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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Patriot Act: The courts find it unconstitutional; yet no Congressmen come to its defense

Interesting how many poeple whine about the Patriot Act. But where were they when they could do something about it?

Why are the Federal Legislators unwilling to stand before any court and defend the Patriot Act?

It is because they know the act is not defendanble.

Name one who dares to defend this act, and you will find no one who has a spine worthy of defending the constitution.

Look far and wide, and ask yourselves, "Where are the great defenders of the nation's constitution?" They are not coming forward at this time the "Patriot" act is under attack.

In 2001 they stood before the world extolling the "great need" to embark on this voyage, this creative adventure called, "Destrying the constitution."

Yet, now, they are silent, unwilling to come before any court to defend their action, to defend what they have done, to defend their honor as "citizens" who passed this unconstitutional legislation.

They dare not take any action, for they know there is no defense for unconstitutional actions.

If they truly believed in what they were doing in 2001, let them parade themselves before the courts and defend this Patriot Act.

They are not going to defend the Act, as there is no defense.