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Monday, October 18, 2004

White House acting as if Kerry-Edwards have been running the country

Ref. It's all well and good to blame your political opponent for something they've done.

But to accuse a non-President of causing problems only Presidents can cause surly deserves note.

This is not to suggest that the current President has accept responsibility for what he has failed to do.

Rather, it is to emphasize that if the White House, President, and Vice President are going to hold Kerry responsible for not addressing problems in Iraq or with the vaccine, then the public needs to really ask, "How stupid do they think the American electorate is?"

Apparently, very stupid.

In fact, the White House is now reaching backward in history to shift the blame for events that went wrong back onto those who were in no position to do anything about it.

It's called leadership, Mr President.

Regardless this nation's position, the leadership problem rests with the leader, not with those who are challenging this leadership problem.