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Friday, October 22, 2004

Design Case Study: Despite technology maturity, why reuse old ads?

We've already shown that since 2001 technology has advanced such that simple web pages are reformatted. Ref Yet, it is striking that advertising will still rely on ads from long ago.

Take a look through the stock footage, print ads, and billboard advertising immediately following 9-11; then things changed. However, recently, they've started running the same ads which surfaced immediately in the wake of 9-11.

Reused Ads

Is there are feeling that advertisers are trying to tap into?

Is the proximity of the election raising the same feelings which surfaced in the wake of 9-11?

Is there the sense we are in a similar "need for reassurance" just prior to the election that we might have been in the wake of 9-11?

Is someone trying to send reassuring words to invoke the same sense of confidence in "leadership"?

Why reuse old ads at this time, but not another time?

Despite election-related advertising spending, have advertising clients run into a budget crunch?

What are we to make of this?