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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Civil Liberties in the post 9-11 Era

Ian Spiers, Ref

Sample: If you ask for civil liberties, are you a threat?

Oregon says yes at a Rally. REf.


Neat blog on IDs, Patriot Act, and this post-9-11 non-sense with DoJ and local law enforcement.

The arrogance of law enforcement is pervasive. The story of a photography student and how law enforcement will act like Hiter's SS. When they treat the public like this, they are losing the needed support.

Copy of the police report, press coverage, page 2. More. page 2.

Another with the Seattle Times.

The media, in many cases, doesn't even bother doing anything about the public complaints. There's no telling how many others have been stopped, but never got any press coverage.

ACLU letter to the Civil Engineers, page 2.

Letter to Congress.

More, It's all over.

Other incidents

Ref; and other reports.