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Friday, October 15, 2004

Disinformation and hype: Do we want it to change?


The reason we have debates is to ensure the basis for war is based on prudence.

Yet, at every turn we have hype.

What is to be done?

Let's look at the bigger issue of checks and balances and credible government service.

What really broke down in checks and balances?

How could a nation be mobilized to committ war crimes without any evidence?

The answer is: We went to war without evidence, and that "fact" should have been discussed prior to war.

Yet, this country chose a different route. To pretend it was going to put pressure, but then rapidly shift into the "let's go to war mode."

Again, many questions were asked, and rebuffed.

We have yet to understand what really went wrong; and seriously fix what was broken: The system of checks and balances; the system of inquiry.

Let's not stop with Congress, let's go right after the Senators in the Judiciary committee who contribute to this charade. That's right: Orin Hatch and his lovely chorus of yes-men parading before the cameras that "everything is just right."

Nope. The problem is dire. The nation has been sold a bill of goods. And there are no goods to sell to raise enough money for this.

You think the older generation is going to pay for this? No way, they don't have the jobs or income to pay for this. They're going to have a lower standard of living.

The real bill, hopefully, is going to fall right on the back of those who are "benefitting" from this charade: The rich who got richer, and who can afford to pay; and the retired who failed to ensure the system they left behind credibly implemented the checks and balances.

That's right, don't let this bill fall on the young. Let's throw it right back on those who have gone into retirement, and let them ejoy the full brunt of theire dwindingly retirements: Let them take, today, the full brunt of the failed decsions.

They gambled money using mortgage-backed debt, and lost in in the stock market.

They had their homes destroyed in disasters, and want to cry and weep expecgint handouts, all the while they continue to give tax-deductable contributions to their favorite charity.

America, don'tn want to spread the real costs of this blunder. Let it fall righ on the laps of those who have failed to ensure the system of checks and balances worked; let those in government protected with their fat salaries take teh brunt of the cost.

Those who failed to ask question and stand up for prinples, should bear the cost of this: Those in government, a special tax on the media, and a value-added incentive on the retired personnel to return to work, share their knowledge, and get them to fix what they ran away from.

You want those who you gave presents to to pay for the costs of teh presents? Take those presents back, you pay for the, and don't let the door hit you on the way back to the bankrupt sales store.

"Checks and balances" are sure a wondeful thing. Too bad nobody actually made sure the sytem worked. And those in government who ignored the signs, blew it off, and said, "Not my problem" -- well, now you're stuck, you are teh problem, and nobody is going to bail you out.

Life sucks, doesn't it. Enjoy it, it's going to get much worse. Yes, Virginia, the real costs of this depression are finally starting to sink in:

- INadequate funding to ensure internal controls were there

- Inadequate funding to ensure government was doing what it should be doing

- Inadequate funding to make sure the participants were conductin gtheir affairs in accordance with teh laws of war.

"Oh, we'll take care of that later." Well, folks... "later" has arrived. There is no plan.

History caught up, and all those years of planning for retirement have fizzled. The system has fallen apart at the very time that it is most needed.

Congratulations! May you enjoy the bed you refused to make; enjoy the disaster you refused to clean up; and enjoy the great bountiful blessings that you refused to nurture.

The disaster you now embrace and hope to avoid is now sitting on your house.

It is not going away. And it is getting bigger.

Enjoy! Click heels twice, it's still there. You never left Kansas, it's been a lovely dream.

Please adjust your tray tables, we landed a long time ago.