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Thursday, October 21, 2004

We will guarantee you security, relief, and power

Why does this seem all too familiar?

Those who create this mess are those who arrive with "the solution". This is like a cancer.

They will intimidate no matter what: If you assert your rights, or if you grovel at their legs. How we act and conduct ourselves is unrelated to whether they attempt to intimidate, for the intimidation will continue regardless our actions.

But we can rise above it. And we can also maker sure there are lawful consequences to their inappropriate conduct.

They will continue to chip away unless they are reminded that that is not appropriate and there are meanginful consequences for abuses.

How bad does this have to get?

What would make you feel most like a human being, to live as a dog or as a human with dignity and respect?

Their answer is to make you live like a dog. Too bad they are not you.

All that has to be done is choose not to let them treat you with disrespect, and let them know there are lawful consequences for their inappropriate conduct.

Let them choose whether they listen now or later. They can be compelled to stop whether they want to or not.

Free people outnumber them. That is why they are fearful. And they will always vent their fear on others, unless they are stopped and forced to "take care" of their own problems on their own.

They choose to tear down that which dares to assert itself against that which is wrong.

They may use your "asserting your rights" as an excuse to intimidate; but unless you assert yourself, use your mind, and focus on what must be done for yourself, they will have won.

They simply create the illusion of future fear to justify your inaction today. You have already given up if you give up today out of the hope to avoid future pain tomorrow.

The future does not have to have any pain or problem, as you have already given up today.