors dropped the charges anyway.Ref