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Friday, October 29, 2004

White House blocking website access to foreigners

They don't want the foreign media to file reports that are readible to Americans on the internet.

But what else could the foreign media learn that the White House doesn't want American to know: Staged attacks on their own RNC offices?

Ref: Possilbe Explanations:

  • There is something on there that foreign-readers could point out "is a problem," and have that information put back into foreign media

  • Ensure the website has enough bandwidth for "people who are going to vote"

  • Cut down web traffic from non-US voters, then connection speed for the "ones who are going to vote" will be faster

    Are there any legal restrictions on using the American Flag on websites?

    Are there bans on websites being changed and updated x-days prior to an election?

    Are there prohibitions against using military personnel in political ads or websites?

    How many people have had their websites jammed?

    Is content being altered and adjusted by IT-hackers on websites, e-mail, and blogs to confuse, interfere, disrupt the messages being sent by anti-RNC?