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Monday, October 18, 2004

Horror: Staged photos show pervasive deception helped undermine western civilization

That's right, and they learned the art long ago. Take a look at the evidence.

Notice the man. Notice his hairline. Notice his clothes, he also needs a tailor. Notice where he is standing. By the bakery! Open air, flowing by his clothes.

Now...keep that man in mind. Look here. See him, right in the center, arms spread wide. Moving meat.

Same hairline. Same person.

And he's wearing the same shirt, same tie.

He moved out of the bakery, and into the meat department. Cross contamination? Why, I see no evidence of a clean-room to scrub down the clothing; nor is there any evidence of adequate air-flow-regulators to ensure the potentially dangerous molecules from the bakery department are kept out of the tenderloins.

This is where the country's problem with mad cow disease started -- despite the warnings of Upton Sinclair, it was the advertising community which created the bad habits which are contributing to a destruction of our way of life.

Is that appropriate food handling; what does it say about health?

These photos were Staged! What other deceptions are we going to find?!?

Where's the Congressional investigation, the media coverage, the infamy!

More, but only if you have a strong stomach.