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Monday, October 18, 2004

Transcript of all the naughty words

Ref. Indeed, the hard of hearing heard it all.

Would it not be a welcome surprise to have heard the juicy details of what Karl Rove was whispering to the President.

In future press conferences, we will always wonder. Who is really saying these words, and does the leader truly understand what he is saying, or the responsibility that goes with those statements?

This leader shows he will allow himself to be orchestrated. He will also do much to avoid accountability for misconduct.

It remains to be seen whether the "sudden turn of events in 2002 prompting a review of the Geneva Convention" was not simply because he had been given a heads up of the abuses, and the potential war crimes implications.

Responsibilities that fall squarely on his shoulder.

In the end, we may ultimately learn that the President simply engaged in a calculated move to review the information, entertain the "worst" ideas from Gonzalez, then pen a note he knew he would not enforce.

How can we explain that out of the blue, despite warnings to Condi Rice of this abuse, that suddenly there was a scamble to issue memos and findings?

How do we explain the curious turn of events over disclosing documents -- previously the White House in re the Cheney Energy Commission notes, refused to reveal the information; yet in the case of the Geneva Convention-discussion, the notes were somewhat easier to come by.

A President can use artful devices to create the illusion of leadership. But a true leader will lead, not simply find excuses to hide accountability.

Indeed, the administration has carefully studied Machiavell's The Prince, to learn to appear to lead, and find a scapegoat.

This is the stuff of Stalin, not the Stars and Stripes.

This President is an excellent showman. We can only guess who is actually writing the script.