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Sunday, October 24, 2004

US Monitoring US Citizens based on religious backgrounds

That's right, if you're non-Muslim, you can call up the police and complain about those who are hanging around your place of worship.

Why does the US cry when Iraelis are monitored by the PLO; but the US goes out of its way to monitor its own citizens who are Muslim?

Mind you, the "Muslim threat" isn't some rogue force that suddenly appears out of nowhere -- these people traveled on valid US passports, were accepted through customs, and then let into the United States.

Suddenly, the US [after waiving them through customs] suddenly has questions. Of their own citizens. Why asking later; unable/unwilling to ask those questions during the entry-interviews, but do have time later.

And to think all this time we were told by the CIA "what nasty things" the KGB was doing to Jews in Russia.

What excuse will the Protestants, Caltholics, or druids have to fend off government oversight; but not come to the aid of Muslims who are subjected to the same intrusion?

Why, if you are Catholic or Jewish a 'Strange presence' in the parking lot is reported with confidence aid will come; but the same confidence is not there when Muslims are asking auestions about similarly "unexplained individuals" lingering around the parking lot?