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Monday, October 18, 2004

Signs the media is fearful of blogs


This nation prides itslef on standards it does not meet. Let us not be surprised when the media, protected to exercise the freedom of inquiry but fails, goes on a tirade against someone who dares ask the tough questions.

Whether we agree or disagree with a blogger is of little consequence. What is comical is a media to measure someone by standards they have no obligation to meet.

It's high time the media meets the standards it imposes on others.

The boats are still well below their crest.

There is nothing stopping others to follow-up and do more research. Nobody has an obligation to do or be something they are not.

There is nothing stopping anyone from finding out the facts, asking questions, and simply sharing their views. That is, unless you want a double standard.

Those who are in position of trust, authority, and special protection have the obligation to do their job, not create excuses to shift attention to the minor flaws of those who dare remind others of their failings.

It could be done better.