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Friday, October 15, 2004

Rove's Grand Jury appearance

He has been assured in writing as recently as this week that he is not a target of the investigation." Ref . . .

. . .yet..., yuck, yuck, yuck.

Here's how the game is played. When the prosecutor invites someone to a grand jury, the Prosecutor generally already has pretty good evidence of "what really happened."

See, prosecutors aren't supposed to use grand jury subpoenas to go on fishing trips. Rather, they already have the evidence to justify brining someone.

What's really going on?

Well, the Prosecutor probably has enough evidence to convict someone, but what he's trying to do is nail them with a clean strike.

In other words, if he can make one of the "witnesses" think that "they're just investigating" the witness is more likely to be lulled into believing "they don't have anything and can speak freely."

Remember Martha Stewart? She wasn't convicted for the original allegation, but for the subsequent bungling and misstatements: It's called obstruction of justice.

My bet, the prosecutor has enough information to already hang someone; but he's trying to find the evidence that is going to show the grand jury that there's a broader scheme going on.

Don't be fooled. If you're brought before a grand jury, they're doing so because you're the last one to know about it.

The prosecutor isn't your friend. They're there to put people in jail.

Rove's a target, whether his lawyer will admit it or not is another matter.

It remains to be seen whether Rove can be lulled into believing that "there's nothing to worry about."

And it also remains to be seen "what other information the grand jury has already looked at that Rove doesn't know about." If Rove doesn't realize the scope is much broader, and is led to believe "the actual target-scope" is something else, even the slightest inconsistency is going to be exploited.

Mind, you Rove has no idea "what else the Grand jury has looked at," and the whole time he's on the stand he has to be sweating bullets. If he's not then he's really had bad legal advice.

There's a very good chance that if there's enough dirt dug up [by way of inconsistencies], the prosecutor is going to guide the grand jury to go after Rove more formally. It remains to be seen what volume of evidence the grand jury is comparing Rove's comments to.

It also remains to be seen how many other "witnesses-targets" have actually appeared. The Grand Jury has the fun job of deciding how they believe the most.

If someone has already come forward freely, and simply dumped the entire story on the prosecutors' lap, then the prosecutor could very well have the ringer he needs to put Rove away.

Rove doesn't know it, but the Prosecutor's got information on anyone and everyone that appears; the prosecutor is simply trying to decice which hammer to let fall first.

Rembmer, the prosecutor's goal it to indict and put people in jail. Rove could very well be a pawn on the road to the Oval office.

If the facts fall where they may, we could very well hear of Dick Cheney being involved. If Bush is re-elected, an indictment from a "trivial grand jury" could very well blossom into an impeachment.

We're a long way from that in public, but the prosecutor has already mapped out his strategy. Rove is part of the path, not the solution.

Remember, there have been convictions in re the Delay campaign finance issue in Texas. We have no idea what other information has been dug up from other grand juries, or how these various indictements might dovetail.

Regardless, it comes at a "bad time" for the White House, that clearly had hoped these "trivialities" would only surface after the election.

Ooops! Amazing how "uncooperative" a prosecutor and grand jury can be when they follow the facts.

Whether Rove decides to be 100% honest is up to Rove. Chances are, Rove and Stewart may be sharing some stories.

Will Rove be selling purses like Monica, or simply hoping to avoid any comparisons to Elmer Fudd?

The criminal justice has a bad way of eating its own. The good ole boy network helped create the prison-torture-system in Iraq. Yes, some were from Orin Hatch's stomping ground.